Global Mosque Report: April 2014

This is the latest in a series of monthly reports by our British correspondent JP on the progress of worldwide Islamization, as represented by the building of mosques, and activities associated with mosques.

Global Mosque Report (GMR) — April 2014
by JP


New York State

Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board voted to approve a request by an Islamic group called the Northside Learning Center to remove crosses from the Holy Trinity Catholic Church. The group plans to turn the former church into a mosque.


All of Rutherford County’s Circuit Court judges eligible to hear the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro cemetery lawsuit recused themselves, according to court records.


Redmond residents concerned over plans for the proposed two-storey, 22,467 square feet Anjuman-e-Burhani Mosque.

Czech Republic

Police raided buildings administered by Prague’s Islamic Foundation and arrested the publisher of a book on Islam. According to the authorities the book disseminated racism and anti-Semitism. Subsequently, Muslim leaders denounced the police raids.


Newly-elected Front national mayor for Mantes-la-Ville, Paris, Cyril Nauth quashed a controversial mosque project. See also No mosques or EU flags: France’s far-right mayors get down to business.


Photo report featuring some of Berlin’s eighty mosques.


An official at the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs criticized a proposal to hold a referendum on the building of a mosque in Athens. The mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis added Athens had an “international obligation” to build a mosque for which the Greek government had earmarked one million euros in a 2011 parliament-approved plan.


Cork Muslim Society advertised for a new imam after the previous incumbent moved to Dublin.

United Kingdom


Abu Haneefa Educational Trust given provisional go-ahead for a development including a school, mosque, health & fitness centre and mortuary in Whittle Parkway, Slough. However, concerned residents have pledged to continue fighting the development.


Charity Commission opened a statutory inquiry into the dissolved charity the Khodam Al Mahdi Organisation. The organisation runs the Al Muhassin Mosque in Fulmer said to be responsible for stirring up conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Report on Islamic centre nearing completion in Milton Keynes.


Cambridge’s Mawson Road mosque granted retrospective planning permission to hold education classes at weekends despite neighbours claiming they are “at the end of their tether” with parking chaos.


Southend mayor Brian Kelly formally opened Essex Jamme Masjid Mosque with over a thousand people in attendance.

Greater London

Qu’rani Murkaz Trust resubmitted a proposal for a three-storey mosque in South Woodford after it was rejected in December 2013. The new plan contains a number of changes to meet concerns previously raised.

Lancashire/Greater Manchester

A community crackdown on dangerous drivers held at Makkah Mosque, Bolton. Police, firefighters, Bolton Council, and Bolton Council of Mosques joined forces to educate people about the consequences of driving irresponsibly.

A £100,000 minaret installed at Shah Jalal Masjid Mosque and Burnley Islamic Cultural Centre.

At an event at the Muslim Heritage Centre, south Manchester, Greater Manchester Police launched the north-west segment of a national campaign to encourage Muslim mothers to deter young people from travelling to Syria.


At a meeting of the county council’s overview and scrutiny management committee, Chief Constable Neil Rhodes informed its members that nearly £200,000 was spent on policing two demonstrations by the East Anglian Patriots in Lincoln. The demonstrations were against a proposal to build a mosque on the site of a former dairy.


Anjem Choudary held a “rally against British crusade” outside Regent’s Park Mosque on Good Friday. He and his associates were opposed by Britain First, the English Defence League and others.

Appeal hearing took place at Waltham Forest Town Hall concerning plans to convert Waltham Oak Pub into a mosque. See also Save the Waltham Oak Facebook page.

North Yorkshire

Mosque leaders supported the Lord Mayor of York’s campaign against domestic violence. They were backing a bid for York to be given White Ribbon status as part of a global campaign by men to end violence against women by men.


Hundreds gathered for the official opening of Nottingham’s first purpose-built mosque. Jamia Masjid Sultania mosque cost £1.2 million and can accommodate eight hundred people.

West Midlands

Plans submitted to convert a former casino into Wolverhampton City Islamic Centre and Alrahma Mosque.

Faith leaders converge for funeral of humanitarian Dr Mohammad Naseem

Israel and the Palestinians

Palestinians and Israeli police clashed at Al Aqsa mosque.


Minister of Media Affairs Mohammad Momani said Jordan would take all necessary measures to defend Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque and other Islamic and Christian holy sites in the city.


Two imams sentenced to eight years in prison each over a fire at a mosque in Myanmar’s biggest city last year that killed 13 children and inflamed sectarian tensions.


Bharatiya Janata Party officials complained about the release of a report on the demolition of Ayodhya mosque in advance of the general election.


President Obama visited the National Mosque in Jalan Perdana.


An imam and three accomplices raped and killed a girl in one of the seminary rooms of a Badin mosque.

An Islamic seminary for women in Islamabad renamed its library after Osama Bin Laden. The Jamia Hafsa Madrassa is linked to the Red Mosque, known for its links with militants.


Authorities in Toksun County, near eastern Xinjiang’s Turpan city dismissed an imam and detained a further two Uyghurs after raids on a mosque. In addition, forty-five Uyghur youths were punished for wearing beards, while thirty-seven women were sanctioned for wearing veils while fifty-seven punishments were handed to women wearing traditional Islamic clothing.


Mombasa anti-riot police dispersed stone-throwing youths who had congregated in the vicinity of Masjid Shuhadaa mosque where a recently murdered radical cleric used to preach. Also in Mombasa, radical youth took over a mosque and renamed it Masjid Mujahideen.


Suspected Islamic terrorists opened fire in a mosque and killed at least twenty worshippers in Yobe state.

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