Ridin’ The Range Once More…

Gene Autry’s gonna entertain y’all whilst the Baron finds the key to the front door.


The Baron says we’ve been under some kind of strange attack for more than 24 hours, but it’s not clear yet exactly what is happening. If our site has to be restored from a backup, some posts and comments may appear to be missing.

What brought us down this time? Leprechauns. Mean little green guys with an attitude and a computer axe.

This is getting old. People are piling up on the welcome mat, trying to get in…

Bear with us — this probably isn’t over yet…

10 thoughts on “Ridin’ The Range Once More…

  1. Leprechauns. Mean little green guys.

    More likely the Lavender Leprechauns.

    Then, the cause has not been nailed down as I’d like to. We have tweaked and optimized, and should be good. If we go down again, simply expect us to get back up 🙂

    • I appreciate all the help you have given to B and D, Henrik, also your work, if I’m allowed to say, back at your own home. Power hungry pseudoconservative/neocons and leftists work internationally; why don’t we?

  2. The Jawa report has been attacked recently as well. Must the ROP,peas be upon them!

  3. Missed you guys. There’s nothing else like you in the whole of South East Asia. I suggest you look to Pakistan for the source of your attack. Wife’s gone to bed. Waiting for Pompey’s result on line. I’m putting on Year of the Cat just for you. Then I’m going out to feed mine. Big Ginger called Apple, little tortoise shell called muffin. All the best to you.

    • Thanks for the Pakistan tip – obviously, we do look for where things are coming from. In this particular case, it seems that GoV was not specifically targeted, rather we were hit by a broad attack targeting thousands of sites. That stumbled into a technical vulnerability which has now been fixed, so we expect that this problem will not bite us again (it did once before).

      Then, please do forward and link articles. We like having enemies 🙂

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