Our British correspondent JP reports that the Dog Jihad has surfaced again in a culturally enriched part of London. But was it really the work of Muslims, or a false flag operation mounted by Islamophobes? I’ll give my own (amateur) opinion at the end of this post.

Dog Jihad in East London
by JP

Readers may remember a couple of dog stories earlier this year — and it is not surprising to find another one surface in London today. Perhaps a sign of the Islamic community’s increasing confidence in doing and saying more or less what it likes while a nervous political class reeling from recent elections wonders what to do about the whole sorry mess? Or is it, as the Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick questions, the work of agent provocateurs?

A difficult one to call and probably irrelevant, given the febrile atmosphere in the UK with a Muslim community and its leaders on the offensive on multiple fronts while at the same time claiming victim status as a result of what they perceive as witch-hunts whether in regard to Islamic school plots or dubious electoral practices in Tower Hamlets. Add to this a feeling among the wider community of fast-approaching toleration saturation with so little to show for it that probably now is as good a time as any to come to long overdue resipiscence.


Excerpts from an article on the topic published in The Standard:

‘Muslims Don’t Like Dogs… Don’t Walk Them Here’: Police Probe Sign in East London Park

Police were today investigating a sign telling pet owners to stay out of an east London park because “Muslims do not like dogs”.

The warning, in Bartlett Park, Poplar, said: “Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs. This is an Islamic area now.” It was today branded “unacceptable” and “provocative” by an MP who called in police after being alerted to the sign by a concerned dog walker.

Labour’s Jim Fitzpatrick called on police to find out if it was put up by “religious zealots” or a far-right group such as the English Defence League (EDL). “The question is whether it was put up to be provocative or by religious zealots to be racist,” the Poplar and Limehouse MP told the Standard.

Afterword by the Baron:

Vlad and I discussed this incident earlier this evening, and both of us are certain that it was a false flag operation by disgusted “persons of English background”.

If Muslims had done it, the word “Islamic” would have been capitalized. Besides, they would have really hammed it up (so to speak), like the “Shariah-Controlled Zone” posters — slick graphics and over-the-top rhetoric.

And there would be nothing about “Muslims”. That’s not the way they would word it. “Allah has forbidden them to you” would be more the flavor of it.

And the text would have cited sura and verse. For example:

Do not take the hounds and pooches as your friends, for Allah has deemed them to be unclean. — Qur’an 17:113*

*   Yes, I know that’s not a real verse from the Koran. I prefer made-up Koran verses to real ones.

14 thoughts on “Doggone!

  1. A friend of mine who was born in Poplar (generations of his ancestors had also been born there) and he told me 5 years ago of the time when he and his mother were told by gangs of muslim men at the entrance to their local park “you can’t come into this park, it’s for muslims only”. The white Eastender and his elderly mother didn’t even have a dog with them, and his family had been going to that park before the first muslim arrived in east London.

    Back then, I still considered myself politically-correct, and was wary of racism. So, I asked a jewish friend who lived in Whitechapel (he too was born there) if he’d ever heard of anything like this story of “muslim-only parks”. He said “yes, the park opposite my house had muslims policing the entrance and refusing to allow non-muslims in”. He told me the police knew it went on. Moreover, he said the muslim gangs would stash weapons all over the area (knives, claw-hammers, etc), so that it was not worth arguing with them about anything as they would know where the weapons stash was within 50 feet of where they were. I asked my friend if he knew where they were, and he took me and showed me some. Apparently when these stashes are found and reported to the police, it takes weeks (and repeated complaints) before they come and remove them. My friend said that if he removed them, muslims would turn up at his door and demand they be returned to them. While I was visting my friend, I personally saw first 10, then 30, then 100 muslims descend on two white men. My jewish friend said that is how they operate. We didn’t know what led to the heated words between the 2 white men and the first 10 muslims, but to see 100 muslims swarm on just 2 men was really alarming. This story of 30 muslim men with axes and machetes attacking two white men in Tower Hamlets is the kind of thing we witnessed. What we saw happened in broad daylight, and if the two white men had not managed to extricate themselves from the mob of 30 (as another 70 were descending on them) and run away through some alleys, I’m sure that it would have ended very badly for them.

    And if these verbal reports were not enough, surely the Sharia Patrols and the declaration of east London as a Gay Free Zone are powerful indicators that this goes on? I was also told by that jewish friend, that in his area, other posters have gone up recently ( hushed up by police, council and media): these posters said something to the effect of “homosexuals are coming to this area to rape muslim boys”. I spoke to someone I know in the council and asked for confirmation, and got confirmation.

    In the past 15 years there was also a history in that area of muslims putting up signs on buildings saying “do not vote, it is apostasy” (when Whitechapel had a faux “anarchist” group, the “anarchists” claimed they went round taking down these signs). A friend who lived there (he was born in Malaysia) said he was handed leaflets saying “voting is apostasy” outside of Whitechapel tube at least 10 years ago.

    When east London was declared a Gay Free Zone, the Left claimed “this is a false-flag operation by EDL”. When subsequently eye-witnesses said “but we saw asians putting up those stickers”, the Left retorted “those were Sikhs paid to do it by EDL”. Of course, it turned out that police had CCTV of a large number of men leaving East London Mosque and putting up the stickers, and (as is typical) only 1 of those muslims was charged and convicted. If you look at that link above from The Daily Mail, only 3 of the 30 involved in that violent racist attack were ever identified and convicted. The rest got away with it.

    GoV and VT need to be less skeptical about these things. That Tower Hamlets has been a hot-bed of islamo-nazi conferences for years, that the EDL are banned from entering that borough, that the Sharia Patrols and Gay Free Zone were publicised (eventually), that muslims rioted even when EDL cancelled demos, should be enough to convince you that these signs about parks and dogs are tame compared to what has gone on there in the past.

    • Joe —

      I’m not skeptical about the sharia patrols, the Muslim gangs, and the violent enforcement of Muslim-only rules of entry. I’m not even skeptical about the dog jihad — and it’s not only the “show me the poo” incident, but also dog poisonings in parks, that make it evident what is happening.

      I’m just skeptical about this single incident. It’s obviously a false flag operation by someone who feels like we do, and wanted to make a point. I’d wager money that Muslims did NOT post that sign. The lower-case “islamic” cinches it.

      It’s important to be skeptical when skepticism is warranted. When we get fooled, and are later shown to have been wrong, then we lose credibility the next time we report on something.

      We must be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves.

      • I saw muslims who insisted the Gay Free Zone stickers were “a false flag”.

        Their rationale (rather more estoeric than a lower case “I”) was that there was no such thing as EMQ (used in the koran citation which appeared on the stickers).

        The left, muslims, the media and polticians will all spin things in favour of muslims.

        Last week I was at a meeting totally unrelated to politics, and got to speaking to three people who lived in Tower Hamlets. I was astonished at the speed with which they not only switched to voicing their (extremely negative) feelings about muslims, but also their belief that things in Britain were going to be changing very fast in terms of hostility to islam and restrictions placed on muslims. I told them I thought this was laughable optimistic, particularly as they thought that all that needed to be done was to root out “the extremists”. These were people who knew nothing about islam, only the tip of the iceberg which is reported in the media (somewhat enhanced by their own personal observations of the behaviour of muslims from living in the area).

        Sadly they thought that it was just ignorance on the part of politicians and journalists that meant nothing has been done. These people had never heard of Theo Van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn, Lars Vilks, Lars Hedegaard, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. They could not accept that the politicians and journalists on the national media know what islam is all about but are either cowardly or complicit when it comes to islamisation.

        • Yeah. I’m originally from tower hamlets and this incidents doesn’t seem to be a false flag. But I’m curious, which park? I seem to have missed that bit.

  2. It make perfect sense what you, Baron, and the Impaler imply.
    On the other hand it puzzles me for some time the explanation that Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi gives re the treatment of animals in his book “The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam” (Al-Halal Wal Haram Fil Islam), pg.343-4 in the chapter entitled The Extension of Islam’s Universal Mercy to Animals:
    “The universal mercy of Islam embraces not only human beings, whether unbelievers, People of the Book, or Muslims, but all other living creatures of Allah as well. Accordingly Islam prohibits cruelty to animals. Thirteen hundred years before any societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals were established, Islam had made kindness to animals a part of his faith and cruelty to them a sufficient reason for a person to be thrown into the Fire.”
    Some examples of Muslim kindness follow: treating dogs, cats, donkeys and re-iteration of the humane manner of slaughtering animals.
    I don’t think I need to explain who the “illustrious ” author of the above book is. Last I heard him speak in public – on Tahrir Square in Cairo – he wanted to retake Jerusalem.

  3. I live in a condo in the SF bay area, and we have some wonderful dogs here. But I found out my upstairs neighbors (Arabs, not sure if they are Muslim) told their children to stay away from the dogs because they are “unclean.” I don’t talk to those people anymore.

  4. Based on photos from other news reports, there are more than one sign like this posted in Tower Hamlets. If failing to capitalize Islamic indicates a false flag, then there are thousands of false flag entries on the internet — by virtue of minor punctuation errors. For Muslims, dogs (not just their poop) are considered najis — unclean.

    If there is any doubt as to whether dogs are despised by Muslims, ask a dog. Dogs can sense fear and hostility in humans.

  5. This is purely anecdotal, but I live next to Kennington Park just south of central London. Lots of dogs are exercised there (they even have a special area), and also quite a few (I believe) Somali kids, the boys playing soccer, the girls (obscenely covered from a young age) not. I’ve not seen any overt hostility, but there was recently a warning posted about poisoning of dogs.

    • A friend of mine who lives in a town near Luton which has almost no muslims in it, told me that he was out walking his dog in the park, when some of the few muslims who did live there came up to him and told him to leave the park with the dog, as it was offensive to their religion.

      He responded with some Anglo-saxon phrases which are deeply ingrained in our culture.

  6. “False flag” means that something purportedly done by M was actually done by K; i.e., that K impersonated M. But here there can be no talk of false flags, because nobody claims to have put up this sign. We have to infer who did it.
    Surely this is the work of a British Isles aborigine who is concerned about the feelings of the vibrant new population who have been welcomed to Albion. This sign is itself a sign of the solicitude of Britons for others. The lowercasing of “islamic” may be a subtle comment on the state of English education, but any criticism of the orthography is narrow-minded punctuationist bigotry.
    — Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

  7. I take the Baron’s point, but we may never know the truth, too many young radical Muslims now speak and write the same way we natives do, after all they’ve been weaned on text speak, TV and all contemporary culture. What will clarify this issue is will there be other examples along similar lines and whether anything is done to arrest the steady progression of this trend to Islamify the East End.

  8. The orthographic convention of “capital letters” is Graeco-Roman and passed on to the Romance and Germanic languages. Arabic doesn’t have it. If Muslims really wanted to show their independence from our norms they would never capitalize anything (even while using our alphabet during their time of relative weakness when it’s necessary for them to communicate using the language of their spiritual inferiors).

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