A Sea Change in Europe

The results of today’s (and Thursday’s) elections for the European Parliament have been trickling in all evening. You’ll be reading about the “earthquake” in the news feed later tonight, but here are some advance snippets from what I’ve been hearing.

Britain and the Netherlands went to the polls on the 22nd, but the results were not released until tonight. The exit polls on Thursday had shown a disappointing performance by Geert Wilders and the PVV, but that seems to have been disinformation on the part of the Pollocracy (as has happened in the past, so I’m told).

The PVV sent out this press release tonight:

PVV second party in The Netherlands

PVV party leader Geert Wilders is pleased with the final outcome of the European elections in the Netherlands. The final results are different than the exitpoll. His Party for Freedom got 4 seats in the European Parliament and is together with D66 the second party in The Netherlands in terms of numbers of seats.

Geert Wilders: “GREAT 4 SEATS!! Now we make the first gains for a new alliance of Eurosceptic and anti-immigration parties in the European Parliament”

UKIP in Britain did even better, beating out the Tories to become the British party with the largest representation in the EP, with twelve seats out of thirty (the Conservatives were next with nine) as of the most recent count. The Lib-Dems did so badly that they will not have even a single seat in the European Parliament, and the BNP were also trounced — Nick Griffin lost his seat.

Other countries where immigration-critical EU-skeptic parties came in first:

  • In France, the Front National (headed by Marine Le Pen)
  • The Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti)
  • The Flemish separatist party N-VA in Belgium

The nationalist parties did well in several other countries, even where they didn’t take first place:

  • In Finland, the Finns (formerly True Finns) came in third, ahead of the socialists.
  • In the Netherlands, the PVV came in second.
  • In Austria, Heinz-Christian Strache’s party the FPÖ came in third, but gained seven percentage points over the 2009 election.
  • In Hungary, Fidesz (conservatives) came in first, with Jobbik (national socialists) in second place.

The results were somewhat schizophrenic in Greece: Syriza (hard-left) came in first, the governing party (New Democracy Conservatives) came in second, and Golden Dawn (national socialists) came in third. So the Greek establishment is being squeezed between the Commies and the Nazis. 1933, anyone?

In Germany, I’m told that Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) did well, and will have seats in the EP, but I don’t know the exact results.

I haven’t heard anything yet about Sweden, Spain, Portugal, or Italy, but I assume the Lega Nord did well in the northern parts of Italy.

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The Euro-skeptic parties will not only make their presence felt in the European Parliament, they will dominate it.

These election results are obviously unacceptable. The people have chosen incorrectly. Is it time to overthrow the people and install a new one?

11 thoughts on “A Sea Change in Europe

  1. To clarify, the German party got 7% of the vote, and the Sweden Democrats got 9% of the vote.

    Really good news for Europe, ESPECIALLY the Front National win and the Danish party, some of the few right parties that haven’t sold out.

    Listen, this is a step in the right direction, but it’s nowhere near a victory and it’s still more likely that European people will disapear with the entirety of western Europe turning into a giant Bronx, south Chicago, north-west Toronto, Rosengard, east London, a heavily mixed Latin American Banana Republic, what have you, than not.

    When I first read the results, I was doing back flips.. then I started reading some comments on The Guardian site.. The thing is, this is the peak in terms of votes they can get. You have to remember, the Danish People’s Party was in a coalition government awhile ago in Denmark, they put up border control and scrapped the Schengen agreement(not immigration, just having border checkpoints), and as soon the socialists won the next election the policy was revoked. The Austrian FPO won an Austrian election in the 90s and they were practically forced out by the EU with sanctions, then their vote count when down. The French FN also had around this amount of % of the vote in 90s, then they went back into obscurity. The national elections will also be drastically different, more people vote in them, different people vote in them. UKIP did bad in local elections just recently. The True Finns party(shame they changed their name) got 14% of the vote, they used to get a lot more. The EU elections are pretty much a joke, and meaningless. It’s a symbolic step forward, but they have NOT gained any power.

    Btw, they won’t dominate the EU parliament, especially since Nigel “closet liberal” Farage refuses to work with other right-wing EU parties in parliament like the Front National because they’re too “waycist”, which is needed, that’s how the EU parliament works, the only way they can have a say is if multiple similar parties from different nations form a bloc. UKIP even call the FN “extremists”. Ridiculous.

    It sickens me that there isn’t any talk of a referendum on immigration by any of these parties(with the current system of immigration, a few options on caps on immigration, no immigration at all, or western countries/western Europe immigration only as some of the options), the left can’t use any propaganda against a referendum, what can they say against it without sounding like they’re against democracy? It’s the only democratic way we can save our countries, even if a party does get in power, their policies can just be revoked after the next election, a referendum won’t be able to be revoked. Just getting some open talk about it would be a big step. Not only immigration, but yeah.. separatism. Carving our a piece of the country for ourselves, getting ourselves a homeland if the liberals refuse to give up their vision. That may be needed for a country like Sweden. I don’t have a problem with giving up my historic homeland/country to liberals who want to turn it into the opposite of what it is, aslong as we get to SURVIVE and get our own, however small it is. Maybe it’s a bit early for that kind of talk, but the earlier it’s a topic of debate, the better.

    Also, not sure why this site would resort to the liberal tactics of calling Golden Dawn “Nazis”. As far as I know, nowhere in their policies they mention concentration camps, killing Jews, etc. Some members may have some opinions about certain theories about Jews and some members may be Hitler sympathizers, but is that really relevant if their policies aren’t based on that? By Hitler sympathizers, I mean, they think the way Hitler and Nazi Germany was portrayed was factually wrong, no Golden Dawn members are saying the concentration camps were a good thing. They may think the Jews are behind immigration and dominate the media/economy, but again, if their policies isn’t “kill da Joos”, I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong with that, and I don’t see the relevance of it. For example, there’s a difference between denying the Holocaust and denying the Holocaust and then having policies to remove it from history. They’re still the only party that is actually working towards the interests of actual Greek people. Calling the Syriza “commies” is wrong too because there are large differences between their policies and USSR policies, and Syriza don’t want to cause mass famine in Greece.

    Hopefully I’m wrong, and this is really the start of us taking our countries back and saving our people from future discrimination when if we become a minority, our ethnic identity, and cultural identity.

    • Lotos —

      Evidently my facetiousness didn’t come through. You must know by now that I don’t fling the “Nazi” epithet around like many people do. Jobbik and Golden Dawn are not Nazis. They are, however, national socialists, just like the BNP.

      Nevertheless, both parties show characteristics that tend to cause the raising of an eyebrow amongst those who keep a close watch on political trends. Jew-hatred is a prominent feature of their political discourse (not just a fringe activity). They (Jobbik at least) are militarized in a distinctly fascist way, with marching, sieg-heil types of salutes, uniforms, etc. Their websites often revere the Third Reich. And so on.

      Golden Dawn even play the Horst Wessel song. I suppose that must be because of its catchy pop tune, right?

      As for Syriza — although not commies, they’re VERY hard left. Not much to distinguish them from commies, since allegiance to Moscow is no longer a defining characteristic of such parties. If they gain power, we’ll see how close they come to constructing the perfect Socialist state.

  2. A few comments.

    People should label carefully. Grouping Golden Dawn and UKIP in the same label is completely wrong. Golden Dawn in a mix of traditional mediterranean fascisn and neonazi party, UKIP is a libertarian and anti-multiculturalism one. They’re far apart.

    FN from Le Pen is quite close to UKIP (but for the traditional cultural differences between France and England). No idea about the germanic ones.

    Spain is not gonna see any similar party rising. There’s almost no muslim inmigration in Spain, since it has been mostly from Southamerica. And even there’s conflicts and crime, conflicts are far from being as the ones North Europe is having with muslims. Indeed, Spain is called “mother country” in many south american places, so there shouldn’t be any problem to integrate those immigrants long term. And people know that.

    • I have to strongly disagree. Firstly, many Spanish people are against immigration from Latin America, like any other western country, they aren’t allowed to be fairly represented in politics.

      Murder rates by country per 100,000 people:

      Honduras – 91.6
      Venezuela – 79
      El Salvador – 69.2
      Guatemala – 38.5
      Colombia – 30.8
      Mexico – 23.7

      Spain – 0.8
      Iceland – 0.3
      Denmark – 0.9
      Germany – 0.8
      Austria – 0.6

      Before you go saying Latin America is full of “bad economies” and poor people:

      Poland – 1.1
      Serbia – 1.2
      Greece – 1.5
      Montenegro – 3.2
      Ukraine – 5.2

      Now, look at these South American countries who are made up of completely different people than the rest of Latin America(Spanish/Italian/European immigrants, rather than South American natives/mixed):

      Chile – 3.7
      Argentina – 5.5
      Uruguay – 5.7

      You’re right, UKIP shouldn’t be lumped in the same category with Golden Dawn, UKIP will do nothing to make sure my children to will go a school with their own people to avoid being bullied, singled out or discriminated against. Religion, culture, crime, all of that aside, I stand by maintaining our ethnic identity and vast ethnic majority is the most important thing of all. No one on this planet wants to be a minority. The problem is, a lot of people don’t know immigration will lead to this exact thing. If white people are so evil and racist now like the liberals claim, imagine what we will receive from the majority when we’re the minority?

      Should the FN not be lumped in with UKIP either? Marine Le Pen is not only against Muslim immigration, she’s spoken out against the African/Carribean immigrants in France already too, she also has said France belongs to actual French people, and rightfully so. Her father was even more “extreme”.

      Sure, Farage wants more quality immigrants(with more money), and less, but he still doesn’t care where they come from. At most he’ll slow down the demise of the UK. In the Clegg debates, he said “Why should we discriminate against skilled immigrants from India and New Zealand by taking in European immigrants?”

      This may sound too much like a conspiracy theory, but I do believe Nigel Farage is simply controlled opposition who takes orders from the far-left. Yup. Look at the media coverage he’s getting. Some of the far-left actually don’t like the EU because we’re getting similar enough people from EU migration(don’t get me wrong, I don’t support the EU or free movement within the EU), they preferred it when we were getting more destructive people from India, the middle-east, Africa, the Carribean, British Commonwealth countries/former colonies. They bring in Nigel to fool people withdraw us from the EU and the Schengen, to make more room for non-European immigrants. I actually do believe that. I hope I’m wrong, my vote would still go to UKIP, I support the BNP more but there’s just no way they’ll win.

      • A couple of things:

        (1) I’m not saying that spanish people are not against immigration. Of course there’s problems and there’s crime. But South America and Spain have many elements in common, and where there’s a common ground, problems are easier to solve. Besides that, people from South America adapt much far easier than muslims, who stick strongly to their cultural values.

        (2) Problem with violence in South America is different from problem with muslim violence. Islamic violence is based in some twisted psychopatic core values. South american violence is based in the… how to say it… the lack of core values. None of them is good, but the first one is clearly the worst to deal with.

        Just check Zimmerman vs Travyon Martin. The first one was “hispano”, the second one was black. For a while there was a real risk of black people rioting. Did you hear about latin people doing the same?


        In my opinion, Farage is a very smart guy. He’s not into immigrants with money, but into skilled ones. And the more skilled, the more adaptable. Farage is basically worried about english culture and english values. If you let the clever guys in, they’ll adapt, integrate and their children will be englishmen. Perhaps englishmen with a darker face, but englishmen with english values. And which is the easiest way to let in the less “dangerous” immigrants for the pervivence of the english culture? just let the skilled ones in. Farage knows what he does.

  3. In France, the Front National (headed by Marine Le Pen)

    came ahead despite a not so isolated series of incidents (which won’t get into the mainstream press):

    missing ballot papers for FN in some voting stations
    so much so that FN officials went and supplied ballot papers themselves!

    video in french

  4. ” So the Greek establishment is being squeezed between the Commies and the Nazis. 1933, anyone?”

    It’s not just there. We are in a re-run of the 1920s across Europe. Only the journalists are more dishonest now than they were 100 years ago. And the problems are even worse this time. There is a looming economic crisis which most of the media will not even discuss.


    The decades-long financial manipulations of the elite were used to lull the populations of the west into not opposing immigration/islamisation.

  5. Mats Persson, director of think tank Open Europe, predicted (on the BBC) that these results will push the conservative and democratic socialist blocks in the European Parliament to cooperate more, to block the nationalists- interesting times!

    Delighted to see Dan Hannan reelected.

  6. Jobbik is not only anti-Semitic it is also pro-Islam for its leader said that Islam is a light to the world.

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