Springtime in Paris

The mainstream media don’t want you to know it, but the rise of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe is largely an Islamic phenomenon. The vast majority of harassment and attacks against European Jews — probably more than 95% — are committed by culturally enriched “New Europeans” carrying out the scripturally-prescribed actions demanded by their religion.

The following French news video describes one such attack on a Jewish resident of Paris. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article from
Israel National News about the same incident:

French Jew Brutally Assaulted in Paris

Attackers beat Jewish teacher, draw swastika on his chest in savage assault.

A Jewish teacher was savagely beaten by a group of Arab men in a brutal anti-Semitic attack in Paris, according to the Bureau for National Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA).

The attackers — who shouted “death to the Jews” and “filthy Jew” during the assault — broke the victim’s nose and drew a swastika on his chest after tearing open his shirt.

“One of the perpetrators opened the victim’s shirt and with a black marker drew a swastika on the man’s bare chest,” BNVCA president Sammy Ghozlan wrote in the BNVCA report, according to JTA.

The victim — identified only as K. Richard — told police the men had cursed him in Arabic and French, and appeared to have been of North African descent.

He was ambushed after leaving a kosher restaurant and was wearing a kippa (skullcap) at the time of the assault.

Anti-Semitism in France has hit headlines in recent years and has seen a marked increase, with the majority of attacks being blamed on extremists from the country’s sizable Muslim community.

Earlier this year, thousands of supporters of anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonné chanted hate slogans including “Jews out of France!” in a rally in central Paris.

Video transcript:

00:01   Last night around 10 pm I left a restaurant
04:02   Rue Manan(?) to take the Metro
08:03   to Porte de Pantin. I was attacked by 3 Maghreban type people (Arab).
12:04   They started insulting me “Dirty Jew”…”Death to the Jew”
16:04   ”son of a whore” etc. They started beating me up.
24:06   I was hit
28:08   in the face;
32:09   my nose was broken.
36:10   One took something out of his pocket. I thought it was a knife,
40:11   but it was a marker. He marked a swastika, shouting “dirty Jew”.
44:12   when they left running because someone arrived,
48:14   they said “It’s not finished for you, we’ll find you.”

Hat tip for the article: Steen.

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8 thoughts on “Springtime in Paris

  1. This has been known to be the case in the UK for at least 5 years. But the Leftist jewish organisations work with the media and politicians to conceal it.


    Notice the headline of that article. It implies that muslims were anything but involved as the attackers.

    No wonder Orwell based the Ministry of Truth on his time at the BBC.

    • I suspect Orwell had in mind the considerably more biased media in totalitarian dictatorships.

      • O’Brien is his old boss
        Brendan Bracken. Fact. It’s the BBC.

        Now, what is odd about it all is that there are hundreds/thousands of Jewish producers and presenters and directors at the BBC.

        If they are suppressing this these people ought to resign in protest. How can so many Jewish employees in senior positions sit on the info? Is there a higher directive?

      • I suppose you also suspect that he wanted the book to be called “1984”, when in truth he wanted it to be called “1948”. The publishers wouldn’t even allow him to give the book the title he wanted.

  2. This is what I can’t figure out about the editors and reporters who are Jewish.

    Are they more worried about white men on the march or Muslims displacing the white man?

    • I would think it is obvious: it’s the former.

      Whilst muslims are only 5% of the population, jews must still think the greatest threat from manifested jew-hatred comes from the majority (white) population.

      When the civil war comes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see jews being targeted by the indigenous population. And by then, I doubt Israel will exist any more. We are in for a very grim future.

      • A civil erosion is more likely than a “war”. In fact, we are already seeing the former.

        The future isn’t grim, the present is. We have to see if people will rise to the occasion, despite the world-wide economic downturn. We are unfortunate to live on the cusp of great change- as always the unsettled times while we wait for things to ‘settle’ are always more difficult. But you’ve only to read the daily headlines over a span of any 10 years or so to realize that there aren’t any dull times.

  3. Antisemitic attacks on Jews are a subset of attacks on whites in general. And sometimes Jews are attacked not as Jews but as whites. But while Jewish organizations are able to lament hateful attacks on Jews, anyone who laments hateful attacks on whites is…

    A bigot a nazi a white supremacist an evil and despicable person who should be condemned by all decent and right-thinking people innit.

    My sympathy for Jews is tempered by the knowledge that they wanted and still overwhelmingly support the mass immigration that has brought antisemitic Muslims into the West. And Jews still censor the truth:

    The number of French Jews crossing the Channel to find safe haven in the UK has surged as figures published this week revealed a 58 per cent increase in antisemitic incidents in France in 2012. … It was originally stated that in over three-quarters of the antisemitic incidents the perpetrators were reported as being of North African origin, however the SPCJ has now removed this statement from their report.


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