9 thoughts on “Bill Warner: What’s in a Name?

  1. The Irish refer to idiots as ‘amadans’. mohamadans perfectly describes the idiot followers of the pervert molester mohamed.

  2. Thank you Bill, brief and to the point as usual. But, if they get uptight about mohammedanism, what about Mahound?

  3. When did “Islam” replace “Mohammedanism” in common parlance, and who did the Wieners and Poles defeat in 1683, Moslems or Mohammedans?

  4. If they don’t like being described in that way, that’s a good enough reason in itself to do so.

  5. Oznoto

    That my question too. What period of the 20th century did Muslims get used and not mohammdian? Pity that there is no one around who can give us a clue. Facts speak for themselves so the name change is critical in understand the underlying mental shift towards multiculturalism and other ‘isms’ other there.

  6. I refer to the mohammedans as domedans. Dom in Dutch means dumb or stupid.

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