Rappin’ on Geert

On March 18, 2014, the “Dutch” rapper Hozny released a new song called “Geertje”, along with a video.

The video clip shows a man in a blond wig representing the Dutch politician Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom. The fake Geert is abducted by armed men and brought to Hozny, who makes him kneel in front of an Islamic flag. The clip ends with a shot of Wilders being executed.

In his lyrics Hozny refers to Volkert van der G., the assassin of the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, and Mohammed B., the assassin of the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Both men were murdered because they were critical of Islam. Hozny hopes that Geert Wilders will have them as cellmates.

Mr. Wilders is taking the implied threat seriously. According to Dutch News:

Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV, said on Tuesday he will take legal action against a rapper for a video clip featuring a man in a bad blonde wig being kidnapped and possibly shot. ‘If this is no threat, then what is?’ Wilders said in a reaction to the video, from Frisian rapper Hozny.

And the NLTimes:

Wilders will file charges against Hozny. [Prime Minister Mark] Rutte also condemns the video. The Minister of Justice and Security, Ivo Opstelten, had not seen the clip yet and stated the Public Prosecution would have to review the clip to assess whether the law was violated.

Below is a subtitled version of the controversial video. Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:21   It’s time for the truth and clarity.
00:25   The lies you spread throughout the country
00:29   Where once was hate for Germans, now it’s Islam.
00:34   How it goes today is frankly not our choice. Now you stand
00:38   in the House with a new lie. Geertje sits with Eva, lying for his career.
00:42   When he hears the name of the Prophet, he can’t concentrate.
00:46   You’re only still alive because Allah wants it so, without Islam was your heart dead still.
00:50   Without us you’re not interesting to the media.
00:55   You’re not higher than God through the seats in your hand, thanks to us you’re important in this country.
00:59   You keep on going with 10 years of terror, did you forget where you come from?
01:03   Let me remind you where it all began.
01:08   It all started in Venlo, September ‘63.
01:12   Ever since his birth Geertje feels he’s less, it was
01:16   Sukabumi, because that’s where his mother was born. At primary school
01:20   he was already teased with this, was called a nigger by his classmates, got beaten up,
01:24   shut out in the playground. With his brother Paul he’s broken contact because he didn’t want to hear his stupid
01:28   crap. Once grown up, Geertje became agnostic,
01:32   No-one could prove anything, so then no faith, but as a soldier in Israel he likes to be
01:36   with Jews. Then his hate for Islam also started in his heart.
01:40   In ‘89 Geertje joined the VVD; in ‘98
01:45   things started going his way. Now he could be somebody, now he could finally speak.
01:49   Then it all started with his hateful stories. Islam is no good,
01:53   Islam is dangerous, Islam is a threat to the whole country.
01:57   With his dyed blond hair and blunt behaviour, but then he didn’t get the attention
02:01   that he’d expected. Mr Dijkstal reined him in,
02:06   from the VVD, Geertje got no breathing room, but in 2001
02:10   the WTC attack; suddenly the jackpot and everything went his way.
02:14   He didn’t need anyone, suddenly he stood strong, leaned back,
02:18   the media did the work. 2004, time to leave the VVD,
02:23   own group Geertje, and then the PVV – his own party.
02:27   Time for hatefulness, time to go back to the time of slavery.
02:31   Geertje felt strong, he suddenly had power, did exactly what the rest had
02:35   expected all these years. Goes right off the deep end about Islam,
02:39   radical, away with mosques and imams. Then followed the death
02:43   of Theo van Gogh who was recklessly murdered by Mohammed B.
02:47   Jackpot number 2, more votes for him; Geertje with his fat head again on TV.
02:52   It’s 2008, time to move on.
02:56   when he published his flop film, Fitna. Homework not done;
03:00   mistakes were made; placed a photo of Saleh underneath, hate
03:04   created, that’s more his thing. The judge said: “it’s freedom of speech.”
03:08   Yes, Geertje, that was your life,
03:12   your whole life so far. Just as a reminder for you, you radicalist,
03:17   there are so many things that I haven’t mentioned, with your
03:21   headscarf tax, or rather the “head rag” tax,
03:25   and your anti-Islam articles and even more of your stirring up hatred.
03:29   That was your story and now comes the finale. This is not a threat or an
03:33   attempt to kill you, but mock faith and you’re asking to be killed.
03:37   You’re just sick, like a psychopath,
03:41   mentally ill, we notice from your statements, comparing “Mein Kampf” with the Holy Quran.
03:46   Geertje, Islam is 2.1 billion; the DKDB won’t help when they come to get you.
03:50   You could expect that with your hateful stories.
03:55   What about that cap or yarmulke on your head? Is Geertje being
03:59   oppressed by the Jewish faith? You don’t hear us bitch, you never hear us complain, but just pay tax
04:03   if you want to wear that s***. Volkert van de G. and Mohammed B.
04:07   you should really share a prison cell with those two,
04:11   see if you’re then just as tough. Only then you’ll realise that you’ve gone too far.
04:15   I do this not for me but for those you have hurt, for the people
04:20   who want to put their opinion in writing; for love of faith and love of respect
04:24   for the people that are blinded by the media that help you. I do this for the girls
04:28   in their headscarves; for the young people that work and earn a living,
04:33   I do this for every Muslim in the Netherlands and elsewhere, because in this country you have freedom of speech.
04:37   I do this so that you can clearly hear me, and can
04:41   put a stop to demonic tracks. I do this so that my child can later say:
04:45   “My father was truly an honourable man.”

10 thoughts on “Rappin’ on Geert

  1. and meanwhile the country is flooded with people screaming bloody murder because Mr Wilders alluded that there might be a high percentage of criminals among the Moroccan population of the Hague. Something that crime statistics prove time and again.

  2. There are a few simple steps to remedy the situation and they don’t even involve genocide:

    1. Cut off the taxes
    2. Cut off the benefits
    3. Only taxpayers should have the right to vote
    4. Deport those who would riot

    Even immigration laws wouldn’t have to be changed: no sane muslim would come to live in a country without welfare.

    We are Guardians Of Asgard (c) Amon Amarth

    P.S. What amazes me, is that white guy who portrayed Wilders in the video. Another example of the fact that stupidity is universal and cannot be attributed to the factor of race.

  3. So, the message of this is – disagree with Islam, and you could be abducted? Geert should thank Hozny – for showing exactly what the problem is…

  4. Early in the rap he mentions that the Dutch hated the Germans and now Islam.

    Seems to me that the whole Hitler/Nazi thing was quite worthy of hatred. The Germans have recognized their error and have changed to a much more peaceful people.

    When Islam changes and rejects their unholy prophet and his philosophy of hatred and supremacy then we can talk.

  5. This is no more than a public death threat, set to a tedious dirge of rap “music” – when the talentless “artist” refers to his own son regarding his father as an “honourable man[sic]” one knows that this threat is deadly serious. It is a clear call to any Bouyeris out there, and there are no doubt many thousands of them, to abduct Wilders and kill him. It should not be Wilders who is taking legal action against Hozny, but the Dutch police and criminal justice system.

  6. The Dutch establishment, like those throughout Europe, is riven with Cultural Marxism, so it will only take action against a soft target. The so-called rapper can consider himself safe for the time being, although people do have long memories.

  7. ’00:29 Where once was hate for Germans, now it’s Islam.’


  8. “I do this for every Muslim in the Netherlands and elsewhere, because in this country you have freedom of speech.”

    So you like having freedom of speech yourselves but you lose your minds if someone else uses their freedom of speech to criticise your hateful and violent ideology?

    And how do you respond to people who say islam is dangerous and violent? By making death threats!

    Hahaha you people are [individuals whose sanity I question]!

  9. I consider Geert Wilders a brave man, a hero of western civilization, and above all, ABSOLUTELY FACTUALLY CORRECT ABOUT ISLAM.

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