3 thoughts on “Fox News Discusses the Arrest of Paul Weston

  1. Still silence on the British TV channels.

    They’re too busy bashing Nigel Farage …

    • On BBC1 TV’s weekly political programme “This Week” last night (Thurs), chairman & political journalist Andrew Neill seemed to have done a volte face about UKIP (a representative of which, Christine Hamilton, was on the show- not that I warm to her, but that’s beside the point): he was challenging the other panellists to deny that UKIP has a point over the populace’s disenchantment with the major parties’ ignoring their concerns- only a few days ago he was dismissing them quite aggressively. Maybe there’s some chance of the Beeb, as we call it, realising that it needs to find some balance?

      • Nice idea Mark, but they don’t call it the biased broacasting corporation for nothing. Guardianistas to a man!

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