Naked in Berlin

Last Thursday a group of Femen demonstrators interrupted an Islamic presentation in Berlin with a topless protest on the stage during an “Islam Week” event focused on the autonomy of women. The protesters were objecting to a presentation by a speaker from Milli Görüs, a radical and subversive Turkish Islamic organization. (See the report in The Daily Mail for more.)

The video of the incident (which I’ve placed below the fold) includes shots of half-naked young women with obscene slogans painted on their bodies. Readers who find such images disturbing should avoid watching the video.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   At the moment in the red town hall of Berlin, the “Islam Week” is happening,
00:05   supposed to bring Muslims and non-Muslims closer.
00:09   When we heard that Femen were planning to disturb the discussion with a naked action,
00:13   we too went there.
00:17   The activists are mainly here to protest
00:21   against the participation of Dr. Mustafa Yoldas.
00:25   Dr. Yoldas is a prominent member of the Islamist society Milli Gorus,
00:29   and until 2010 he led an organisation which
00:33   has collected up to 6.6 millions for Hamas.
00:37   He is invited here and that is what the Femen want to protest against,
00:41   The aggressive nude protests
00:45   are criticised (mainly by Muslims) as counter-productive.
00:49   We wanted to see how people would react.
00:53   Welcome…
00:57   Berlin is a very colourful city. Until now the mood has been relaxed.
01:01   Of all things, it’s the “autonomy of women” which is in focus today.
01:05   We have a trust problem in this country: if we can solve that
01:10   and make people trust us, then unlimited doors will open for Muslims.
01:14   Just as the discussion with Yoldas began, the Femen
01:18   stormed the stage with banners like “Let’s get naked” and
01:22   ”Separation of state & religion”.
01:26   Sharia is no constitution.
01:30   All people are equal no matter
01:34   their gender or sexual orientation.
01:38   I had to suffer under Islam.
01:42   I despise such people as him
01:46   ??? “peaceful Islam”?? believers??”
01:50   (Muslim female): “Stop it”
01:54   That the reason for the protest was Mustafa Yoldas
01:58   was lost completely.
02:02   Now it became embarrassing. Muslims “encouraged” the Femen to leave
02:06   by applause.
02:10   Bravo, Applause!
02:14   Applause
02:18   Applause
02:22   Don’t move whatever you do.
02:30   F*** your morals, Sharia is no constitution. Instead of leaving
02:34   they prefer to mount a show with the police.
02:38   Sharia is no Constitution. F*** your morals.

Hat tip for the article: JD.

6 thoughts on “Naked in Berlin

  1. Islam is not German.
    I heard the speaker say that the Muslim community should “make the Germans trust them.”
    You can’t make anyone trust you.
    Trust is earned.
    Muslims, by their culture and history, deserve no trust at all.
    Doors will remain closed.
    Because Germans, hopefully, know and will know who they are and who they are not.
    The Turk is the Turk, he does not change.
    The Arab is the Arab, he does not change.
    Both are the implacable enemies of the West.
    See to it that the Ummah knows this.

  2. Wow. Fail!!! 0:1 for the muslims,sorry to say that. German women just have no heat whatsoever. What was needed was commando kiev-not some stammering german wannabe sluts. Also, germany od royaly f— one one hand germans are degenerated cowards on tej other they are having tej muslims. God save the rest of europe!

    • Agree with you, Felek. It would be nice to have a side to cheer for.
      Definitely one of the weaker boob protests in recent mammary. This would make a perfect recruiting film for the Mussies. The Mussies stayed calm for the most part until they started moving up like the living dea. These are white-collar funders, not the detonators. Their applause worked well too.

  3. Frankly, I do not know which I like less–the Sharia-pushing Muslims or the strumpets. I feel sorry for the fathers and other relatives of the demonstrators.


    New England–1670’s

    A young Quaker wit visions embued,
    Strode into a church in the nude.
    She ranted and shouted,
    The pastor, he pouted,
    But other men cheerfully viewed.

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