Reaping the Whirlwind in the UK

Our British correspondent JP noticed the growing public anger against immigration and Islamization as demonstrated by the comments left on online media articles. He sends this note along with a representative selection of comments:

I was struck by the blistering anger of the commentators at Fraser Nelson’s recent piece on “British” jihadis who travelled to Syria.

Although these comments are restricted to Daily Telegraph, readers I think this anger is widespread and has been steadily mounting as a response to the Government’s appeasement of Islam, not only in relation to Lee Rigby’s murder but also the unrelenting stories about the Islamic school plot, Sharia finance, Sharia law, the banning of Robert Spencer/Pamela Geller — I could go on.

Particularly disturbing I think is the picture of police “pleading” with Muslim women. This is perhaps the root of the problem — we are living in a progressive liberal society which has forgotten how to respond to hostile forces.

See also Fraser Nelson’s 3 April article where he described the success story of “British” Muslim integration — an article which was closed to comments after only two hours, and where two of my three comments were deleted.

A brief snip from the article in question:

Terrorism in the UK: Social media is now the biggest jihadi training camp of them all

by Fraser Nelson

Unable to control online radicalism, police have little option but to plead with Muslim women to dissuade their menfolk from enlisting

If an Islamic terrorist is apprehended in Detroit or blows himself up in Stockholm, it doesn’t usually take long to trace their career progression back to Britain. The CIA despairingly refers to “Londonistan”, but the phrase doesn’t quite do justice to Britain’s ability to incubate terrorism all over the country. For various reasons — chiefly our being quicker to accept asylum-seekers than expel villains — Britain has ended up as a kind of finishing school for jihadis…

And now selected comments that were posted in response to the article:


For decades the myopic liberal-left whose agenda so often appears to be nothing more than Utopian wishful thinking based on the wilfully self-deluded view that “wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the world was nice so we’ll pretend they are” have treated all Muslims as victims of neocolonialism and Western oppression, which means every effort must now be made to accommodate them through the pursuit of a toxic policy of multiculturalism.

Even when Muslim fundamentalists have demonstrated by their direct actions that they are the most illiberal, repressive, authoritarian proponents of a religion mired in a dark age time warp, they are still accorded “victim” status by the liberal-left whose deluded expectation seems to be that by just by living here they will drag themselves out of the 7th Century by absorbing Western values through a form of benign political and social osmosis.

And then there’s the excuse they are not really “Muslims” but “Islamists” which in the lexicon of the liberal-left appears to describe an entirely different and unrelated group of people. The fact that many so-called moderate Muslims at best appear happy to turn a blind eye to the activities of their militant co-religionists or at worst tacitly agree with their views is conveniently brushed aside.

But now that the wind has been sown by these misguided and frankly arrogant Utopians without any mandate or even reference to the British people, we are now reaping the whirlwind. Everything from schools being warned against Muslim girls being sent abroad to marry or to be genitally mutilated to the more than 50 commuters blown to bits by Muslim terrorists in the 7/7 London transport bombing, the attack on Glasgow airport, shoe bomber Richard Reid and other plots to attack British aircraft, plus the fact that police have, or are investigating literally of hundreds of plots by militants to attack targets in the UK.

Then there’s the sexual grooming of under-age British girls, poppy-burnings, demonstrations against returning British troops where placards have been waved describing them a “child murders” and declaring “Islam will triumph”, street patrols in so-called “Muslim” areas in which gays, women and drinkers have been attacked, a continuing culture of “honour” killings and arranged marriages and electoral frauds involving exclusively Muslim perpetrators. Throw in the “Trojan horse” Islamification of schools plus the danger posed by the return of hundreds of “British” Muslims now fighting in Syria and of course, who can forget the butchering of Lee Rigby.

I could go on but despite the fact that these are all matters of record the liberal-left still appears willing to either turn a blind eye to, or make excuses for them. The chickens are now coming home to roost with a vengeance and they are laying some very rotten eggs in the UK nest.


‘Unable to control online radicalism’.

So the Police admit they are virtually powerless to stop this vile practise yet they have no problem arresting and charging people who insult Islam or Muslims. We already see people going to prison for spouting hatred of this faith under the hate crime laws but now we know they only work one way.

If we want to live in a country worth living in then Islam must be removed completely. This vile faith has no place in a civilised society and this article proves it when those charged with keeping the peace admit they are powerless to do so.

Strict new laws are needed to deal with the like of Anjem Choudary. Forget the freedom of speech laws as his ranting amounts to incitement to murder and encouraging others to break the laws of the lands. He is a criminal and should be silenced.


The time for a passive approach is long over. The plot was lost with the Bradford riots for which, I understand, no-one was prosecuted despite the extensive video evidence available. It now is apparent that the required action is never taken for fear of upsetting these people, yet robust action is the only way to a solution.

For a start the British passports of any suspect should be cancelled once they have passed through immigration on their way to Syria etc. The no-go ghettos need to be policed again and regular searches of mosques and suspect dwelling carried out.

If the muslims riot then deal with it with the army (if we still have one), not the police and offer the miscreants the choice of a very long prison term or deportation. The situtation is clearly out of control and will not get better until serious action is taken.


I really tire of saying this, but the aim of Islam is a world wide caliphate: ALL muslims, radical or not, subscribe to this aim, and to pretend otherwise is sheer hypocrisy.

As for jihadists returning here fresh from fighting in Syria, they should be put on a plane and sent back to continue their struggle.

This country is in serious danger from these madmen, and if we don’t stamp on this nonsense as hard as we can, we will reap a dreadful whirlwind in the not too distant future.

I blame our disgusting politicians for this, they let these people in, and yet refuse to acknowledge responsibility: they are scum.


Yet another article showing the insanity of allowing Islamic fundamentalists free reign in UK over the past 20 years. This threat which had been hidden in mosques and Islamic cultural centres is now splashed all over the internet, young men with British accents glory in murder just to please Allah.

Clearly we cannot control this peer-to-peer indoctrination via social media but surely the time has come to allow ordinary people to speak against it, to oppose it and to fight back against it.

Why does Islam have this specialist status? It does nothing to encourage integration with other non Muslim communities even when Muslims chose to live in western countries it’s clearly on their terms. It’s a supremacist ideology and I’m not ready to submit to it.


Political Correctness is the jihadist’s aide not only to the radicalization of UK Muslim youth, but also funding of Jihadists on a global scale.

Any UK resident who knowingly supports or persuades members of their family to join any jihadist wars should be deported, or lose all access to UK benefits and services of any description as well as deportation.

We do not need a two-tier system of law in the UK, we are a Christian nation and it’s time we stopped turning the other cheek; neither do we need a two legal system to appease Muslims or any other foreign immigrants.

Immigration into the UK should be on the same system used by Australia which requires immigrants to adopt the Australian way of life, if not they may be given a residency permit which is revocable and can lead to deportation/s.


Britain is a lot more than a Jihadi training camp. By allowing in people like that crazy witch doctor from Africa, Ulmutullab the underpants bomber, Abu Qatada and scores of others, putting them up in social housing, paying them benefits it is recruiting, supporting and financing international terrorism.

If the UK was located in Asia Minor or somewhere it would be branded a state-sponsor of terrorism by the United States, none of our ministers could travel there and it would be under a wide ranging raft of economic santions and prone to US drone strikes.

The fact is that thanks to insipid “We hate Britain and all things British” Liberal Democrats every nutjob in Africa, the Middle East and the sub Continent knows that Britain is the World’s Mug. They know they can come here, radicalise, get trained and travel as they please to and from Pakistan without any fear of being molested. If anyone arrests them the UK judges are totally and utterly committed to stopping them from getting deported, banging on about a right to family life.

Personally I am amazed this whole country is not blighted with car bombs going off and suicide bombers running all over the Underground and the national rail network. Mind you, these things have a habit of catching up with you. There are schools up and down this country preaching radical hate and getting away with it, segregating girls, enforcing the wearing of niqabs and all this bull****. They are teaching creationism in science classes as was revealed last night.

As Rigby’s body decomposes it is surely only a matter of time before bombs start going off all over our schools, Churches and cathedrals. We have no idea what we are messing with. If you thought the Troubles in Northern Ireland were bad you have no idea. No IRA terrorist ever had the guts or conviction to blow himself up in the process.

Still the liberals will love it — did they condemn Lee Rigby’s murderers? Nope. Did they condemn 7/7? Not a word. Anything that does away with British values, traditions and ways of life has their undying support. They are effectively Al Qaeda’s estate agents in the UK.


I love this nonsense that I kept hearing in various forms all day yesterday:

‘‘… an estimated 400 Brits have so far been to Syria to join the rebels — after which, it is feared, they’ll return home radicalised by Islamist insurgents.’’

So, let’s get this straight — some 19 year old kid that feels a compelling urge to get out to syria so he too can butcher christians, play football with decapitated heads and maybe chomp down on a dead mans heart is at risk of coming back a little ‘unhinged’ should he decide to go.

Errr… no. It’s not the trip to Syria that turns these kids into evil psychopaths — it’s the mosques they attend here in the UK and the death cult like religion they are being brainwashed with there (and of course at their local Al-Jihad High School). Syria just gives them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.


Agreed, and it is executing a highly intelligent, multi-pronged attack: the threat of violence coupled with the complaint of victimisation, along with “demographic jihad” which permits a relentless, slow ratcheting of influence in schools, local government and law. Mostly funded by Saudi petrodollars, the jihad is nudged along by the usual ideologically motivated PC suspects, useful idiots, Guardianistas, with spineless, kow-towing, venal politicians and other treacherous nest-featherers. The battle was won at least a generation ago but the rotting corpse of our once great civilisation doesn’t even seem to realise that it has greedily gobbled up the suicide pill.


I think there is little doubt that Muslims in the west are primarily focused on the destruction of western society. Islam itself demands its followers do whatever is needed to defend the faith, hence the worldwide slaughter of Muslim and non-Muslim individuals.

While it is possible that some UK Muslims are not a threat to our lives and lifestyles I think it is safe to say they are in the minority and are certainly not doing anything to stop the majority who are a threat.

Britain, more than any other western nation, has encouraged this threat by opening their borders to everyone and anyone. Even after identifying a direct threat we insist on not only sheltering the terrorist but in paying for their lifestyle and supporting their war on our citizens.

Sadly Suetonius is correct, there are no British Muslims there are only Muslims who live in Britain.


We are now seeing just what we let into this country and how they behave. If they go out there to fight they should be regarded as a threat and never allowed back into this country. Giving these people a British passport was a big mistake as they will never regard themselves as British unless it is to claim benefits.

It is now quite clear they are out of control and the Police are panicking knowing there is trouble on the way. Blame all those who advocate multiculturalism for what happens from now on as the blame lies at their door.


One only has to laugh at the irony of being told for the last 17 years by all those sneering liberal progressive Westminster politicians how ignorant, racist and bigoted we all were for pointing out what was happening as a result of their deliberate policies and now they have the gall to act shocked and appalled at this as though nobody knew!


One arrest every two days; MI5 has its eye on hundreds. More to come. Plots being hatched in Britain for Britain; and plots being hatched, I’m pretty sure, in Britain for elsewhere. The UK won’t be just a virtual jihadist training camp for the UK but a centre of international terrorist scheming as well. I cannot see how one can happen without the other. And, almost without doubt, the “Religion of Peace” pious lament still emanating from the BBC and other left-liberal organs who appear to have been born into a family of ostriches.

And then there are the jihadists’ own “excuses” — Afghanistan; Iraq; islamophobia; interference in the Dar Al Islam; and so forth. All designed to distract from the real reason for this moon-cult’s self-righteous aggression: its intrinsic bellicose nature and taste for war. Its triumphalism. Instead — excuse; excuse; excuse.

Regardless of how diligent and efficient MI5 is, we can’t be protected for ever from this. There will be another incident. It will be islam’s war on the infidel: sanctioned by their sacred texts, by their imams, their madrassas, and by a well-schooled and internalised contempt for their fellow citizens and the society they live in. As such, there will be (as there always has been) a medieval and intransigent ideological dimension behind the next act of terror.

At that point perhaps we will wake up to the war this faith is waging against us and deal not just with its outrageous feats, but with the outragous theology that inspires and sanctifies them.


Until politicians, judges, teachers and elected councillors start getting murdered in modest numbers will the British establishment wake up and start doing something about it.

The above are perfectly happy to see vulnerable white working class girls groomed and raped, perfectly happy to see British soldiers slaughtered in the streets by feral animals, perfectly happy to see honest travellers blow to smithereens on trains etc.


I just can’t get my head round it, it is happening in front of our eyes and our government pretend it isn’t, I really cannot understand it, what will it take to make them realise islam is an evil cult that is hell bent on destroying everything in its path. Odds on this post will get deleted in

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37 thoughts on “Reaping the Whirlwind in the UK

  1. The coming elections in the UK and Scotland HOPEFULY will be favorable to ending all the PC non-sense that infects politicians in that area of the world.

    Keep hope alive, hope springs eternal … that islamics will be sent packing and those muslims who stay will be shut-down and perhaps even TREATED AS BADLY AS THEY TREAT NATIVE Britons.

    • I like your spirit but it will be difficult to implement your ideas re sending Islamics packing. We will have the same problem here with deporting illegal aliens.

      Seems like the whole world is in transition, with massive and silmultaneous movements of human beings from Indian continent, Asia, and both North and South Africa to all parts of Europe. Not to mention the Eastern Europeans, esp. into Britain.

      Here in the North American continent, the unrelenting flow from Central and South America continues unabated, as it has for the last three decades, gaining momentum every year. California is now Mexifornia, particularly up to and including Los Angeles. There may be more Mexicans or Mexican-born than there are Americans. The onslaught is creating various strains, including the actual integrity of sovereign borders. There is a petition circulating to have put up for a referendum vote whether or not California should be split into 6 separate states…

      …I don’t know the answer to our similar problems but the situations demand close attention to our political elites’ legislative behaviors.

      • The solution is pretty simple, I think. Strictly enforce the immigration laws by prosecuting employers who fail to verify (through e-verify) the legal status of each and every person they hire. All the authorities need do is bust a few corporate violators and send their executives to jail. The rest will get the message and fall in line real fast. Also cut off Section 8 housing subsidy and free medical care to people with a false SSN. Without jobs and such social service magnets, most will deport themselves.

        There will of course be great disruptions, but still far less than the disaster that unchecked illegal immigration will eventually unleash, which will likely include the dis-integration of the United States. Republicans, like Rubio or Paul Ryan, who think they can garner a meaningful fraction of Hispanic votes by supporting legal status for illegals are dreaming. Ambitions Hispanic politicians will play the same racial identity game that Black politicians have for generations to sew up > 90% of the Black vote for liberal Democrats.

        • I have lived in California most of my life. Angry bi-lingual Mexicans are the majority now. The 1980’s Regan “one time only amnesty” for Mexican illegal immigrants and all their relatives forever started the ball rolling. The Save Our State (SOS) Prop 187 in 1995 did the rest. With bi-linguals both sides of the government counters one generation on, its help yourself on steroids so to speak. The future of America is bi-lingual and Mexicanlike. There seems to be no will do anything about immigration irregardless. Personally I hope that works out O.K.

      • 1. Before any ‘redress’ of the problems, now so very obvious in all Western lands, that inviting in or failing to deter the third world from entering illegally can come about, the system that allows such destructive policies must be either rectified via a peaceful but radical political change or destroyed completely and then rebuilt with safeguards in place so that this insanity can never occur again.

        2. Then those who present the greatest physical threat to Western survival must be confronted as they will not go back to their own lands peacefully, because, it is their belief that once a Muslim occupies any land, then that land is the to be considered as Islamic and therefore part of Islam.

        Conflict may be avoided in the first case but not with the second.

        There are so many ‘wetbacks’ in the US today that maybe the only alternative to conflict with them is to cede some parts of the US to them. One thing can be certain them though, they will not go peacefully either if push comes to shove.

        • Correct except as to the last point, I think. There seems to be an iron clad assumption that borders cannot be defended with lethal force. Similarly, after we say “pretty please” to foreigners who made it over the border, it seems to me that many will assume we have then exhausted all possibilities.

          On the issue of what changes could be made to the system that allowed such destructive policies, I fear that no system change will do any good. If half of the country doesn’t value U.S. citizenship and thinks it can be handed out like plastic Mardi Gras beads then there will be little national will to effectively use the Border Patrol or otherwise enforce the law.

          • Then the ‘system’ must be destroyed and then rebuilt via the only means possible – civil war for which there are no guarantees for either side or a revolution that takes the majority of the populace with it so that there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that radical change must blossom from it.

            As to the issues of reducing the problems of the ‘illegal immigrant’ and Muslim infiltration, I can’t see any redress there until the soul of the nation is restored via one of the above, and the many problems associated with those issues made wholly public.

          • Then it will come down to the individual who will use a old border standard, [redacted]. If amnesty gets passed, this nation as we know it is done.

      • Maybe Californians should do a direct state-swap with Mexico. All the Californians go to Mexico, and all the Mexicans go to California. I’d like to see what happens next.

      • We don’t need to deport anyone. Stopping immigration is enough. You mentioned illegal immigration but I’d say legal immigration causes more problems because there’s simply more of it, if there was no more legal immigration(which is extremely easy to stop), illegal immigration would become more rare too.

        I imagine the US illegal immigration problem is more difficult to stop because of the huge border, but in Europe it’s simply the case of Europe pretty much allowing illegal immigrants to come in, it’d be very easy to stop them if the governments wanted to.

        Ideally, the US should split up into 3 states, 1 European-American state somewhere in like Maine/Vermont/New Hampshire/New England or around Montana/Idaho/Washington state, an African-American state in Louisiana/Mississipi/Alabama/Arkansas/Tennessee, and the remainder of the US, which can have all the multi-culturalism and immigration they want.

        Of course, there’s no way that will happen.

        Ideally, Europe should just stop immigration and hope the immigrant descendants already there grow to be more prosperous/rich so their birth rates lower, so Europeans don’t get wiped off the map. For some countries it may be too late(UK, France, Sweden), others will be perfectly fine since they still have their population being 85-90%+ natives(Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, Italy, etc).

        That probably won’t happen either. There is no “politics”, policies are already pre-arranged, the West is run by people hell-bent on destroying any form of identity and working towards a globalized world. I’ve already conceded defeat. Even if a party like UKIP wins, they’re the “controlled opposition” or just don’t care about this happening, at most they’ll slow the process of native genocide down.


        • You forget one very important policy implementation that will have a destabilizing effect on the EU if the UKIP can be elected as a national government – the withdrawal from the EUSSR by Britain, one of the lynchpins of the socialist mess.

          You may be right about all political parties being ‘controlled opposition’, but I believe that control is only exercised while they are in opposition. In other words, the opposition parties exercise censure of their real objective to remain a viable opposition party and once elected, which then gives them legitimacy, their real policies will be exposed and acted upon.

          Look at the recent occurrences in some French towns with the election of Front National.

          You give up too easily as the real fight has yet to begin.

  2. That great, if flawed (as are we all) socialist writer, George Orwell, had no time for the type of Leftist who praises every culture but his own. Without immodestly comparing myself to him, I sometimes feel like a near-lone voice trying to persuade my fellows of the dangers of such cultural relativism.

    • Mark, once anyone describes themselves as being of a particular political or religious persuasion, then one must take them at their word. Proclaiming the ideology of Socialism puts the crier on the slippery left wing slope which has a tendency to corrupt the thought processes of the mind. Orwell claimed to hold socialist ideals after he witnessed the tragedy of the Spanish Civil War in which Socialism/Fascism was one of the main drivers. Was he really a Socialist? Your own comment reflects the unease that Orwell felt taking up that position.

      The safest stance on the political spectrum to maintain one’s political equilibrium is with the anchor of the middle ground, never venturing too far right or left. It’s the perfect political balance!

  3. An interesting way to look at the plea to Muslim women (noting that there is absolutely no need to plead with anyone else not to let their boys go to Syria):

    This is an acknowledgement on the part of the British government that being a Muslim is a necessary condition of becoming an Islamic terrorist. While this is blindingly obvious to everyone else living in the UK, at last the British government have admitted this.

    This logical point needs to be made at every opportunity.

    • It follows that the mantra chanted by Cameron, Clegg and the ridiculous Boris Johnson after the murder of Lee Rigby, that there was no connection whatsoever between Islamic doctrines and teachings and the actions of the two Muslims who murdered a British soldier on the streets of London … is FALSE.

      • The murder of Lee Rigby is the very heart and soul of Islam, and the emblem of Muslim conquest.
        The British Isles are conquered.
        Their only good course of action is not to watch, but to resist.

      • Remember that the barbarian conquests of Late Antiquity presented the dynamic of a civilized Roman population dominated by an uncivilized minority.
        Look at history.
        Be more than informed.

        • Some historians argue that the Goths and others in Italy and Spain became Romanised, rather than the opposite; the Western Empire only fell into the Dark Ages following the Islamic conquests.

          • Yes. Many of those Roman ruins dotting the Mediterranean landscape once thought to have been destroyed by earthquake have now been shown destroyed by the actions of man – Islamic man!

          • If you look at the legal and social structure imposed on Rome by Theodoric the Ostrogoth, you would think twice about the “Romanised” judgment.

  4. I think the doors should be wide open for “British” jihadis to go to Syria.
    They should be closed upon these traitors afterwards, and their British citizenship yanked.
    If Westerners plan to join Jihad, they’d better burn their passports and stay in the Orient.
    Where they’re wanted.

  5. Britain’s had it! The British have become soft, effete and stupid. They want the Government to do everything for them. UK will cease ro exist next September as Scotland leaves. Even Cornwall wants independence.. We are run by white Christian hating cranks who will do anything to destroy UK. They know full well the country will be Islamic within 15 years at most and they gloat at the prospect.

    How do I know? I used to work alongside them in Academia- an academia absolutely crawling with Marxists…..I got out due to the overpowering stench….

    • They may control the narrative, but as one can detect from the responding comments to that article, they DO NOT control the minds of most.

      • Yes you are correct. I perceive a growing fury with the powers that be in England who themselves recognise that fury but attempt to dismiss it as an expression of the uneducated and unintelligent because, in reality, they are too terrified to address the problem knowing that by doing so they will undermine everything they’ve been telling us these past 50 years or so.

        • When I was over there in 2008, and while in London, I witnessed two demonstrating mobs – one of Londoners and the other obviously Muslim – both separated by large numbers of police, but indicative to me at least, of the anger to the many problems that Islam has brought with it.

          Too, while visiting for the odd pint or two in some London pubs, and also when touring around the country, I got into some very in depth conversations with the locals and their feelings concerning the problems that are now so evident to anyone with an open eye, a keen ear and a voice.

          The fight is just getting started!

    • Next month, remember the Martyrs of Otranto.
      I think the observances in the UK should be especially significant.
      No observance?
      Claiming that because they were Catholic they weren’t Christian?
      Anti-Catholicism= just a veil for British cowardice.

  6. Operation Wetback successfully deported Mexicans, or caused them to self-deport, in the 50s. Its very name conveyed our contempt for the feelings or sensibilities of illegal aliens. We acted in our own interest and got the job done. Americans of those times didn’t kid themselves that foreigners have an unassailable right to take our jobs. Having the requisite will to act, we acted and got the job done. It was, in fact, easy.

  7. I think the UN is about to collapse, and with the end of that disgusting and evil talking shop of the International Left, a lot of good things can start happening.

    Like [redacted] of Jihadis who refuse to publicly recant and denounce ALL Jihad as illegitimate…

    • The UN has already collapsed. See Syria and before then Libya. The UN has been effectively replaced by NATO and to another extent, the EU.

      Nearly everyone else have gone off and formed their own pacts.

  8. The EU approach to referenda is to make the various countries continue to vote until they reach the correct conclusion. Could not the same approach be adopted for returning jihadis ie, keep sending them back to Syria until they achieve martyrdom.

  9. While the comments are encouraging, from my experience there’s usually a large gap between what people say under a pseudonym, and what they’re prepared to say face-to-face. Especially when it comes to the topic of the Religion of Peace… Also, there’s the question of the age group of those commenting. Are they retired, middle-aged, 30s or students? Also from experience, the last of these categories are far more “tolerant” of the Religion of Peace… Either because they’ve stopped caring about their country, or they feel too intimidated by the loud & proud leftist-islamist Axis of Evil to speak out. That, or they really see something great in multi-kulti that I and others failed to see…

    • For your info, I also operate a blog devoted to denouncing all the wrongs of the world, and that includes Islam. That’s about as close as anyone can come today in shouting out one’s thoughts to those who should be listening and taking heed without being locked up!

      And apart from forming political parties to combat the problems the West now faces – in my opinion it is too late for those issues to be solved politically – there is only insurrection, revolution or civil war.

      So, make your own choice.

  10. So the security services can ban potential football hooligans from travelling overseas, but they have to go and ask the mothers of potential jihadists to dissuade their offspring from travelling overseas to kill innocent people under the auspices of a British passports.

    The SIS player in room 77 at Vauxhall Cross must be having a good chuckle at this TELL MAMA article.

  11. The Brits can fight. They’ve proven that since the very beginning of their country. They’ve just been enjoying some well deserved R&R after a couple of world wars. Two generations can’t eradicate the genes that produce the courage to face up to and defeat their enemies. Their blood is nearing the boiling point, and the pressure cooker that their socialist politicians have foisted upon them is about to start whistling and releasing steam.

    There’s just one problem, once the Brits reach their boiling point, and that could be any day now, the lid of the pressure cooker won’t be able to vent their vengeance, it’s going to blow off the lid! When that day comes, the muslims there will be able to rejoice, because they’ll be on their way to their 72 virgins much sooner than they thought possible. It’s going to be interesting to observe.


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