LIVE: Benghazi Again. CIA Testifying

“Talking Points”…who drew them up, and who decided what they would be.

Live stream right now. We will find the archive later but at this moment the live exchanges are here:

The Benghazi Talking Points and Michael J. Morell’s Role in Shaping the Administration’s Narrative

And Mr.Morell, the Acting Director of the CIA during Benghazi, appears to be running away from this radioactive material…

NOTE: I hope to put up a larger background post on Benghazi and the American mis-management of the lead-up to the massacre and the even more egregious mishandling of the aftermath.

There are many Americans, in and out of the government, who are concerned about this debacle and determined not to let this one disappear, not to allow SecState Clinton’s “what does it matter” meme to decide the process of what we will be permitted to know.

Many career personnel are now concerned for their own safety in the face of hazardous duties on the rise and this administration’s proven disregard for their safety.

Too many “I don’t recalls” are starting now…


The hearing has ended now. So we back up to the already-recorded morning investigation of Mr. Morelli. This is twelve-minute video so it must be a digest:

Mr. Morelli testifies before the House Select Committee on Intelligence, 12 minutes long.

Here is more than an hour, though it’s not clear if this is the whole enchilada…the website for the Committee assumes the watcher is more familiar with their procedures than is reasonable:

Recorded Live, the Hour-Long Testimony of Michael Morelli

Especially listen to the beginning introduction by the head of this committee, but then, you can safely skip the following ~ twenty-one minutes of bumpf.]

Commenters are welcome to reflect on the testimony of Mr. Morelli and/or the Congressmen’s questions.

NB: The head of this committee, Mike Rogers, has announced his retirement from Congress. He will be leaving to begin his own radio program, based in Washington. The grapevine talk is that he’s positioning himself as a potential candidate for the presidential primary campaign – that perennial race which never really stops anymore.