Culturally Enriched Aikido in Nova Scotia

When a Muslim student joined an Aikido class in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he requested that for religious reasons he not be required to touch any female students. His instructor agreed to his request, saying that he was happy to accommodate the student’s beliefs in the interest of tolerance, inclusion, and diversity.

A teenage girl in the same class objected to the exemption granted the Muslim student. She felt that her instructor’s actions constituted sex discrimination, and took her case all the way to the Canadian supreme court. The court ruled against her, declaring that such religious accommodations in no way violated Canadian human rights laws against sex-discrimination.

The girl and her mother recently made an appearance on SUNTV to highlight what they consider an injustice, and a setback for women’s rights. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

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6 thoughts on “Culturally Enriched Aikido in Nova Scotia

  1. So the ‘Human Rights’ court is now basically enforcing anti-human rights misogyny. Canadian women: stand up and be heard!

  2. I think that not only Muslims, but also Christian, Jews, Zoroastrian and even Buddhists should avoid touching people of the other sex (other than their spouses, children or other close relatives) on the obvious reason that such touching can arouse sexual excitement and endanger both people’s chastity. And chastity is a great virtue valued not only by Islam, but by all the major religions. (Including Buddhism, so popular among progressive Westerners).

    If a religious man cares about the health of his soul, there is nothing “misogynyst” about that. It is no more misogynyst than refusal by a man to use a ladies’ toilet.

    Are Feminists against segregated lavatories? Do they find discriminated against by having to use ladies’ room where no man can see or touch them?

    In any case, I am sure, modern Canada can provide those ladies who want to be touched by men with a lot of opportunities – other than martial arts courses.

    Let me indicate that I am not a Muslim and I do not like Islam. Still, if a Muslim raises a valid concern, we should not disparage him, because that would make us look foolish.

    • I can’t decide whether you’re being ironic.

      On the assumption you’re not, if a Muslim doesn’t like mixed martial arts, or bathing, etc, it is for him to found his own club, open his own swimming pool, etc- NOT for us to compromise our standards, which are far more egalitarian, and therefore moral, that his.

      I’d still want to use the law to stop him, though.

  3. Canadians, like Swedes, seem not to value their own culture and values.

    A couple of days ago I quoted a Polish worker in the UK: “If you’re a guest in someone’s house, you don’t start rearranging the furniture”; it seems especially relevant here.

  4. If you watch Sun News frequently, which I do, you would find that there are several other recent instances of forced segregation in Canada by Muslims where there was once none.
    One of the most recent that comes to mind is a single dad that enrolled his little girl in a swim class at a public pool. When he arrived with his daughter for the first class he was told he could not watch because “females” were not properly covered.
    Now this is something I know quite a bit about because I started both my boys in swim lessons at the age of 3. We lived in So Cal at the time, the childhood drowning capitol of the US. On more than one occasion I had to fish one of my sons out because the instructor’s attention was diverted by another student’s poor behavior.
    This new rule at the taxpayer funded public pool in Canada was insisted on by muslims. In some instances a huge curtain is drawn around the perimeter of public pools in Canada. Not only is this contrary to western culture, it is also incredibly dangerous for children.
    Had I been on one of the municipalities’ councils I would have told the Islamic complainers to buy “burkinis” for their females and if they didn’t want to do that then ask their local mosque to raise funding for a swimming pool appropriate to their tender sensibilities.
    But this here pool… In the west a father is allowed to safeguard his child in a swimming pool. And OMG! might actually delight in watching his daughter learn to swim.

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