Tommy Robinson: I’m Not Leaving HMP Winchester

The latest word is that Tommy Robinson refused to leave prison this morning to attend his court appearance, because it would have meant being returned to a different, more dangerous prison — and in solitary.

The following message just came in from a source in the EDL:

Tommy refused to leave the prison today.

If he left Winchester and appeared in court in London he would have been returned to HMP Wandsworth, and he didn’t want to go there, as it would have meant solitary confinement.

I’ve just spoken to him and he said the case was due to be heard in his absence this afternoon, with afternoon sessions starting at 2pm. He won’t know the outcome until later when he speaks to his solicitor. CPS presented evidence late yesterday, so he doesn’t think it would have been adjourned.

When more news about the case comes in, I’ll post it here.

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49 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson: I’m Not Leaving HMP Winchester

  1. Wasn’t he at that prison before?

    Is this the one in which “solitary” means you’re in a cage so other prisoners are free to spit on you and you can’t put up anything to block their spittle from hitting you?

    Is this the same one where personal mail coming in can be discarded or not depending on the whim of those in charge?

    I’m glad he decided to stay “home”, even if it means more charges and more time to serve. They have narrowed down his choices repeatedly, and he pushes back to maintain what he can.

    Who’s to say this decision to have his hearing NOW wasn’t based on the fact that he has managed to forge some personal physical safety where he is and the authorities want to break that.

  2. The most advanced level of a civilization is to become “democratic” and lose every bit of distinguishing between just and unjust behaviour. And to rationalize criminals and criminalize rationals. To attack the decent in order to pacify the savages. Have you read Toynbee who always spoke about “civilizations” . Who would think just 50 years ago that a country producing one like Toynbee would become the most savage nation since eternity.

    • More savage than Nazi Germany? Soviet Russia? Imperial Rome? Get a sense of proportion, Murad.

      • I’m afraid I must agree with Murad here, as did de Tocqueville. What we are seeing now was his fear about what the ways in which the wonderful American “experiment” – one he admired – could fail.

        We are a republic fast on the way to becoming a crony capitalist state ruled by socialist mandarins who deeply believe in supporting their underclass as long as the underclass knows its place.

        Our president has what appear to be imperialist pretensions. The EU is much the same. Brussels wouldn’t dare pull its nonsense except that the major players have had their wings cut and are house pets.

        • Dymphna, you must surely know by now that ‘ the people in control of America’ and the EU are two parts of the same team.

        • “Man is servile,” said Jane Austen.
          The English always talk about “tolerance”. They say,”we are tolerant people.” Pretending that the English are still “civilized” in spite of seeing their nation thrown to the dogs. One would say that the English are civilized because the tolerate the most intolerable savages on the face of the earth. But why can’t they tolerate the Irish? They should say that they are tolerant of “savages and rapists and murderers because they have no choice but to tolerate because they simply can’t win when they (English) are against the savages and their so-called “elected government”. It is not easy to fight a dhimmi, cad, government. It does not matter whether it’s the Whig, labour, left, right … etc you got the picture, all the same. They worship “the Pedophile” and his ideology. Poor England! What did thy ancestors sin to deserve such a dark fate. Why thy leader have eyes and don’t see, ears and don’t hear, brain that does not function. Even your lunch is prepared by savages.

      • Oh yes, far worse. A darker age than the medieval time period is about to descend upon us, Iwould go so far as to contend.
        The savage dark age of Islam slaughtering and conquering far and wide from which we were saved centuries ago by brave Crusaders will pale into comparison.
        Never before have we let in and appeased the Trojan horse.
        No country can survive treason from within ( Cicero)
        See historyofjihad ( org)

    • Toynbee? Look who his daughter is – Polly Toynbee, the ultimate cultural marxist.

  3. That lad is going over some rough ground, there’s no question about that.

    Perhaps you ought to run a story about the fellow from the QF who’s gotten into trouble for posting a cartoon of Jesus and the islamic “prophet” saying hello to each other. (Nick Cohen has written a good article about it.)

  4. This is no reflection on Tommy or why he is incarcerated; but refusing to move from a cell to court when told to do so would have an ‘extraction team’ remove him bodily in this country.

    Is Britain so under the control of ‘human rights’ that even prisoners are now able to dictate what they will and will not do?

    Good luck to Tommy if he can get away with his refusal to move.

    • Refusal to move is a good strategy when there are only Hobson’s choices. He knows what the other prison is like. In fact, I don’t doubt he has residual PTSD symptoms from his experience. The mistake perhaps was in letting ANYONE know that he felt safer where he is now. But that’s only hindsight information…

      …if there is an extraction team – and I don’t doubt you – then he simply resists to the point of sanity. And since cameras/phones are so ubiquitous we can only hope someone captures a record of it.

      Be sure, though, that if he dies they’ll call it “suicide”…and I’ll bet he has made contingency plans for that particular lie. The Irish don’t win many of their fights against the bloody English, but the latter at least will know they were in a fight…it’s in our blood after these hundreds of years.

      • One of the many difficulties in Tommy’s position is not knowing who is on side and who is not. That kind of dilemma is not only distracting to the day to day ritual of staying alive, but plays on the mind of the individual experiencing such psychological mayhem.

        I hope he can keep his wits about him.

      • It was us ‘bloody English’ who founded your country! It would seem that cracks have appeared in the unity they intended. My ancestors left Ireland during the famine to settle in England and ‘moved on’ – might I respectfully suggest that you rid yourself of the two green chips on your shoulders and do the same. If you cannot see that we are all facing the same ‘fight’ (even the Irish) then you are really losing the plot.

        Please do not bother to respond as I do not intend to read this diatribe further. By the way the rest of the world sees you as Americans and Americans ONLY.

        • The English were only part of the mix. And you fellows who settled New England refused to allow a ship of Jewish travelers into your “shining city on a hill”. It was the Dutch in New Amsterdam who did what the English refused to do. The English were also known to be the worst in their treatment of the Indians. The French were far more humane.

          England opened Virginia as a commercial settlement. Those who came weren’t religious refugees. England had a good slavery business going and forced the settlement to take on slaves when the indentured servant population ran out. They weren’t given a choice. The oligarchic arrangement between England and the huge American plantations was the exact way NOT to start a new country…

          BTW, George Washington noted that both contingents, north and south, failed in their experiments with communism. They tried to force citizens to work for the “common good” and no amount of punishment could make them productive. When they hit on the idea of permitting people to keep part of what they produced for their own use, there was a surplus. Britain hasn’t learned that lesson yet, and we’re forgetting it again…

        • oops. Just noticed your vow not to read “this diatribe further”. Hmmm…you carved out quite a diatribe yourself, boyo. And why would I not respond on my on blog for heaven’s sake?

          I wish you were right that the rest of the world has correctly identified us as Americans. Some claim we’re Israeli spies; others think we really *are* in Austria – and that includes other Americans. ‘Taint no worse to be an American than it is to be English. But when it comes to the Tommy sitch, England is just plain WRONG and whether or not you flounce out is immaterial to what he’s enduring at the hands of English authorities.

    • I think it’s more a case of choosing not to appear at a further hearing, which entails staying where he’s at.

  5. The issue I have with him is that he thinks Salafist Muslims are OK, because they were suits. There is no OK person that bases their moral code on the words of an illiterate mass murdering pedophile. None.

    People would have ponied up for him and his legal issues if he stayed the course. But, of course, he thought he’s plea out by selling out his own Nation and culture. That doesn’t work. It never has.

    • The argument against ‘moderate’ Muslims: “There is no OK person that bases their moral code on the words of an illiterate mass murdering pedophile. None.”

      • The argument against Moderate Muslims is they have not been informed about the actual deeds of Mohammad. A rationale being that if they did know, they would reject being led by Nazis.

        But like all cattle, they probably would shrug that they were safe and well catered for if they followed the imams. It is their birthright, they conclude.

        Likewise the Moderate TV/ Xbox generation in the West do not know the source of their collectivism is Communism, the removal of men so that women can be operated through, as Islam with the removal of women has their males operated through.

        Yet, a Moderate Socialist would claim that she did not mind as long as the child payments came through. It is “fairness” she would conclude.

        They are not deep thinkers, sexualized like cattle, and educated to be unsmart.

        The Communists in government, alongside the Islamists, plot ways to keep you, the conscious being, out. Not the Moderates: for they are those they can radicalize with an appeal to alien invasion, as their desires arise.

        • “The argument against Moderate Muslims is they have not been informed about the actual deeds of Mohammad.”

          Wrong. ‘Moderate’ Muslims are 100% aware of the deeds of Mohammed: his hatred and mass murder of infidels, his ‘marriage’ to a six year old girl among his many other war booty brides, his ‘fondness’ for young boys, his robbery and rapine of infidels, his forcing the infidels to pay the jizya tax to Muslims, etc.

          Indeed, ‘moderate’ Muslims use the example of their ideal man Mohammed as a rationalization for committing all of their many crimes against infidels.

    • JAG, That’s incorrect and insulting.

      Tell someone fighting for his existence that he did it wrong and if he’d just done it your way, why you’d have thrown him a quid or two?

      So precisely how long would he have had to “stay the course” for your charitable benignity to have shown itself? At what point would you have said, “good boy”?

      He sold out nothing. They put up a brick wall and he’s trying to negotiate his way around it. What have YOU personally done to prevent your nation and culture from being plowed under??

      Do you have any idea how condescending you sound??

    • “People would have ponied up for him and his legal issues if he stayed the course. But, of course, he thought he’s plea out by selling out his own Nation and culture.”

      Nothing, but nothing, stops YOU from putting yourself in his position. That you are criticising him from the position of being an anonymous keyboard warrior speaks volumes.

      At one point when he was publicising on a daily basis the death threats being made to his wife, his dying mother and his children, I asked Tommy “Please tell me, there is at least a car containing some of your supporters parked outside your home, day and night”. “Nah” he told me, “we’re on our own”.

      As someone who tried to organise alternative spokesmen/women for EDL more than 6 months before Tommy went to trial, I can tell you that the vast majority of Tommy’s “supporters” are all talk. When Tommy decided he was not going to have his fortune tied to any idiot who could turn up at an EDL demo and drag Tommy down by the behaviour of some drunken idiot/infiltrator, he made the right decision. If the EDL supporters had any sense of mission or even long-term vision, they would have had replacements ready should anything happen to Tommy. Assassination was likely any day; incarceration again some day was inevitable. By not having any succession management in place, people like you made sure that the authorities would go all out to destroy EDL by destroying Tommy.

      • ” the vast majority of Tommy Robinson’s supporters are all talk”

        That is unfair Joe, the stewards, the RO’s and the inner circles of all divisions I am aware of are brave, solid people, all true heroes. Not everyone can be a Tommy Robinson, but many in the EDL take massive risks and many have paid for it. Tommy is not the only one serving time right now, as far as I know there are at least still 32 doing time right now for ‘disturbances’ at a demo.RO’s like Dave are continually photographed at demo’s, they receive threats including their employees.

        To claim the EDL should have replacements ready shows you are underestimating the situation. Very few people are capable of representing the EDL as well as he did, and very want to take those risks, understandably. Tommy is a legend, such men don’t come around simply because you are looking for one. I have seen some potential in the EDL, though it is hard to find someone with his social skills, stage presence, charisma, bravery,intellect and dedication.

        • I said “the vast majority of Tommy Robinson’s supporters are all talk”.

          That doesn’t mean that the minority are “all talk”.

          “Very few people are capable of representing the EDL as well as he did, and very want to take those risks…”

          I put it to you, that I have had closer interactions with Tommy than you have. In Spring last year, several of us outside EDL got together and started to approach Tommy and others in EDL to get a series of potential replacements trained up in debate and knowledge of islam, so that they could incrementally take the load of Tommy, and from that group of potential candidates successors might arise. It failed miserably because people were either unreliable, or they were too scared of even that first level of stepping towards doing what Tommy did. What did come from some of those training sessions was they enabled Tommy to up his game. The speech he did at the Birmingham demo was one of the best ever. And he was using material we had been using to train the other candidates who dropped out.

          Fair enough, that’s their limits. But then 6 months later to see some of the same people condemn Tommy as a coward for leaving EDL (as some have done on Gates of Vienna) makes my blood boil.

          If someone is not prepared to try to do what Tommy did, then that person should show some humility, and refrain from criticising Tommy. I don’t think that Tommy is the greatest person to walk on the face of the earth, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single word of criticism of him from me. I know that I am not 5% of the man that he is.

          • The failure was not of TR but the failure to shift the non-committed public perception of TR from celebrity upstart to political contender, the shift of foot that was TR’s flirtation with the Quilliam Foundation only confused the counter-jihad freshmen.

            That very public dabbling in moderation weakened TR and again made him subject to the rules of the PC regime. Easy to gaol a celebrity upstart as that can be spun as part of the tragic soap, ten times harder to gaol a sure footed and uncompromising political contender.

          • I don’t think the class system in England will permit the underclass to raise up “political contenders”; it’s too threatening.

            I’ve stopped reading a number of British political analysts who appear to have refused to take the concerns of the underclass seriously, or who fail to address the problems average people encounter everyday in urban areas. Like our talking heads they seem to live in lala land.

            Here in the US the Tea Party is ridiculed by both sides despite the fact that it is overwhelmingly middle class, made up of people who have invested their lives and their worldly goods in this country and feel betrayed. Like the disappearance of the EDL and its replacement by something worse, what comes after the Tea Party may well be a worse problem for the politicians trying to keep the boat from capsizing.

    • JAG, I believe you are being too hard on Tommy. Everyone has their breaking point when being subjected to the shadowy force of the state with no effective legal way to brush it off.

      I also think that Tommy had other reasons, namely the safety of his family to consider. There may have also been inducements that no one is yet aware of, but the fact remains, the state is out to destroy all that he stands for and for that he must be supported!

    • Spot on JAG, there are NO Moslems that are OK. They are saddled with an ideology that they cannot handle and they resent all others for being FREE.

    • Feel free to put up your own site with superior resources. You’re proving time and again what an amazing asset you are to this movement.

  6. Right, we have a bloke in the clink for summat what ain’t a crime in anyone’s book. He could as easily be targeted by his erstwhile friends as his (once) enemies. What’s going on here? He’s a hero, of thought, of talk, of standing up.

      • Maybe he could get a transfer up the road to the new jail at PD? He’d be safe enough up there, I should imagine.

    • “Right, we have a bloke in the clink for summat what ain’t a crime in anyone’s book. ”

      When the population of Britain find out that Tommy Robinson went to prison, despite hundreds of pre-existing death threats from muslims, in order to prevent his dying mother from being victimised for Tommy’s political activities, his status as national hero will surpass that of Churchill.

      Can anyone recollect anyone in Britain who has suffered this kind of state persecution for his political activities? Do the police go after the mother of Anjem Choudary, or any of the parents of the 7/7 suicide bombers?

      • The police in fact protect Choudray’s family. Choudray goes on. Air calling for the overthrow of Britain and nothing happens. This is the British elites behaving in the exact way that caused my ancestors to come to America.

        Englands elite care not what happens to the ordinary people. They believe in nothing so when the time comes they will convert en mass. They know the muslim elites like the Saudi sheiks do as they damn well please islam or not and believe they will do same.

        They believe life will not change for them and who gives a damn about the unwashed masses?

        • “Englands elite care not what happens to the ordinary people. They believe in nothing so when the time comes they will convert en mass. They know the muslim elites like the Saudi sheiks do as they damn well please islam or not and believe they will do same.”

          That is exactly my view on the situation. In fact, I’d go further: I believe they want an authoritarian regime to end what passes for democracy now, and to keep the people down when this sham democracy is wound down. Meanwhile, the elite will continue to live the high life – just like the Saudi princes.

    • Have you ever wondered, if Moslems do something really ‘good’ like flying an airplane full of Chinese non-Moslems into the Indian Ocean, whereby they get the 72 virgins, what do Moslem females get if they do something equally brilliant ? We need a Moslem scholar to tell us

      • They undoubtly regain their virginity and wait with 71 others for the next guy named mahamet, Mohammad, mahomet, etc to become a `martyr`

  7. i stand with tommy & all the lads here that do. the endless sniping at him
    is cowardly..

  8. Tommy is a hero and I will always have the utmost respect for him and the honor that he embodies. He deserves soo much good and yet he receives unending troubles. I wish him the best.

  9. At the end of the nazi thousand year reich day, most Germans probably claimed they did not know. Down the line from here is this what western citizenry will claim – if we survive that is.

  10. Reibungslos -frictionless – and Freiwild – fair game – are two words that occur frequently in accounts of Nazi Germany: Jews were fair game and there were no obstacles to their murder.

    Similarly, opponents of Islam are now fair game anywhere whether Wilders in Holland, Tommy Robinson in Britain and many other courageous individuals. In Robinson’s case the persecution is relentless and malevolent. In contrast Muslims living in the West who attack its way of life are given platforms and a free pass.

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