Islam Not Wanted in the Czech Republic

Our Slovak correspondent Gemini sends a brief summary of this interesting news item from next door in the Czech Republic. The story concerns an, ahem, insensitive incident that occurred before culturally enriched public prayers in Prague. Gemini says the article in includes information not reported by the foreign media:

Muslims prayed in Letná Plain, their opponents poured pig’s urine at the location beforehand

Around 300 Muslims gathered today in Letná Plain [Letenská pláň, an open public space close to Prague Castle] for a prayer to protest against the late police raid on Islamic locations in Prague. According to them the raid was unnecessarily harsh. The Indonesian embassy complained about it.

A report was made public (on a Facebook page called Islám v České republice nechceme) that the place chosen for the prayer had been polluted by their opponents with pig’s urine the night before.

The Facebook page: Islám v České republice nechceme (Islam not wanted in the Czech republic).

Czech Christian leaders were unhappy with last week’s police raid on the Islamic center and other locations in Prague. Below is an article from Fox News that makes no mention of pig’s urine (hat tip Fjordman):

Czech churches criticize police for raids against Muslims during Friday prayers

Czech churches are backing local Muslims who have been complaining about police raids in Islamic centers during prayers.

The two raids took place April 25 in Prague as police arrested a 55-year-old Czech and charged him with racism for publishing an Islamic book that police alleged spreads racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and violence against “inferior races.”

An Indonesian diplomat was among the 20 detained, prompting its embassy to complain.

Joel Ruml, deputy head of the Ecumenical Council of Churches, an umbrella organization of Christian churches, said Friday that the raids “seriously violated” the rights of believers and police should apologize for them. Catholic priest Tomas Halik called the raids “a sin” on a local website.

Hundreds of Muslims were praying Friday near the Interior Ministry building in Prague to protest.

14 thoughts on “Islam Not Wanted in the Czech Republic

  1. So, Islam is not wanted in the Czech Repupublic. It’s not wanted in the UK and a whole lot of other places too but try telling the Governments that. Try telling the Governments anything.

  2. All this stuff about pig’s urine and leaving pig’s heads at mosques is so dumb. It’s like hanging up garlic to ward off a ‘vampire’.

    muslims are laughing in our faces about things like this. No wonder they think they can just walk in and do what they like.

    • No, they’re not.
      They really believe in the uncleanness of pigs, dogs, and women.
      To defile their religious sites is only fair, as they have been defiling Christian worship sites for a millennium and more.

      • Oh, they say so, do they? Sure they do. Tell me, do you think hanging some bacon around on the london underground would have stopped the suicide bombings by muslim savages who killed 55 people?

        Maybe we should have dropped pork chops on the taliban instead of bombs? Then we might have won, instead of being beaten by a bunch of farm hands

        Don’t be ridiculous.

        • And by the way – muslims have been defiling places of christian worship 1400 years by converting them to mosques, or razing them to the ground – not by throwing a pig’s head in their general direction.

  3. Faageddabout our “ecumenical” “Christian” “churches” and their accepted dhimmitude. It doesn’t work in Syria and won’t work here.
    THIS (i.e. Pig parts, blood, urine–barking dogs, etc.) is the right way to go about resisting Mamhooodism. We’re going to have to get down and dirty and fight them in the gutters and sewers where they live and BREED.
    Fight dirty.
    Or lose.
    It’s really our choice–our “leaders” could care less.

  4. Next time they should consider liquid pig excrement. It’s commonly available as a fertilizer. It makes good use of a nuisance byproduct. It’s delivered by tanker truck and sprayed over the soil. For a week or so it smells so bad that nobody but a pig farmer would go on the land. In the long run it’s good for the soil and if it keeps muslims at bay, it’s good for the country. It’s fighting the “green” of islam with the “green” of the rest of the world.

  5. Messrs Ruml and Hamik are going to have an unpleasant surprise one of these days – on that day they will be told: Depart, I never knew you! They’re not real Christians, and no true Christian should pay any attention to these false teachers. By giving aid to Islam, a religion which denies the divinity of Christ, denies the crucifixion and denies the resurrection, they serve the devil.

  6. The comments on the news give me hope, with the expetion of few deluded multi-culties, the message is: “I want muslims gone, I want them gone now!”.

  7. I have taken to crossing myself (a la Catholics) when I meet a Mohameddan. I also pray silently to Jesus for Him to free the Mohameddan from the clutches of Allah, aka Satan.

  8. jesus worshipped one god. You worship 3. You are hateful heathens. Did jesus eat pork?? Jesus would have found pig filthy too. Silly people.

  9. I’m amazed by all those hateful comments. It seems you lose your citizenship when you become/born as a Muslim. We never use bad words about Jesus! He is our beloved prophete. Who hate Islam by knowing it from media, I request them to buy a translated Quran and read it. There are many english good translation like “Sahih International”..etc

  10. You do realise that pigs are forbidden in Christianity?
    Women must cover in Christianity
    Interest is forbidden in Christianity
    Having relations with the opposite sex before marriage is forbidden in Christianity
    Having relations with the same gender is forbidden in Christianity

    Now tell me why islam is so different?
    Don’t speak without knowledge.

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