What Elephant? What Room?

An organization known as the Religious Communicators Council will be meeting next week in Nashville. Based on their agenda, they represent the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood, with the usual suspects from dhimmi mainstream Christian and Jewish groups providing the necessary veneer of “interfaith dialogue”.

There’s a discussion of this important event in latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice:

What the Religious Communicators Council WON’T Talk About in April

The Religious Communicators Council (RCC) will hold their annual convention in Nashville on April 3-5. According to their speakers schedule, they won’t be talking about:

  • the recent Pew Study findings of Christian oppression in the Muslim majority countries of Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Pakistan, Iran and Yemen
  • the BDS campaign against Israel being waged by U.S. based Hamas supporters, college campus Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Students Associations groups

Introductory speaker Remziya Suleyman will likely tell her same old embellished story of how she organized all the Muslims in Tennessee to beat back alleged anti-sharia legislation. She likes to portray herself as having “defeated the bill” when in fact the key provisions are now in state law. Bet she won’t bother to tell her audience that it was actually an anti-terrorism/material support bill based on the jihad murder perpetrated by Muslim convert Carlos Bledsoe. Bet she also won’t bother to explain to her audience that she is the one who equated anti-terrorism and material support with sharia!

For sure she won’t disclose to her audience that before she started her pro-sharia campaign, she admitted that “she never knew the concept of sharia…” In fact, she continues to remind us how little she knows about her own doctrine as she continues to promote the idea that anything violent or negative associated with Muslims and Islam is simply “culture” because it is not taught in the Quran. So how about those verses in the Quran that make wife beating sacred?

Daoud Abudiab is also a scheduled speaker. He is a Palestinian now living in Spring Hill, Tennessee who serves as the President of the Columbia Islamic Center. He will use the left’s double standard to tell the story about how an Islamophobe burned down his mosque like what every other Islamophobe out there would try to do. He’ll paint anyone who questions whether the U.S. should follow the U.K.’s example of allowing a parallel sharia system to thrive as an Islamophobe.. But when a Muslim like Bin Laden or Nidhal Hassan commits murder he characterizes it as a hijacking of the religion.

The RCC will get their victimhood mileage out of both of these speakers because they wear many hats. Both are involved with the progressive leftist organization Religions for Peace USA. Suleyman is the director of the Muslim American Center for Outreach and a CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood promoter. She also keeps her hand in refugee issues that augments her “American Muslim yearning for her Kurdish homeland.”

Abudiab is involved with the Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council, the far left anti-American TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and the open borders group Clergy for Tolerance. It would be interesting to hear Abudiab’s response to the pro-Palestinian student group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) newly established at UT-Knoxville, whose sister chapter was recently suspended at Northeastern University and cited for aggressive intimidation of Jewish students at University of Michigan.

The heavy representation in the RCC by the United Methodist Church (UMC) makes it highly unlikely that they will ever take up the issue of the anti-Israel Jew-hating BDS campaign. The UMC has been entangled with Israel hating Islamists not only through Mercy-USA, but also through the cozy “God Box” otherwise known as the United Methodist Building in Washington, D.C. In 2012 the UMC General Conference voted to recommend boycotts and sanctions. UMC is a vocal and active participant in boycott initiatives, including the recent one against Soda Stream.

The Newseum Institute, (part of the TN Freedom Forum First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt), represented by Gene Policinski, has been a long-time Islamic apologist. The institute has spent considerable resources and used their credibility as an advocate for “unbiased” media while defending the Muslim Brotherhood organizations and their sharia driven agenda. (read parts 1 -7 starting here.)

Bud Heckman from Religions for Peace USA (RFPUSA) will facilitate a discussion about the refugee propaganda film “Welcome to Shelbyville.” It seems fitting that an organization like RFPUSA would be involved with this film because of its own ties to leading Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.S.

The RCC’s convention focus is about Muslim victimhood. Anyone who knows anything about the magnitude of Christian persecution and the Jew-hating anti-Israel BDS campaign knows that these issues are mutually exclusive with Muslim victimhood. In fact, Christian persecution and the anti-Israel BDS campaign are the result of Islamist aggression, a topic the progressive leftists at the RCC wouldn’t want to be caught dead admitting.

What else can you expect from an organization whose Nashville chapter is headed by a Scientologist, Rev. Brian Fessler whose religious cult is based the arrival of the extraterrestrial warlord Xenu?

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  1. My first ever visit to the USA was probably about 1980. I went to NYC, cab drivers were Noo Yoikers, or wannabe noo yoikers. A few Hispanics, a few black guys. No Pakkis, no Turks. WTF, 20 years on, they’re everywhere. Why?

    • A few black guys? Are you sure it was 1980 and not 1680?

      Let’s not entirely kid ourselves, people!

      • What point are you trying to make? There are lots of NYC black natives but that doesn’t mean they are automatically part of the underclass gang-banger culture.

        Ridicule is neither civil nor moderate. andy5759 was telling his experience from ~35 years ago. It’s HIS experience, not a treatise on race relations and he didn’t deserve to be addressed that way.

        • I dont see where Kartha’s brief words link blacks to being “automatically part of he underclass gang-banger culture”. All he said was that there were certainly more than a “few blacks” in the US in 1980 – in fact they made up nearly 12% in all of the country – probably a lot more than that in New York.

          And if you are about to start promoting civility and moderation on the site you may have your hands full – or is it excepting incivility and immoderation towards Muslims?

          • Paul- it was a brief comment, and had it been framed the way you have done it would have been fine. However…Questioning whether the commenter had visited NYC in 1680 rather than 1980 was obviously sarcastic. And to what point? The fellow simply made an observation on his own experience and didn’t deserve that comeback.

            You’re right, we do have our hands full promoting civility, not only toward average Muslims who’d like to mind their own business but also civility toward Jews, Russians, various domestic forms of Christianity, etc. Sometimes we have to delete the more extreme comments against women or mean assertions regarding men; gender wars are eternal. There are also those who tell us with great fervor where to put which parts of our anatomy – some directions being physically impossible to accomplish. Those, too, go into the circular file, along with perennially ugly anti-American or anti-European sentiments. Until we started GoV I hadn’t realized the depth of the animosity on both sides.

            You say And if you are about to start promoting civility and moderation on the site… – we’ve been promoting those things for ten years now. There is no “start” about it. Some people dislike that about our website; others see it as a refuge in the often uncivil world of internet comment sections.

  2. The minister of the Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville promotes Islam. He claims that Muslims worship the same God as Christians. The local United Methodist Church is affiliated with Communist front Peace and Justice Party.

  3. “Interfaith Dialogue”
    Muslim: “Non-Muslims may not speak.”
    Everyone else: “But we were supposed to have a dialogue!”
    Muslim: “I said, shut up.”

    • Ted, how about something like this: (Interfaith Dialogue)

      Muslims and All Other “Faiths”: “How wonderful that we can come together in this new day of harmony, as brothers and sisters. We are much the same in what we are doing; we both believe in Jesus the prophet of God, and our truths go back to Abram. We really should work together in magnanimity!”

      Meeting adjourned. Muslims are now reassured and, immunized from Christian criticism, go forth freshly inspired to expand their glorious enterprise. Non-Muslim leaders get a fuzzy feel-good from being such fabulous guys.

      • This is funny but a bit fatuous from my point of view. The so-called Interfaith solution has been pushed by a combination of UN and Left intitutions, but it relevancy is perhaps based more on the core values of the Islam/Christian shared experience both spiritually and theologically NOT despite their hopes the agenda driven out of Brussels etc. they hope to water down the religious cultures of the world but the opposite is in fact in play – a revival in both Christiand and Islamic values slowly intersecting and overlaying. If it’s any consolation, it seems that the UN/world government drones hate it and will probably evolve a new strategy in their deliberations. As in everything follow the dollars not the racial/cultural tropes…

  4. Dymphna:

    The United Methodist church is not the church I was baptized in, believe me. Here in Nashville the UMC is pink if not actually red in some cases. They are especially big in the love fest over Islam, along with the Presbyterians, Lutherans, Roman Catholics and Episcopalians. Here’s a link to an in-depth blog about the UMC.

    The Religious Communicators Council is basically a Methodist org. I tried to rejoin the Methodists after our soiree into Buddhist hippie-dom but couldn’t stomach the arrogant ignorance that permeated the church. In these churches, God is dead and Jesus is only mentioned as an afterthought or as the voice of “turn the other cheek.”

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