Those Racist UKIP Posters

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and its leader Nigel Farage have got themselves in a spot of bother over the past few days over some WAYCIST campaign posters.

You see, UKIP is fielding candidates in next month’s elections for the European Parliament. Based on the latest polling results, Mr. Farage and his party can expect to do extremely well in those elections. The Powers That Be are alarmed at that possibility, and have reacted accordingly: Nigel Farage is a “racist”! I mean, anyone who thinks the job of Her Majesty’s government is to act in the interests of the British people must be a racist, mustn’t he?

The following “interview” of Nigel Farage from Sky News gives the flavor of the arguments being used against UKIP. In the background behind Mr. Farage you can see a billboard of the poster at the top of this post, which an army general has attacked as “disrespectful” of the flag.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is another UKIP campaign poster, which in my opinion isn’t racist enough:

To paint an accurate picture of Modern Multicultural Britain, the young woman on the bus should have been surrounded by Jamaicans and Bengalis and Pakistanis and women in hijab, not white people. The last time I was in London (two years ago) white people were well under 50% of the people I saw on the Tube. The buses were somewhat more white, but they were still very culturally enriched. I assume that most white people either take taxis or drive their own cars.

Our British correspondent JP — who sent the posters and the links for the articles excerpted below — includes this background note:

Paul Sykes is the businessman who funded UKIP’s poster campaign. According to comments left at Mr. Sykes’ Telegraph article, even posts at the Guardian denouncing the posters as racist have been met with disapproval by Guardian readers — some of whom appear to be coming over to the UKIP side.

It is all very encouraging and seems to catch a mood also taking root at Bundy Ranch as articulated by Mike Vanderboegh.

Excerpts from the article by Paul Sykes:

No More Surrendering to EU Bureaucrats

by Paul Sykes

An outright victory for Nigel Farage will be nothing less than a political earthquake

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Brutus speaks of a tide in the affairs of men that, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Miss the tide and only shallows and miseries lie in wait.

Next month’s European elections represent such a moment in the life of our nation. Overwhelming public support for Ukip — the only political party advocating immediate withdrawal from the European Union — could mean we catch a tide that will restore our proud tradition of national independence. But if we miss our chance, we will be swept ever further into the shoals and sandbanks of a Federal Europe.


I have spent a great deal of my own money trying to raise awareness of the ways in which the EU has eroded our national sovereignty, and attempting to win the British people a democratic vote on what has stealthily been done in their name these past two decades.

Nowhere is this more pertinent than in the area of immigration. The Single European Act, signed into UK law in 1986, guarantees the free movement of capital and labour across the borders of the 28 countries that now make up the EU. Disgracefully, this measure was adopted without a referendum of the British people.

It was a cruel and heartless act because competition from people from much poorer countries has forced down the wages of British workers — to the shame of Labour MPs and the trade union movement. It also means 485 million people have the right to move to Britain at any time they please. We may have a UK Border Force. But when it comes to the 27 other countries in the EU, we have no borders, and no force.

Many think that Britain’s boundaries start at the white cliffs of Dover. They do not. They start in places such as Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria; they start wherever impoverished EU governments (Malta being the latest) offer to sell passports to the highest bidder, thereby granting people from all over the world the right to come and settle here.

David Cameron talks of reducing immigration to tens of thousands of people a year. But it is a pipe dream. The latest figures show gross immigration is running at 500,000 a year and net migration (deducting those leaving the country from those arriving) at more than 200,000 a year. This is an unsustainable state of affairs.

Which is why I have promised to do whatever it takes to help Ukip emerge as the winner in the European polls next month. I want to help Nigel Farage deliver what he calls a “political earthquake” on May 22. These European elections offer the chance to support a party — Ukip — that represents a complete break with the past, while the other parties, whatever their merits, remain content to work within the existing Brussels straitjacket.

The other parties cannot do anything about immigration or British workers being undercut by cheap foreign labour; they are vassals of the European Court of Justice and the closely related European Court of Human Rights, which stops us deporting foreign criminals and terrorists. The other parties are about to embrace new European controls over our policing and justice systems, they allow interference in our tax system, and they subcontract more and more of our foreign and defence policies to unelected EU bureaucrats.

True, Mr Cameron has promised an in/out referendum in 2017 if the Conservatives win the 2015 general election outright. But he renders that promise meaningless by insisting that he will recommend staying in irrespective of the outcome of his attempts to renegotiate the terms of membership.

In all but name, May 22 is a referendum on our membership of the EU, with a vote for Ukip being a vote for out. An overwhelming victory for the party will break the political mould in the UK, forcing Labour and the Lib Dems to back a full-scale referendum and intensifying the popular pressure for that to be staged much earlier than 2017. Such a result — combined with massive pressure from backbench MPs — would leave Cameron, Clegg and Miliband no choice but to pass a law setting a date for a referendum within a year.

Which is why I view Ukip’s new advertising campaign — which I am funding to the tune of £1.5 million — as more of an essential public awareness campaign. Yes, it is hard-hitting, in order to capture attention. But its real purpose is to show the British people just how many of their democratic rights and powers successive governments have quietly smuggled away to Brussels.

The time has come to take back control of our country and the right to govern ourselves. May 22 is our chance to catch a tide that can restore our freedoms and carry us forward to a glorious new chapter in our nation’s history.

For a sense of the arguments used by the other side — you WAYCIST! — consider this snip from a blog entry by Dan Hodges, also from The Telegraph:

UKIP is worse than the BNP: at least Nick Griffin has the courage of his racist convictions

As the row continues to swirl this morning around Ukip’s racist election posters it’s important to keep a few things in perspective. Nigel Farage is not Nick Griffin. Ukip are not the fascist foot soldiers of the BNP.

They’re worse…

And from Keighley, a culturally enriched town in West Yorkshire, comes this by-election news:

UKIP Candidate Voted Onto Keighley Town Council

A UK Independence Party candidate has won a by-election seat on Keighley Town Council. George Firth, 48, won the poll for the vacancy on Fell Lane and Westburn ward by a big margin, picking up 366 votes.

The sole rival candidate, Mohammed Ansar Ali, 35, gained 104 votes. The turnout in yesterday’s by-election was 14.6 per cent. The poll was held to fill a seat left vacant by the death of town councillor Brian Hudson, in January.

Mr Firth, of Whin Knoll Avenue, said: “I’m humbled by all the votes cast for me — I didn’t expect that amount of support. I’d like to offer my condolences to the family of Councillor Hudson. He did a lot of work for the area and I hope to be able to step into his shoes.”…

So the political situation in Britain is becoming very interesting indeed. Stay tuned: the EP elections on May 22 will be worth watching.

Hat tip for the video: Diana West.

28 thoughts on “Those Racist UKIP Posters

  1. Who is the fool in the Sky News video pretending to be journalist. Her argument essentially is that because national governments make laws for their nationals its is racists.

    Well, then the EU is also racist for making laws only for EU citizens. In fact everything becomes racist and the term becomes useful only for political assassinations.

    • Precisely. Whenever anyone starts throwing “raaacist” epithets around I am likely to remind them the word is so 1990s that they need to find a new term. They really did do that one to death – it has lost some, but not all, of its power. The MSM loves it, as this twit jornolist demonstrated…

      • 1990s? Wasn’t it formulated by the Frankfurt School sometime between 1925 and 1933 with the intention to create social division?

    • Kay Burley aged 44. Has been a journalist since the age of 17. She exercised a huge logical fallacy by saying that wanting to limit access to the British job markets showed a sense of “superiority”. She then made another breach of logic by saying that was racist. Beggars belief.

    • Rather surprising since Farage is usually quite quick on the uptake that Nigel didn’t immediately correct her that the people of the UK are not a separate race. He even allowed her to read from some lefty definition. Farage will have to have a better game than that.

      • Your observation is spot-on. I noticed it too and asked the Baron why Mr. Farage hadn’t worked up talking points on this issue – and practiced them in front of the mirror.

        That was lame…I hope he realizes what you’ve said.

  2. He should have told her what an uneducated twit she was being. She used the definition of racism and then distorted it to apply to caucasians from other European countries. Total idiocy – at no time have Poles or Hungarians been considered a separate ‘race’! Just asking her how she considered other Europeans to be a different race would have been a good question – what on earth could she have said?

    I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the stupidity of journalists…

  3. I have found of late that the word ‘racist’ is in fact virtually redundant and certainly counterproductive outside of the media-chatterati-political zone and for some time now I have rejoiced every time I have seen or heard it being used. The real, native people of these islands have in the majority had enough of their ‘enrichment’ be it by the economic predators from the poorer parts of the EU, from the feral barbarism out of Africa or from the bloody, retrogressive depredations that have come to us with the establishment here of those de-humanising, pre-medieval hell-holes of Islam that grow and spread as if a virulent carcinogen.

    Indeed every time the purveyors of our ethnic cleansing use that word they only bring more converts to the cause. It would not surprise me if the ‘proud racist’ effect – which does exist in considerable depth in very many private and indeed semi-public communities where people know and trust each other – before ere too long becomes endemic and full-blown. This, if it happens, it will be the river that cleans our Augean Stable or, if you will, the tide of human affairs referred to in the article above. SIII

  4. I’d like to think that the more they chant the R word, the worse THEY look, because normal people in Britain know perfectly well by now that it’s all nonsense. And on the few occasions when Farage is allowed to put his message across, everyone just goes: Eh, yes, we know Nige … it’s all common sense and people are sick of the media-mafia trying to cover up the truth about our country by holding hands and chanting the R word. And that Kay Burley is a joke btw – everyone knows that.

  5. Echo the comments about people on the guardian dissenting. I sat in and had an absolute fascinating round of chit chat with colleagues of mine in France about the “racialle”, the unruly mob from the ZAPs (those no go areas for authorities) and well I never,the comments were startling, especially from people who I assumed to be the mainstream liberal types, but no! I was proven totally wrong. Dissent to the narrative is loud and strong, but it needs some unified voices to raise up a bit, unfortunately the FN is saddled with its racist and antisemitic image of the earlier decades, not to be attractive enough for the voters.

    Ps the British General who complained about the flag poster, they live in their own time and space dimension. I remember the article about the British General who complained junior officers not holding their forks correctly.

  6. UKIP be humble in politics as this could be a false dawn, if that is the case then the media post election will go in for the kill.

    The Conservative party has the most to fear from a strong UKIP vote as it may split them into two factions and could also bring down the coalition government.

    We are all WAYCIST now.

  7. As for the notion that Europeans (or indeed non-Europeans) are flooding into the country – well remember the 2011 Census – 3 million immigrants in the previous 10 years – and that was 3 years ago. The facts speak for themselves.

    Now these people are either coming over here to work, in which case they’re going to be after a job, or they’re coming over here with no intentions of working, in which case we’re going to have to work to pay for their benefits.

    What is the great mystery about all this? It’s not a matter of race, and never has been. It’s all about MATHEMATICS.

  8. Looks like the dirty tricks brigade have started in earnest. First of all it’s the Marxists and Waycist. Then the goody goodies have branded Nigel as a drunk. Next We’ll probably get the feminazis in a few days time with a fabricated sex scandal while they scratch about trying to pin a kiddy fiddling rap on some poor UKIP candidate. God I hate the political elite and it’s media mouthpiece.

  9. What an idiotic argument from the Sky newscaster. Presumably she’d call me racist for putting my own children before someone else’s.

    • And yet they all think Richard Dawkins is the fount of all wisdom – have they even read the selfish gene?

  10. It is very obvious that UKIP has got the mainstream political parties on the run, they have captured the hearts and minds of the thinking population.

    It will be interesting to see the sheer panic that is going to ensue, Cameron is already making promises the ‘masters of the Universe’ will not let him keep.

    But it is, of course, easier to try and upset the UKIP applecart; expect fireworks…..

  11. The Sky “journalist” is an overgrown schoolgirl who has been instructed by her globalist bosses all the way up to Rupert himself to deflect rational discussion of the issues surrounding immigration and its adverse effect on the settled population of Britain by lobbing an accusation of “racism” at Nigel Farage. Farage didn’t want to be sidetracked by this silliness, which this silly woman nevertheless insisted upon (with visible impatience), but he could have answered her in the following terms:

    1) The whole point of a nation state is that it gives its citizens preferential treatment over non-citizens – a club that anyone can join is not a club;

    2) The supranational entity of the EU which has largely supplanted sovereign nation states in Europe was introduced stealthily, deceitfully, incrementally and without the full knowledge or consent of the electorates involved;

    3) The dictionary definition she quoted deals with intrinsic superiority, not the purely instrumental policy of preference for one’s own citizens which is a necessary precondition for the very existence of a viable nation state. Farage could have argued that for the “journalist” to keep her salary on the arbitrary basis of being an employee of Sky rather than hand it entirely over to him or someone else – or to charity – was no more (and no less) discriminatory than claiming the full privileges of citizenship of a sovereign nation while denying them to non-citizens.

    • Yes, she could hand over her wages to me at the end of the month, I wouldn’t mind a bit. Or she could get herself down to the autobank and take out money to send to me so that I can pay my bills with her money.

      Why won’t she?

      (PS I am a one-legged Romanian lesbian.)

  12. Why is is “racist” to ask who is really running the country btw? Isn’t that the most fundamental question in all of political philosophy? Who rules – and why?

    People like her should be asking that question, all day and all night. After all she’s pretending to be a political journalist.

  13. Kay Burley is known in the UK as terribly biased and should have been put out to graze a long time ago. Following serious rioting in London some time ago, an eye witness was giving an account of an incident in which he saw black people breaking the law, when she interrupted him and tried to put words in his mouth, suggesting that the people he saw were not black. Goebbels would have been proud of some of these so called journalists. But now there are hopeful signs that the people are not buying this nonsense and Burley and her type are being by – passed, the truth has a habit of escaping. One enlightened day, these journalists will be fully exposed for the liars that they really are.

  14. Thank goodness for (self-made) millionaire Paul Sykes who is prepared to back UKIP as much as he is. It is just unfortunate that there aren’t more wealthy patriots like him, who will put some of their money to use trying to take control of our country back.

  15. The MSM in the UK are now utterly desperate to politically assassinate UKIP and its leaders. The atmosphere can be cut with a knife.

    The hit-pieces are coming thick and fast on TV and in the papers in the run-up to May 22nd – no stone is being left unturned. But the only people who pay attention to their smear tactics are themselves.

    The main political parties in the UK and their media supporters are stuck in their ossified, 20th century political castle in Westminster, while the electorate has moved on. They’re losing support, and if they don’t change, they will cease to exist one day. I cannot wait for them to come around canvassing for these elections, when I will be giving them both barrels (metaphorically speaking of course, I’m not a muslim).

  16. I’ll be voting for UKIP next month, but worry that they may not sustain any gains in the general election in the UK next year. It likely depends on people’s perceptions of their general economic wellbeing, rather than the specific problems with which all of us on GoV are concerned.

    Not trying to be a wet blanket, just pragmatic.

    • But it might crack open the barriers and let the truth out – people might be able to discuss what’s happening to their country openly. And once that happens …

  17. I own my home. Since I do not allow anyone else to live in it rent free, that makes me a racist?
    If the government started moving people into my living room – saying I only own my bedroom – all else belongs to these ‘immigrants’ – I would kick out the government, or leave.
    Professional, educated and skilled English are leaving the UK in droves. Obviously.

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