Allah’s Best Dane

When I write about Danish citizens who travel to Syria or Iraq to wage jihad in the cause of Allah, I usually refer to them as “Danes”. The quote marks are added as a shorthand reference to their status as culture-enrichers hailing from one of the world’s innumerable bucolic bailiwicks where Islam holds sway.

The news story below, however features both a Dane and a “Dane”. The former is a young Danish man who converted to Islam, was radicalized in one of Denmark’s mosques, and then traveled to Iraq and blew himself up. The latter is his imam, who views the young martyr as “best” in the eyes of Allah.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for translating this report from TV2 Østjylland, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling it:

Henrik includes these observations with his translation:

The Grimhøj Mosque in Aarhus, Denmark is widely known for its Salafist interpretation of Islam. A remarkable number of its regular worshippers head off to participate in the Syrian war.

In a reaction to the news that a Danish convert to Islam named Victor Christensen staged a suicide attack in Iraq, the mosque’s spokesman Oussama El Saadi told Danish television that this was “an act of heroism” and that doing so was “best with Allah”. He said these things without any sign of remorse or shame. Danish politicians scrambled to find a way to deal with such views.

This imam is leader of a major mosque in Denmark, and would certainly know Islam and its scripture in detail, as well as the relevant possible interpretations.

So when he states that suicide bombings is what is best for Allah, it begs the question:

What if he is RIGHT?


00:00   The mosque located at Grimhøjvej, Aarhus [Denmark] today faced widespread condemnations. [Headline: Praising Shaheed triggers anger]
00:04   That came after the leader of the mosque called it “an act of heroism” that a young man from Aarhus
00:09   donned a belt of explosives around his waist and went to his death for an Islamic insurgency movement.
00:14   And the seal of approval given to young Danes and their lethal journeys to holy wars
00:19   now causes politicians from several parties demand action.
00:23   – This is deeply offensive to me. – A tragic, tragic situation it is.
00:27   – It is a completely absurd mindset to have.
00:29   – I consider it absolutely terrible that someone can come up with such nonsense.
00:33   These are some of the reactions to the leader of the Grimhøj Mosque Oussama El Saadis and his statements
00:38   in which he praises a 21-year-old Dane, who died for the cause of Islam.
00:41   It is true that when one dies in this fashion, it is best with Allah.
00:45   Last Sunday, TV2 Østjylland was able to reveal the story of the 21-year-old Victor Kristensen from Aarhus.
00:50   He started his life as a perfectly normal boy.
00:53   But apparently ended it by donning a belt of explosives and detonating it in a suicide attack in Iraq.
01:00   According to sources close to Victor, the transformation from a normal Dane to a radicalized Muslim
01:05   was in part due to a period attending the mosque at Grimhøjvej, Brabrand [a suburb of Aarhus].
01:09   A period that changed his personality.
01:13   He thought of nothing but how he could please Allah, in order to enter Paradise after death.
01:18   It was scary. He was completely brainwashed. [- A former friend, as reported by Danish daily BT.]
01:22   Last Sunday it was acknowledged that Victor Kristensen used to frequent the mosque,
01:25   but that he went to his death for the values he believed in is a positive thing. As phrased by the chairman of the mosque.
01:31   Victor had something he believed in, and he died because of it.
01:36   And then in our eyes he is a hero, he’s doing a good thing that he believes in, really.
01:43   These statements from Oussama El Saadi triggered harsh political criticism, in both the national and local parliaments.
01:49   I think he is agitating in the wrong world; he should move back to where he comes from, where they have those sorts of ideas.
01:54   This is as far as possible from a Danish mindset.
01:56   This shows a perfect lack of understanding of our democratic society here in Denmark.
02:02   I am truly offended by that statement.
02:04   Politicians are now demanding that something must be done. But the proposed solutions are very different.
02:10   This is partly about a public rejection of the persons participating in the environment around the mosque,
02:15   and partly about a dedicated effort by the police and social authorities.
02:20   This is beyond doubt a matter that needs handling by the authorities,
02:23   keeping a close eye on what really takes place in these mosques,
02:25   and then one has to intervene when something takes place that should not.
02:28   Close the Grimhøj Mosque, it can’t happen too fast.
02:30   In a comment tonight, Oussama El Saadi confirms that he stands by his words,
02:36   but adds that the mosque does not want young men to travel abroad in order to participate in wars.
02:41   And he claims that the mosque seeks to prevent such journeys.

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12 thoughts on “Allah’s Best Dane

  1. He is right, it is indeed good for Allah (or for any god with ambitions of world domination by coercion of the non-believers) if the fools and idiots blow themselves up in his name.

    Not only does it throw fear into the hearts of the unbelievers, making them more likely to submit to your will, it also increases the average intelligence of your believers, which can’t be a bad thing.

    Of course in the short term it means you now have to deal with a rather large number of nasty, foolish, idiotic, souls in your domain, but I’m pretty sure any god with a sense of humour can find a way to deal with that.
    Maybe a special section of hell that you call “the special heaven for my most faithful martyrs” where you send them to be among likeminded souls and you don’t have to deal with having them around you in your garden of plenty will do nicely.

  2. 02:36 “the mosque does not want young men to travel abroad in order to participate in wars.” Rather he wants them to stay in Denmark and do war there?

  3. Im surprised that no one has produced something like a video or booklet on the obvious hypocritical situation, I.e. If it is so great and good for Allah, to die waging jihadi, then how come imans are usually nowhere to be seen, but sitting comfortably at home, in safety, sometimes thousands of kilometers away. The converts are so dumb not to notice this disparity? Or is the brainwashing so intense that any ability to think is shut down?

    Answers to Questions on a back of a postcards

  4. This guy was incited to go out to IRAQ as a shahid and MURDER indiscriminately, and this MURDER we are told ‘pleases’ Allah…..

    The authorities of this Mosque need to first go to Gaol, then be repatriated with a ban on travel to the EU and any other civilized state.

  5. ” to the EU and any other civilized state ”

    Which on earth are civilized states? Muslim Countries are the only civilized states because they only know what to do for their own interests, they are the only states that have petrodollars and their word is heeded, they are the only religion that is respected in the west. Islam is the only religion for which the western countries omitted all reference to other religions are are replaced by Islam of Allah. Islam is the only religion Hitler and USA generals expressed their “deep respect for” . How many times have you heard western politicians appointing – without people’s consent’ advisers because “he /she is a devout Muslim” Have you ever heard a western politician appoint anyone in a high position for being a devout Catholic or Protestant?
    I am not surprised that that pale boy from Denmark sacrifices his life for Islam. Hollywood produces “celebrities” that end their lives by an overdose. Europe in its infinite wisdom and “high morals” produces Jihadis for Islam.
    Oh by the way, Is Europe empty of morals, so nature hates vacuum and Islam is filling that vacuum. Poor Europe they can build a “collider” but have no control over their teens. Ah he is from Scandinavia? They are humanistic. They sacrifice their life for others. Is Europe producing generations of people with abulia, without will, grovelling at the feet of Islam? Why Europeans have no dignity, no pride in anything Europeans? Is the faith you get in informative years is the basis to build other faiths on? If that faith is absent, then you can’t have any faiths in any thing? Who would think that after world War II, Europe voluntarily would enter a pitch dark age of confusion and stupidity.

    • Some Europeans may have different morals from you, Murad. This doesn’t mean they have none.

  6. The BBC radio comedy “Old Harry’s Game”, set in Hell, had an episode where one of Satan’s assistants wanted his attention, and he told them: “Hang on a minute. There are some suicide bombers arriving, and I love seeing the expression on their faces.”

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