14 thoughts on “A Buddhist Monk Talks About Islam

  1. This should not surprise anyone. Remember, that of the people in this world, the Hindus and Buddhists have the longest standing conflict with Islam. Assuming that people generally learn at the same rate, it makes sense that they would have understood Islam and its true nature better than others. Also Islam finished off Buddhism in India, and killed an estimated 50-80 million Hindus during its attempt to convert the entire Indian subcontinent into a Dar-ul-Islam, and such memories don’t fade easily. I’ll give it to the Marxist Indian historians though, they’ve done a heck of a job in erasing that civilizational memory through blatant whitewashing of history curricula taught in Indian schools today. Marxists are always the intellectual cover for Islam’s dirty work.

  2. I am currently on a visit to the US. I must say that in the area that I am visiting, I see TOO MANY hijabs and men with flowing Islamic beards. This area is close to Silicon Valley. I asked around, and was told by some Hindus that these muslims have a lot of gulf oil money, so they buy properties here since the school district is a good one. They create quite a nuisance by bullying others around. For example, I was told that they purchased several billboards on prominent expressways here to promote Islam, and make Americans feel guilty about Guantanamo. Of course, you never see any protest against Boko Haram, the Taliban, etc. among these people. Secretly (so far), they admire and idolize such terrorists. Once their numbers cross a certain threshold, the admiration goes public, and is used to rub in your face just how much they hate you.

    • Then again, the ignorance of many Americans, combined with their tolerance and “openness”, does not help… wonder why there are no billboards promoting Islam in Sri Lanka, Russia or India??

  3. Thai Buddhists also understand islam – I am married to one. She took me to what can only be described as a seance at a small shrine in Mae Rim, just outside Chiang Mai. The Monk went into a trance and those present were invited to ask questions – about their personal lives etc. I, too, was then asked if I wanted to know anything and, with my wife translating, I asked how many muslims there were in heaven. “None!” I was told sharply. “They kill people. They go straight to hell.”

    • Nice story. But, however he arrived at that seemingly accurate assessment of Islam is immaterial. I don’t need to be in a trance to see with my own eyes how evil Islam is. I’m also an equal opportunity critic. Not saying Buddhists are bad, just that they are no less immune to error than the next humans, although perhaps more immune than some sub-humans.

  4. Can Americans on here pl. explain to me why there is a billboard promoting Islam on a prominent expressway (Lawrence expressway) in the heart of Silicon Valley? It sickens me to drive past it daily. These terrorists fly planes into buildings in America and then have the gall to put up billboards advertising their desert cult. I will return to India in a couple of weeks, but this one image will stay in my mind. A “call to Islam” right in the center of Silicon valley.

    • Why?

      Many reasons, among which is the fact that the Islamofacists have a powerful and politically well connected lobby here. Also, free speech (especially for designated victim groups) and money to buy the ads help, as well.

      Of course, if you are from Europe you should already be familiar with Leftist surrender to Islam there, as their CAIR equivalent (all Muslim Brotherhood organizations, btw) is even more deeply entrenched than here.

      Fortunately we have people like the bloggers at Gates Of Vienna to help raise readers’ awareness of the danger.

  5. A buddhist monk and some “EDL louts” saying the same thing… in all likelihood, many Nigerians, Indians and Russians saying it too. Thousands of miles from each other. Just a coincidence? Could so many “ignoramuses” all over the world have really got the same answer, independently, and got it wrong??

    • No, No, No, everyone knows that Islam is peaceful, and the missiles we get over every few days are full of spikenards and forget-me-nots!

      The things that go ‘bump’ in the night are a ‘betrayal of Islam’ (so Barak & Dave, how come they are paid for by US and EU taxes? Maybe the morons need some oxygen….).

      “Allahu Akbar” is what you say when you kill meat for food (Oh wait a minute, is this cannibalistic? no its only “workplace violence”)

    • I’ve heard what he says on that, as well. But, given the D.L.’s other mistakes (another epic example), perhaps the D.L. should confer with this Thai Buddhist monk, who appears to have his act much more together.

      • The article uses relationship of Shoko Asahara to the Fourteenth Dalai Lama to illustrate the fact that Buddhism employs a ‘good cop – bad cop’ dynamic with the front man being the ‘compassionate’ good cop where the back office guy is the ‘wrathful’ bad cop enforcer.

  6. Yesterday I was speaking with a person who helps out at the local school. He told me one more thing about the muslim problem here. He said that hijab clad women in large SUVs drive as if Kafirs have no rights on the roads. They try to “bully” their way during peak school traffic hours as if others simply don’t exist.

    I have to say this large presence of Jihadis, oops I meant Hijabis right in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley has alarmed me. What’s next? A Boko Haram style attack on American girls for not wearing Hijabs? Remember, Islam is the same everywhere. The same barbaric desert evil cult of hatred against Kafirs and their women. This evil cult must be wiped out where ever it raises its ugly head.

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