Taking Islam as a Full Package

Hizb ut-Tahrir (“Party of Liberation”) is an international Islamic organization whose goal is the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate. Like the Communist Party, it sees itself is the vanguard of a world revolution that will bring about the dominance of its ideology. As I have pointed out in the past, much of its party program — not to mention its rhetorical style — has been lifted wholesale from venerable tracts of International Socialism.

Hizb ut-Tahrir has been banned in Muslim countries, but thrives in tolerant Western hosts such as Britain, Australia, and Denmark. The HuT march and demonstration shown in the video below took place in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, on Friday March 14th. An estimated 500 participants took part. Men and women were kept separate.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Banners and posters:

  • Freedom of expression go to Hell
  • May Allah [SWT] curse the government of France
  • Who will be the new Muhammad?
  • We are ready to sacrifice our families for the Prophet
  • The cartoonist must be justly sentenced (SHARIAH!)
  • The Muslim victory is close
  • The prophet [PBUH] had concern for his Ummah, do we?

Video transcript:

00:01   Demonstration for the Honour of the Prophet
00:04   Sharia Movement
00:06   Street demonstration in Nørrebro, Copenhagen
00:07   International Islamic Call
00:10   The Izzah of the Prophet
00:15   Support the Muslims
00:18   Support the Call of Shariah
00:31   Allah-hu-Akhbar
00:34   [Background tune mentions ‘Jihad’]
00:41   Muhammad Rasul Allah
00:45   La ilaha illallah
00:49   Muhammad Ur Rasul Allah
00:51   Allah-hu-Akhbar, Allah-hu-Akhbar, Allah-hu-Akhbar
01:16   Allah-hu-Akhbar
01:34   Banner: We will sacrifice everything for Muhammad
01:39   Jihad-Jihad! Jihad-Jihad! Jihad-Jihad!
01:55   Wallahi, nice to see so many brothers today, that moves my heart.
02:01   It shows that this Ummah, the Ummah of Muhammad [PBUH], is not asleep.
02:08   This Ummah has not fallen asleep.
02:11   It is standing up in order to defend our beloved prophet Muhammad [PBUH].
02:17   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
02:19   You are the slaves of Allah.
02:21   You are the Ummah of Muhammad [PBUH].
02:24   It was said by some Jews in the West at one time,
02:30   that the Ummah of Muhammad [PBUH] is full of women,
02:35   that is, they say that the Ummah of Muhammad [PBUH] is full of men who are cowards.
02:40   But we will show them today that we are still the soldiers of Allah, that we, the slaves of Allah,
02:52   we shall show this nation that we stand here because we always defend honour, and our beloved prophet Muhammad [PBUH]!
03:02   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
03:08   But we sacrifice our lives, we sacrifice our money, we sacrifice our souls,
03:12   we will sacrifice our families, we will sacrifice our Issah [honour] for Islam, Muhammad [PBUH]!
03:21   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
03:26   We have gathered here today due to the West’s mockery of Muhammad [PBUH].
03:33   We have seen, in the United States, how they created this movie,
03:37   where they mock the best man, namely Muhammad [PBUH].
03:42   We have also seen how, every day we see, how they made cartoons in France against Muhammad [PBUH].
03:50   I call to Islam, I call to Tawhid, I call to Jihad!
03:57   Wake up, for your father and prophet is being mocked by Kuffar!
04:00   I call to Islam.
04:03   You are one Ummah, responsible to Islam, to Allah [SWT], to Muhammad [PBUH].
04:11   You are one Ummah, therefore we must rise together, to defend Muhammad [PBUH].
04:19   One Ummah, who has Muhammad [PBUH] in its heart,
04:23   one Ummah loving all prophets who have been sent from Allah [SWT].
04:28   One Ummah which does not tolerate mocking the best of men, namely Muhammad [PBUH].
04:35   One Ummah which is rising, one Ummah which has come,
04:39   one Ummah listening to Rasul Allah, La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasul Allah!
04:46   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
04:48   [Muhammad-Ur-Rasul Allah]
04:51   But you must know, brothers, that the reason for this, it is our fault, Wallahi.
04:57   The reason this has happened, that they mock Muhammad [PBUH] with their movie,
05:02   is due to our neglecting the work given to us.
05:07   We have talked of you, Muhammad [PBUH], and we will love everything in Muhammad [PBUH].
05:16   We love this Jannah, for if we love this Jannah, we will be in everything of Muhammad’s [PBUH] Jannah.
05:26   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
05:33   And therefore we need to ask ourselves: How many of us fulfill the demands placed upon us by Allah Rasulineyum,
05:38   that we should love Muhammad [PBUH] more than anything else?
05:42   For if your fathers, and your sons, and your brothers, and your wives, and those close to you,
05:49   if the richness you have been granted, and fear to be stuck with, and women you take pleasure in,
05:57   if all of this is dearer to you than Allah Rasulineyum and his messenger, and fighting in his cause,
06:02   then just wait until Allah comes to issue his command! Allah hu Akhbar [Arabic]
06:08   And the Messenger of Allah [PBUH] said that those who have three qualities:
06:15   To be true to your iman, to love Allah Rasulineyum and Muhammad [PBUH] more than anything else.
06:24   And Muhammad [PBUH], he also says:
06:27   ”None of you is a believer until you love me more than yourself, your herd and your family.”
06:34   Therefore one has to ask oneself: ”How much do we love Muhammad [PBUH]?
06:40   How can you know if you really love Muhammad [PBUH]?
06:46   A beautiful example from the Quran, where he says:
06:49   ”Say: If you love Allah Rasulineyum, if you really sincerely love Allah, then follow me!”
06:57   Then follow Muhammad [PBUH],
07:00   and Allah loves you, forgives you for your sins, Allah is forgiving, merciful.
07:05   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
07:11   Allah says: ”If you really love Allah Rasulineyum, you will follow Muhammad [PBUH].”
07:18   The true love for Muhammad [PBUH] is today,
07:20   that you will always defend, and follow, and honour Muhammad [PBUH]. And that is […] iman.
07:28   Al-Hasan Al-Basri said that when people love Allah, he will reveal himself to test them.
07:40   Allah also tests whether they love and follow Muhammad [PBUH],
07:44   and whether they love and truly follow Muhammad [PBUH].
07:49   But you must know, brothers, this is a fight against Islam. This mockery is really a fight against Islam.
07:58   And this shows, over and over, the Western hypocrisy towards Islam.
08:03   It shows over and again the Western smear campaign against Islam. It shows again the Western fight against Islam, Wallahi.
08:11   Since the Islamic state was abolished, we have seen over and again how the West
08:17   has become ever more aggressive against the Muslims, and against the Muslim Ummah.
08:22   We see constantly the daily attacks in our country, and they demand that we give up our Islam.
08:31   We are telling them: We will never ever give up Islam!
08:35   We will never ever give up Muhammad [PBUH]!
08:40   And we will always continue our fight against these terrorists, these people fighting each day against Islam.
08:47   But now it has gone so far that they start mocking our honoured prophet Muhammad [PBUH].
08:54   They even claim that they will keep mocking Islam to prove the importance of free expression.
08:59   But watch just how they twist “freedom of expression” when it comes to Islam.
09:04   When mocking Islam, it is called “freedom of expression”, and is even awarded with prizes.
09:09   See this Kurt Westergaard, just how many prizes he was awarded for mocking Muhammad [PBUH]?
09:21   And see all the others, who have mocked Islam, what kind of status they have gained with Western politicians?
09:27   But as soon as Muslims respond, this “freedom of expression” no longer applies.
09:33   If, for example, a person denies the Holocaust, he gets thrown into jail.
09:37   So this freedom of expression does not apply here.
09:40   We see this in France, where they created those cartoons,
09:43   then Muslims intended to stage a demonstration against these cartoons.
09:48   But the French government denied them the right and banned the demonstration.
09:53   Does freedom of expression not apply to Muslims?
09:56   And if we talk against democracy, we get branded as being a “threat to society”.
10:02   But you shall know, Oh, West, Wallahi, Oh, West, you shall know that you are terrorists.
10:09   Know this, you who mock Muhammad [PBUH]:
10:12   We will never ever bow down for your definition of “Freedom of expression”,
10:17   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
10:20   We will never ever bow down for democracy.
10:23   We will only bow down for him who created us, namely Rasulineyum.
10:31   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
10:37   Therefore, Wallahi, we will descend to the level where we start to compromise our deen.
10:44   We will always be with Muhammad [PBUH], we will defend him together.
10:48   We will always honour our prophet, because he is our best example.
10:53   And one thing I do not understand, Wallahi,
10:56   is this: How can you in the West mock Muhammad [PBUH],
10:59   when he has compassion for all mankind?
11:02   How can you be against a person whose purpose was to call people
11:06   to worship One Creator, namely Allah Rasulineyum.
11:10   How can you be against a prophet who called to the good,
11:13   and how can you be against a prophet who ordered us to be just and truthful?
11:18   Here you can see what the life of Muhammad Rasul Allahi was,
11:21   and if you read him, you cannot do anything but love Muhammad [PBUH].
11:26   Anas ibn Malik related that the prophet Muhammad [PBUH] was of the highest moral standard among men.
11:33   He never swore, he was never insolent, and also he never cursed anyone.
11:39   When he reprimanded somebody, he said: “What is wrong with him? May his head be butted.”
11:45   And another example, Abdullah bin Ma’ud, he said: “The Messenger of Allah sleeps on a mat of straw.”
11:53   Has any of these leaders ever slept on a thin mattress made out of straw?
12:00   When he stood up, he had marks in his side from the mat he slept on. This is our beloved prophet.
12:06   And, Wallahi, I am proud, and the Muslims are proud, that their example is Muhammad [PBUH].
12:13   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
12:16   They said to Rasul Allah [PBUH]: ”Should we not make you a mattress?”
12:23   He said: “What is my need for this Dunya, what do I need from this world?”
12:27   And the same we Muslims should say to ourselves:
12:30   “What is the my need for this Dunya when the better place is the next life,
12:34   where we will be with Muhammad [PBUH],
12:37   when we all honour them in prayer, when we all meet up in prayer,
12:41   when we all together say: “What is my need for this Dunya, when Akhirah is the better place?”
12:47   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
12:54   Therefore we will always sacrifice our lives, and our souls, and our money for Islam.
12:59   And Muhammad [PBUH] said: “What is my need for this Dunya, what should I do with this world?
13:05   I am merely as a traveller riding on an animal,
13:08   resting in the shade of a tree, then leaving it to travel on.”
13:13   So how can you even mock Muhammad [PBUH],
13:16   when he is the best example for all of humankind?
13:20   He taught us to worship one God, not to worship the sun or the moon, or statues, women or money.
13:27   We shall worship what has created it all, namely Allah [SWT].
13:30   He taught us to worship Allah, to be good to our parents,
13:34   To stay away from bad acts such as lying, cheating, slandering, stealing and repressing.
13:41   So how can you really be against this person?
13:44   And this is also an invitation to us: How can we remain passive when they mock Muhammad [PBUH],
13:51   when the same Muhammad [PBUH] was concerned for us,
13:55   when the same Muhammad [PBUH] loved us, when Muhammad [PBUH] thought of us?
14:02   How can we remain passive towards this?
14:05   [slogans]
14:15   So remember, brothers, it is a challenge for us to get our act together.
14:19   We need to start taking Islam seriously.
14:21   Being member of the Ummah of Muhammad [PBUH] means being responsible, for it is a great honour.
14:29   It is such a great honour that all prophets would love to be part of Ummah Muhammad [PBUH].
14:36   Even Moses would love to be a member of Ummah Muhammad [PBUH].
14:41   And Allah [SWT] has given us this honour that we are Ummah Muhammad [PBUH].
14:48   So being part of the greatest Ummah that ever existed.
14:53   But this Izzah is not for free. It bears a responsibility, a duty.
14:59   So we need to get our act together, and this concerns us.
15:02   We need to do our prayers, we need to do fasting.
15:06   We need to fulfill the criteria that Allah [SWT] has given us, to every Muslim.
15:13   Therefore we need to call people to good, and forbid evil, we need to take Islam as a full package.
15:21   For our Izzah will only come back when we follow Islam.
15:25   Our Izzah will not return if we start following Communism!
15:30   Our Izzah will not return if we start following democracy!
15:33   Our Izzah will not return if we start following Dunya,
15:37   Our Izzah will only return if we follow Allah [SWT] and Muhammad [PBUH]!
15:43   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
15:49   [Democracy – hypocrisy!]
15:53   [Democracy in Hell!]
15:56   [Obama, Obama, we love Osama]
16:03   Therefore the time has come for us to stand up, it is time to fight for Islam.
16:07   How can we come to Doomsday and look Muhammad [PBUH] in the eye if we did not defend him?
16:14   We must not accept that Muhammad [PBUH] is being mocked.
16:21   Truth is truth, and it has to come out no matter what.
16:24   We must keep protesting, and we need to make the effort to get an Islamic state back.
16:29   A state that does not tolerate that Muhammad [PBUH] can be mocked.
16:34   A state that will give us pride, a state that will fight for Muhammad [PBUH].
16:39   And a that has a flag saying ”La ilaha illallah”, ”Muhammad Rasul Allah”!
16:49   So I will finish up by saying:
16:51   Do not place Dunya, the world, in your heart.
16:54   Place it in your hand, that it will not harm your iman,
16:58   by making you love Dunya more than Jannah
17:01   by making you love Dunya more than Jannah
17:05   and by starting to love Muhammad [PBUH] more than Dunya.
17:14   Thanks for listening!
17:15   [Allah-hu-Akhbar]
17:20   La ilaha illallah – Muhammad-Ur-RasulAllah
17:32   […]
17:50   Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad – [Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad]
17:52   Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad – [Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad]
17:56   Obama, Obama, we love Osama!
18:26   [Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad]
18:50   [Banner:] We will sacrifice everything for the sake of Muhammad
18:53   [Poster:] The Muslim victory is near
18:56   Obama, Obama, we love Osama!
19:05   Jihad – Jihad – Jihad – Jihad!
19:20   Allah-hu-Akhbar – Allah-hu-Akhbar
19:25   La ilaha illallah – La ilaha illallah
19:30   Muhammad-Ur-RasulAllah – Muhammad-Ur-RasulAllah!
19:38   Jihad Islamia – Jihad Islamia!
19:46   Our honour, our prophet – Our honour, our prophet!
19:59   Muhammad-Ur-RasulAllah – Muhammad-Ur-RasulAllah

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