Syrian Freedom Fighters Threaten Canadians — And Obama

We’ve all seen those jihad propaganda videos put out by the mujahideen when they’re waging war on behalf of Allah. Whether it’s in Syria, Chechnya, Libya, Gaza, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Belgium, the style is always the same: a black flag of jihad, masked fighters holding guns and RPGs, endless droning chants in Arabic, mujahideen crouching behind ruined walls and firing at something off-camera, all interspersed with scenes of gore, brutality, and dead infidels.

In the following jihad propaganda video, Vlad Tepes has devised a way to skip over the tedious parts without leaving out any footage, thereby reducing a twelve-minute video to less than three minutes. Vlad fast-forwards through all the Arabic chants and blather, making them sound like so many chipmunk songs, and then resumes normal speed when the mujahideen threaten Canadians and Barack Hussein Obama — in English.

WARNING: Most this video will seem pointless and silly, but there is some bloody footage near the end, which sensitive viewers may want to skip:

7 thoughts on “Syrian Freedom Fighters Threaten Canadians — And Obama

  1. if I were even more sarcastic than usual I’d say something like “at last they’re threatening the right people”…
    But I think I’ll refrain 🙂

  2. What a bunch of retards. Found the passport burning interesting. I kept wishing it was the koran.

  3. I’m presuming this is a propaganda video for the Syrian jihadists. I find it comforting to know our government is supporting these bloodthirsty savages with money, arms, and training.

  4. ” Syrian Freedom Fighters Threaten Canadians — And Obama”
    Oh dear. How dare they mention Canada. Canada the kind, perfect, caring, Canada even cares for an ant if it is seen in trouble or drowning. It is brought washed, and nursed to life. Now just look how much Canada cares for Muslims. It puts anyone who says a word even true against Islam in prison for nine months. Are not Muslims ungrateful when they see so many muslims in high positions designing Canadian policies. Ungrateful too for Britain the country of 2000 mosques and Muslims raping their little girls. Sure some individuals have hijacked the peaceful religion. Let’s listen to our genius Cameron he knows how to analyze complex things for stupid us. Are we not lucky we have Cameron and not . . . a dictator? Oh by the way, How does a dictator think, react, act, talk, legislate? Can we recognize a dictator by a pair of horns or by what he says and does? My goodness. That’s too difficult. because it involves thinking. I don’t like to think. Lucky in a democracy we have child prodigies who can do all the clever thinking for us. Especially those child prodigies of Scandinavia.

  5. Bring it on Canada is ready for stupid tororris wet her there Muslims or not they come to are country because this is a free country where they don’t have to worry about [anything] that goes on in there countries here they have freedom but if they think for one moment that they will take over this country Canada they don’t have a chance in hell

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