6 thoughts on “Just in Case You Had Any Doubts…

  1. The UK desperately needs to peel off the meaning of ‘Asian’ from ‘islamic’. I’ve read here and there than non-muslim Asians in the UK (eg. hard-working, highly educated Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc) are getting pretty annoyed at sharing the term. Maybe they need to get more vocal about this.

  2. Asian – Cameron’s political code for the imposition of a caste system that would have the indigenous peoples of the UK as the untouchables – Slumdog Brits under Sharia law.

    These guys simply hate their own kinfolk.

  3. Multiculturalism and Political Correctness (MC/PC) are the main antagonists to a free and open society. Cameron is a Multiculturalist as are all the leaders of Western nations today. An honest leader who had his nation and people at heart would admit to the failure of MC/PC ideology and do all in his power to be rid of it.

    And there is only one word for those leaders and their abetters who refuse to acknowledge the failure of the MC/PC political system and it is a word that is seldom uttered today amongst the political class – Traitor!

    Cicero put forward a very apt description of how Traitors are the worst of the worst. So isn’t it time we started calling them out for what they are!

  4. That poster sums up precisely what I was feeling when I told my wife I really didn’t want to spend another one month holiday in the land of my fathers birth. There is less of the ‘old and great country’ feel each time we visit, soon there will be none.

  5. A Pakistani playwright called Quereshi (Can’t remember his first name – he wrote My Beautiful Launderette) stated in an interview on the BBC world service a few weeks back that he did not have to change to assimulate into British society but rather British society had to change to accommodate him. Unfortuntely this is now a normal view for pakistani immigrants.

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