Vladimir Putin, the European Union, and the New World Order

Essays that discuss Russia, even tangentially, are guaranteed to cause controversy and invite numerous comments when they appear here at Gates of Vienna. Sunday’s post about recent events in Ukraine and the Crimea was no exception.

Refusing to jump on the Putin-is-an-evil-Russian-imperialist bandwagon is guaranteed not to win one any friends. However, a cold-eyed look at the reality of what’s happening in Ukraine requires abandoning the laser-like focus on Tsar Vlad and the Russian Bug-Bear.

A British reader wrote to us this afternoon to express his bemusement over being forced to agree with some of Vladimir Putin’s positions:

The latest thing in Ukraine has been a bit surreal as well. I’m watching Putin, a man whom I dislike intensely for obvious reasons, thinking “wouldn’t it be good if our leaders looked after our own interests like this”. This to me really sums up how bad things are in Europe, when you end up agreeing with a man like Putin more than our own hopeless leaders.

A discussion has been raging intermittently on skype about all this, with only a handful of dissenters willing to diverge from a persistent preoccupation with the dangers that Russia poses to the West. As a follow-up to my earlier post, I’d like to address some of the issues they raise — which are not trivial, and deserve thoughtful consideration.

1. Russia is currently a strategic adversary of the United States. Russia’s long-term plans run contrary to the interests of both the US and the EU.

Yes, this is definitely true. Unfortunately for us, the long-range plans of the United States and the European Union also run contrary to the interests of the American and European peoples.

To stimulate thought on the topic, consider the following questions:

  • Who resists Islamization more vigorously, Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin?
  • Who imports millions of Muslim immigrants into his country, David Cameron or Vladimir Putin?
  • Who allows the Muslim Brotherhood to influence — and even control — his nation’s domestic, military, and foreign policy, Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin?

To ask these questions, and them answer them honestly, is to expose the hollowness of the obsession with what Russia does.

This is not about Vladimir Putin. Mr. Putin is a distraction.

It is not in America’s best interest to have Barack Obama and his picked cronies running our government. They are traitors, or incompetents, or both. They subsidize Al Qaeda in Syria and neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine (wearing Waffen SS uniforms, for goodness’ sake).

That is the problem. Those who focus on Russia miss the elephant in the room: our own leaders have become their people’s enemies.

The new Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, was formerly a senior official at the central bank. He advocates “austerity” policies that are congenial to the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Mr. Yatsenyuk’s job is presumably to grease the skids as Ukraine is yanked from the grip of the Russian Bug-Bear and enfeoffed to the New World Order via the EU.

2. There are other choices for Ukraine besides Russia and the EUSSR.

No, there aren’t. At this historical moment, Ukraine can either be subordinate to Russia, or subordinate to the European Union. There are no other choices.

It would be nice if Ukraine could become a flourishing, independent democracy. But that is simply not possible, given current political constraints.

The EU has decided to annex Ukraine, and has devised a propaganda initiative rivaling any that Russia has ever produced to mobilize public opinion in favor of ripping Ukraine away from Russia. This transatlantic disinformation campaign is also designed to leverage the willingness of the United States to guarantee the outcome with its military might.

The whole situation is a set-up. It is foolish to be focusing on Putin. Anyone who does so is slavishly following the script written by Barack Obama, John Kerry, Catherine Ashton, Angela Merkel, François Holland, David Cameron, José Barroso, and all the other acolytes of the New World Order.

3. But Russia does not share the same interests as the West!

  • Is it in the West’s interests to support, arm, and bankroll Al Qaeda in Syria?
  • Is it in American interests to have Chuck Hagel running the Defense Department, or John Kerry running the State Department?
  • Does it serve the interests of the American people to have Muslim Brotherhood agents in senior advisory positions throughout the federal government and at all levels of the U.S. military?
  • Do the American people have an interest in federal lawsuits against state and local governments to enforce sharia law?

Russia’s actions are not in America’s interests. But neither are those of President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, French President François Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU President Herman Van Rompuy, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations.

The fact that Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry and Mr. Cameron have all lined up Putin as the #1 Evil Villain makes me suspect that Putin may not be all that bad after all.

4. Russia poses a threat to NATO in the Black Sea region.

Actually, it’s better for Western security interests that Russia hold the Crimea against neo-Ottoman expansion. Turkey may be in NATO, but it is not an “ally”.

I remember what Turkey did in 2003 in the run-up to the Iraq war. And no one should forget its actions vis-à-vis the Mavi Marmara and the “Freedom Flotilla”.

The inclusion of Turkey in NATO makes anything the alliance does suspect, since NATO’s actions are tailored at least partially to suit Turkey — which is an enemy.

Not only that, there is actually more press freedom in Russia than in Turkey.

Some “ally”!

5. So you think that we should ally with Russia instead!

Not at all. The point of all this is that we have no good strategic reason for appeasing Turkey in any of our foreign policy. Nor is there any argument in favor of this constant drumbeat of demonization against Russia — which is arguably more free and democratic and Western than our “staunch NATO ally”.

A sober and realistic look at what is happening in Ukraine will not win us any popularity contests, but it is an absolute necessity for the survival of the West.

34 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin, the European Union, and the New World Order

    • Excellent analysis, Baron. Bravo. You have also crystallized for me what may explain my own fascination with the story. Your sentence, “our own leaders have become their people’s enemies,” is really the essence of that old book of mine, American Betrayal. The current feats of misdirection on Ukraine are a particularly vivid manifestation of their deceptions.

  1. The truth is all the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya, now Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, Panama, replacing Shah of Iran for Khumeini. .. etc, the war on drugs, are all distractors and dispersing the domestic attention from the insurmountable internal disastrous crises. Actually democracies want its voters to be on drugs, drunk, with five STD, and in semi-comatose. Democracies make candidates and politicians unscrupulous, daring liars, foolish, idiots, unconscionable, immoral, unprincipled, simply they want 4 or 8 years of ruling even if the no-go zones in those years increase by 20%. or 1000 cars are burnt. Or 800 girls are rapes by . .. you guessed it. For the last 70 years democracies are at this game and until now only 5 people have discovered the truth! What is left of Britain and France and Norway to say that what you see in these nations are the result of free elections. You can say democracies are about to collapse because of daring liars. Would be proud of a country’s politicians if its debt exceeds 17 trillion? Those who incur debts should be imprisoned. Authority is horrible. Authority can bring you to task for negligence but you cannot imprison authority for negligence or any other crime.

  2. Many years ago it was pointed out that Hitler’s 1942 plan for Europe, and the then EU planning had much in common, and here we are, given the opportunity to expand eastwards, the EU snaps it up.

    I suppose the real question here is “just who is playing the end justifies the means game?”. The answer to that question will give some clues as to the polarity of this crisis.

    Putin is Russian, and is responding as Russia has always responded; with well balanced brawn. He has presented the West with a fait accompli and the EU is not happy! it is forced to “put up or shut up”.

    The EU is not in the risk business, it prefers to slyly bully the kiddies and steal their sweets, this time the kiddy called out for Big Brother……

    Is the EU’s brother bigger than Ukraine’s brother? apparently not.

    • Putin is going to have to learn very fast indeed how to
      keep out of the way of Big Brother because BB has got a bigger everything than Russia. This is like an African male lion getting angry with a hyena, it doesn’t matter how big and ornery the hyena is, the lion has bigger teeth,
      bigger bulk, speed etc and there is only one outcome.
      Putin should have learnt from all these provocations in
      2013 that the lion was looking his way. My bet is that it is
      ALREADY TOO LATE to avoid this engame. There are
      enormous untapped resources in the Russian territories,
      but it really looks like it ain’t gonna be Pussia that gets to

      • If the USA is a lion, it’s a cowardly one. Russia celebrates its victory in the Second World War where millions of citizens lost their lives; the USA has still not overcome their comparatively piecemeal losses in Iraq. I seriously doubt the USA has the balls to fight a serious war anywhere except on its own territory.

        Putin seems to agree. Even sanctions appear to be beyond the power of Obama and the EU.

    • Many years ago it was pointed out that Hitler’s 1942 plan for Europe, and the then EU planning had much in common.

      While I haven’t looked closely at this 1942 plan, I have an idea what could have been the root of the similarity – it just might be that the national socialist had taken a stack of ideas from the Pan Europa movement in the 1920’s. Obviously they’d have to discard the idea of having a Jewish elite run the show, but other aspects of that plan just might have been plagiated by the Germans, also in order to make it more palatable to other Europeans.

      Some have claimed that the current Union is modelled on designs drafted by the national socialists, which I have routinely written off as pure nonsense (Pan Europa is the deal). But this might explain any similarities.

      Does anyone know if I’m onto something here?

        • Thanks! Thought I have read Belien’s book, I had not seen this essay before, nor taken note of De Man. Interesting, indeed.

          I don’t think this changes my basic thesis that Pan Europa, not national socialist Germany, is the foundation of the Union. One may also dissect the famous “Zürich speech” held by Churchill, which many mistakenly take as an endorsement of establishing NATO. The details of the speech point in a different direction, namely Pan Europa and the European Economical Community, the precursor to the Union.

  3. Russia threw in the towel in the 1990’s and was open to the West, but the West raided its assets and bombed Yugoslavia, causing it to turn East into alliance with China.

    Putin proposed that both the EU and Russia aid the Ukraine but the EU said no and that the Ukraine must decide for one or the other, not both. It is the US and EU that are forcing the Ukraine, not Russia.

    The problem is that the US does not want to see Russia in a peaceful relationship with the EU. The US agenda is to keep the EU divided against Russia, even pushing it to the brink of war.

    The Baron is basically right in his major point that the West is its own worst enemy.

  4. Putin’s Russia is a large, White Nationalist pebble in the globalist shoe. The Kiev Putsch, an EU Bankster/US neo-con operation fronted by local Nazis, is an effort to encircle and, as per #1 globalist machinator Brzezinski, destroy Russia itself. So far, with Russia reeling in the Crimea and soon, I expect, the Ukraine itself, it looks to be a complete disaster. So sad that Zbig’s last fling is going to be a dead loss.

  5. Excellent post, I have been asking myself the same questions, although not so eloquently.
    The enemy within is much more foreboding.

  6. Excellent post.

    The peoples of the West are being frogmarched into a controlled society. Multiculturalism is a means to destabilise settled communities, break them down and deny people the control over their governments.

    It IS the New World Order agenda to break us up, differentiate us by race, religion, class, region, gender, sexuality, age so that no one group has the democratic power to unseat the “Political Elites”.

    • Well said, as President Putin is fighting for the survival of russian autonomy. Barack obama, whose Brother malik obama is a high ranking officer in AlQaeda, is trying to usher in globalist rule with an end to American self rule. All this due to planetary human overpopulation, the enviornmental problems caused by it and the will of power hungry global elitists. It is going to be quite a show. Look at the mass burial vaults and mass interment camp contruction going Here in southwest america. Hold onto your guns and ammunition.

  7. Who resists Islamization more vigorously, Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin?

    Angela Merkel. She is staunchly opposed to Turkish membership in the EU, while Putin wants to merge Russia with 6 neighbouring Muslim nations (population 75 million) in his proposed Eurasian Union. Putin’s plan will see White Christian Russia submerged in a Brown Muslim Soviet Union 2.0.

    Who imports millions of Muslim immigrants into his country, David Cameron or Vladimir Putin?

    Vladimir Putin. There has been mass immigration of millions of Muslims into Russia from Central Asia and the Caucasus under Putin. They are now 15% of Russia’s population and there are more than one million Muslims in Moscow alone. Under Cameron immigration from fellow EU states may be way up, but immigration from outside Europe (i.e. Muslim immigration) is way down.

    Who allows the Muslim Brotherhood to influence — and even control — his nation’s domestic, military, and foreign policy, Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin?

    Both, but mostly Putin. As bad as Obama may be, the US has not joined the world’s leading organization of Islamic subversion, the OIC. Russia under Putin has joined the OIC as an observer and has expressed interest in becoming a full member. Putin sees a future Russia as an integral part of the greater Muslim world.

    • Yesterday I heard a commentator who tends to be a Russophile (and often a defender of Putin) observe that the Ukrainians who have taken over the protests — pushing aside Vitaly Klitschko et al. — have been identified by some EU body as “racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic.”

      I thought: they may be all of those, but don’t the EU bigwigs paste the label of “racist & xenophobic” on all indigenous Europeans who want to preserve their historic culture, and their very existence as a people, from aggressive multiculturalism and demographic conquest? Being called “racist and xenophobic” by an EU organization does little to illuminate the moral fault lines.

      • have been identified by some EU body as “racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic.”

        That “European body” is the European Parliament, where in 2012 a declaration was adopted deploring the rise of right-wing extremism in Ukraine, naming among others Svoboda.

        Those are the forces now supported and subsidized by the Union.

  8. Step by step
    1. Russia is currently a strategic adversary of the United States. Russia’s long-term plans run contrary to the interests of both the US and the EU.
    In 1991 world seized to be bipolar. That year not one of the super powers collapsed, but both of them. Today neither United States nor Russia has a comprehensive foreign policy. None at all. The facts are numerous: the mess in the Balkans, the strange war in Iraq (which US fought strangely and Russia quite strangely opposed, just enough to keep it’s face but not enough to stop it if it was willing to do so) as a result of which Russian oil and gas mining companies gained a major foothold in Iraq, the hunt for elusive OBL which played hide and seek for years under the nose of the US so called ally Pakistan, the military adventure in Afghanistan — really what was that for? Crush the Taliban? Hardly, as the war was less fought than talked about. The ongoing Syrian drama? If Putin had a slightest hint on foreign policy he would understand that allowing US to military interfere in Syria would mess up the oil mining in that region, the price of oil would go up and that would be a practical positive effect for Russia. Instead Putin still acts as if world is bipolar when it’s not. At least not in the sense it used to be. US also desperately searches for an arch-enemy because it cannot be a superhero without a super-villain. But States are lazy and look for an arch-enemy which can be effectively nuked and would be aware of it and thus would not be posing a major threat, just a big looming shadow over free-world, menacingly looking but harmless in all other ways.
    What this tells us? Quite simple, US nowadays lacks the need to have foreign policy because there is no identifiable enemy (there is in fact, but it’s so different from what is was like before that security and military agencies are not prepared for it). On the other hand Putin has lost connection with reality and does not recognize benefits for the non-existent economy of Russia which is based solely on natural resource exploitation. This need is quite obvious: keep the oil prices on the high enough level to keep Russian economy afloat and low enough that alternative energy sources are not considered. The latter includes not to make idiotic steps and avoid foreign policy adventures. Like the latest one in Ukraine. But it is idiotic only from foreign policy stand point. Putin is not concerned with foreign policy: there is nothing in the world that has will and power to bend Putin. Only thing Putin is concerned with is internal affairs and from this stand point the attempt to seize Crimea and possibly eastern part of Ukraine is brilliant populist move. Making this move Putin is in win-win situation: at best he gains more territory and he is a hero in the eyes of zombified populace at worst he consolidates masses in the face of threat from fascists backed up by american imperialists. And you simply don’t understand what magic words like “fascist” and “american imperialist” can work in Russia.

    2. There are other choices for Ukraine besides Russia and the EUSSR.
    No, there are definitely no other options. But people of Ukraine made their choice and it’s not Russia. It is also true that people of Ukraine are divided. They pay for their own sins now. Indeed, who in the right mind would elect a convicted criminal (robbery and rape) as a president?

    3. But Russia does not share the same interests as the West!
    NO, NO and again NO. Russia does NOT share the same interest as the West! Don’t you ever forget it.

    4. Russia poses a threat to NATO in the Black Sea region.
    Russia does not poses a threat. It simply can’t. To Ukraine, perhaps, but not in any way to NATO, unless things are bad enough to come to a “nuke’em all” scenario.

    5. So you think that we should ally with Russia instead!
    There is nothing to ally with Russia for. Russia is a police state if not completely at he moment but quickly coming to it. But it’s major concern is internal affairs not foreign policy.

    And by the way, Russia does import muslim immigrants in great quantities too and uses them as cheap almost slave like labor. All this is “fine” for now (this is not fine obviously, but the situation is not the same as in Europe) but in a decade or two the children of current slave like muslim populace will grow up and the distribution of power and will will not be in favor of native populace. The result will be the same as in Europe: a fierce civil clash with bloody consequences.

    My point is do not look at Putin for solution or pragmatic behavior, he has lots of his own “cockroaches in the attic”

    • When a lion makes a kill, do you see the hyena laying down beside him and sharing his lunch ? Putin is a rival
      to the very small clique who control the US, and he has
      only been invited to lunch because Russia IS the only dish on the menu.

      • He is “rival” to anything only in his imagination. Olympics, Ukraine business, Georgia border “incident” prior to this, legal actions against protesters in Moscow those are desperate attempts to prove that he is more then a “naked tsar”, a heir to a crippled political system, economy and moral.

        And this “Russia as a dish” talk, well…

    • Elected a criminal, would not say it is beyond belief, just look at Thaci and co in Kosovo, once mafia player now EU favs. How more topsy turvy do you want?

    • ” There is nothing to ally with Russia for. Russia is a police state if not completely at he moment but quickly coming to it. But it’s major concern is internal affairs not foreign policy.”

      Is that not better than Britain where 50 “stiff upper lip cops” were run after and clobbered, beaten off, by two bearded no-go zone creators? The cops were crying like babies and looking over their shoulders to see if there was enough space between them and the members of the new religion. Cops were running with soldiers of Allah at their heels. That’s the result of democracy. We should worship democracy. Only western people have special brain cells that understand democracy the right way: import bearded soldiers of Allah and prosper. Based on scientific statistics.

  9. Interesting analysis of the movements that changed the landscape of many countries in the last 14 years.

    There is a particular telling paragraph is sets the scene here in France. There is a a large scale movement that is anti government, pro life, pro family and it is getting a very bad press in the mms and the government. What comes around goes round.


  10. I fail to see a connection between “our leaders are our enemies” and “we should stop saying unpleasant things about Mr. Putin”. Do we really have to choose between two dictatorships ?

    France’s Front national has just put Aymeric Chauprade in charge of foreign policy issues. He is an international relations professor who claims that Western patriots should rally behind Vladimir Putin. He was even invited to make a speech in front of the Russian parliament, where he grovelled to the local Führer and bad-mouthed the West.

    His main argument was that Putin opposes homosexual marriage. I do not understand how that would help us. Does Aymeric Chauprade, and his new boss Marine Le Pen, believe that just after “liberating” Crimea, Putin will send his tanks rolling in front of the Elysée palace, in order to make François Hollande rescind homosexual marriage ?

    Putin does not give a hoot. Actually, I guess he likes it better that way. Keeping the West decadent and weak suits him fine.

    A significant part of the French far-right supports Russia and anything it does. Russia good, America bad. We are even graced now with a “French” web TV named Pro Russia TV, where “French” journalists do Putin’s bidding. The “Contact us” link brings up a Google Map with the location of the Russian embassy in Paris, and a form which asks whether your question relates to the Russian Federation, President Putin, the Russian embassy in France, the Russian cultural center in France, or — finally, Pro Russia TV.


    This could be a spoof by The Onion.

  11. In many different areas of political journalism , there are very little reason to believe a word of whats being said in the mass media . Based on the dogmatic , or axiomatic ideology of multicultural post-everything exept self-hating , the value of every possible EVENT is defined before it happens .
    There is no clear reason to believe anything negative that the same MM propaganda mashine produce about Vladimir Putin . He should be judged only by his actions , and so far all he’s been doing is to take care of Russias interrests . He has done this very well , using his military manpower sparingly and with great precission . Nobody has been shot , and the war is wonn for Russia . What more could you ask for ?
    When I compare this to the gigantic wasted war efforts of the west in Iraq and Afghanistan , it makes me cry .

    • @Ole Burde :

      Nobody has been shot , and the war is won for Russia . What more could you ask for ?

      All right. So I’ll round up a few friends, supply them with weapons, thrust my way into your house, and hold you and your family at gunpoint. No shots will be fired. I believe, then, you’ll graciously hand me your keys to your home, and accept that it is now mine.

      Agreed ?

      • Robert , are we talking about the same thing ? Krimea is 67% russian , and has for centuries been part of Russia, how can that possibly be ”holdin up my family at gunpint ” ?
        It seams to me that you have been brainwashed .. I was myself brainwashed in highscool to believe in Eurabia and so on , and it took me decades to get over it , so I know what it’s like . Get over it .

        • My figures are that 58 % of Crimeans are ethnic Russians (whatever that means), but never mind.

          That’s not the point.

          Most Quebeckers are ethnic French. 79 % speak French. Would that be grounds for France to annex Quebec ? Close to 100 % of French Quebeckers would be incensed at the idea.

          Algeria has been French for centuries. Indeed, France created Algeria. Would you say the French army should re-invade Algeria ?

          Many ethnic Russians who live in Ukraine do not want to be under Russian rule, notwithstanding Russian propaganda.

          Mark Lowen of BBC News, reporting from Sevastopol, had this to say :

          “A lot of Russians I have spoken to here in Crimea over the last week say they do not actually want to become part of Russia. They say they want broader autonomy and a protection of their rights, but they want to stay within the Republic of Ukraine and do not want to change nationality. I think the Crimean government may have a big fight on their hands persuading citizens to endorse joining Russia.”


          An that’s for Crimea, the part of Ukraine which is supposed to be the most Russian, and which has already been annexed de facto by Moscow.

  12. Wow. Didn’t expect any of this from you. Putin, as another commenter said, is not some bulwark against Islam. He is a bulwark against us. Period. The fact that Turkey is bad (no argument) doesn’t somehow make Putin good. He’s evil. As for EU, the idea that they want to take over Ukraine in some plot is bananas. That association agreement is often a road to nowhere, especially after the indigestion they got from Romania and Bulgaria. Ukraine is corrupt and very poor. They got shamed/scared into all this help. Before they weren’t offering much, which is why Yanuk went with Russia.
    As for Yatsenyuk, you seem to suggest that restraining expenditures when you are literally broke is part of some evil conspiracy. I welcome suggestions as to how else he might proceed. For the record, assuming that all government expenditures are essential is a liberal position.

    • One thing which would help the situation here is if Putin at least talked to Yatsenyuk, which the latter has hinted at twice now. But where you get this idea that Putin is evil from I cannot see, he is just protecting his own. Putin should copy Washington, invite Yatsenyuk along for a
      coffee and a chat and re-ignite diplomacy, before it is too late and Washington gets its wicked way. Otherwise this
      circus can go anywhere and anything can happen.

  13. The idea of “neo-Nazi’ Slavs is grotesque—the Slavs, like Jews and the Roma were marked for extermination by the Nazis and were, in fact, their most numerous victims.

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