The Danish People’s Party Moves Up

According to the latest polls, the immigration-critical Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti) stands to make stunning gains in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament.

Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has provided Gates of Vienna readers with a handy digest of an article by Lars Hedegaard about the improvement in DPP’s electoral fortunes that was posted today at Dispatch International.

Kepiblanc includes this note:

Rather than translating all the nitty-gritty about the myriad of Danish political parties, their respective poll numbers etc. — stuff that I suspect will mean absolutely nothing to an international audience — I prefer to quote the essentials only and give a short overview of the matter.

The Danish People’s Party Moves Up
by Kepiblanc

The headline in Dispatch International reads:

The Danish People’s Party is poised to double its votes in the upcoming elections to the EU Parliament, whereas Socialists, Social-Democrats and Conservatives all face a catastrophic outcome. Together with another EU-skeptical party — ‘The People against EU’ — the two parties can look forward to gaining almost half of the ballots, according to a poll from Sentio Research for Dispatch International.

“The Danish People’s Party” will get 30.7 % (up from 15.3 % in the 2009 elections) and “The People against EU” will get 15.3 % (up from 7.2 %). On the other hand the EU-positive parties combined all stand to lose: from 75.5 % in 2009 to 48.7 % in today’s poll.

Those numbers must be taken with a grain of salt, however. As is the case in the rest of the EU, only half of the electorate cast their ballots in elections to that so-called ‘parliament’ — by the late Margaret Thatcher appropriately named ‘The Mickey Mouse Parliament’. Traditionally the Danes show up in larger numbers — something like 60 % — in contrast to the national elections, where 80-90 % show. But this time, things may be a tad different. Something happened.

In order to spare your heads from exploding I will not even try to explain the Danish welfare system. But one peculiarity recently surfaced and attracted an unprecedented attention to the EU-rigmarole of directives, regulations and imperial aspirations. Especially the so-called “right to free movement of labor” — which means that an EU-citizen can choose whatever country he likes in order to earn a living. So far so good… or should I say bad? Anyway, a Bulgarian, a Romanian, a Greek or whatever can go to Denmark and earn as much as ten times here as in his native country. Most of the time he leaves his family at home and can send a substantial amount of money back to support them where they live. Quite a fortune in a country where living standards are far below those of Northern Europe.

But at the same time our Bulgarian — and every EU-citizen — is entitled to all the ins and outs of the Danish welfare state. Such as the infamous “Children’s Allowance” — a monthly check of some $150-$200 per child under 18. A sum of money intended to encourage childbearing in Denmark, where the extremely high costs of raising kids are almost as effective as adding contraceptives to tap water. So now any EU-citizen can go to Denmark, apply for a job — such as picking strawberries — and work for a full day. And then quit. It doesn’t matter, if he leaves the country next morning, he is now a member of the Danish workforce.

Let’s say that he has five kids at home — all under 18. His family will now get, say $1,000 every month from Denmark. Enough to live a comfortable life in Bulgaria without working at all. And when the oldest child ‘becomes of age’ he will probably feel inspired to produce another. And so on and on… for the rest of his natural life. So can all “EU citizens”. All that is needed is a short stay in the cold North and maybe a day’s worth of work.

Somehow the pesky Danes are a little upset about all this. But then again, we are EU citizens as well, remember? That’s why our puppet government wants us to shut up and follow orders from the powers that be, i.e. the Imperial Headquarters in Brussels. Accordingly, they’re now making the directives from Brussels into Danish law faster than you can say ‘dictator’. Hoping that Danes are law-abiding philanthropists. Strangely enough, Danes aren’t. So rather than getting rid of the issue and silencing the matter, our politicians stirred up the dust and the brown output from Brussels suddenly hit the fan…

Come June, real Danes have two options: we can stay at home, thereby showing our contempt to the EUSSR — or we can vote for those parties who oppose the whole misery. Anyway, the result will be a humiliating blow to the EUSSR and its dwindling number of lackeys in Denmark.

2 thoughts on “The Danish People’s Party Moves Up

  1. Time is running out for the EU. Pretty soon, an anti-EU party will form government and once one country leaves the EU, others will follow.

    I’m not someone who takes joy in seeing the establishment get toppled, but what the establishment has become is so corrupt, rotten and willfully ignorant that I can’t wait to see it smashed to pieces. The oligarchs should be grateful that their revolution will be more like that of Gandhi and less like that of France.

  2. Until I see Europeans actually embracing self governance at the individual level and wholly rejecting the welfare state I have little hope for your nations. Toppling EU pols in favor of Danish pols with the same sort of welfare state will buy a few years but won’t solve anything.

    Immigration is a fine thing without a welfare state, with the welfare state it is a suicide pact.

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