Islamic Jihad Strikes Again

According to the latest reports, the rockets that fell on Sderot today were part of a larger attack of at least thirty missiles. The Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the attack.

MC, who sent the tip for the following article from Arutz Sheva, says: “The drones are now overhead, IAF retaliation soon. Poor Gazans, they have it worse than we do and they cannot speak out — no freedom of speech in Gaza!”

Gaza Terrorists Shower at Least 30 Rockets on Southern Israel

Rocket sirens sound, explosions heard in southern Israeli communities; Islamic Jihad claims responsibility.

In the last few minutes Gaza-based terrorists have fired a salvo of rockets at towns in southern Israel.

Residents of communities including the Eshkol Region, as well as the towns of Sderot, Netivot and Ofakim, have reported numerous sirens and impact sounds.

In the last few moments Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for firing the rockets.

“We know that 25 rockets were fired in close succession all over the south,” a senior Israeli official told AFP. Of those, at least five were launched at Sderot; the Iron Dome has stopped some of them from making an impact on Israeli soil, according to the latest updates.

Within the last ten minutes, the count has been updated to 30 rockets, according to Israeli media. No injuries have been reported.

At least of one of the communities near Gaza has been damaged by rocket fire, according to the latest news reports, though it has not been confirmed which one.

Residents are being advised to stay in protective shelters until further updates warrant; the Israeli Police has raised the alert level in throughout the Negev in response to the rocket fire.

IAF helicopters are patrolling the skies near Gaza now, as “security forces and the IDF are weighing the appropriate response,” according to Walla! News.

The rockets are likely response to IAF airstrikes in Gaza on Tuesday, which killed three Islamic Jihad terrorists. Those airstrikes were themselves a response to attempted mortar fire on IDF forces by the terrorists.

It also comes a day after the Israeli navy revealed the contents of the Klos C weapons ship, intercepted on its way to Gaza by Israeli commandos.

14 thoughts on “Islamic Jihad Strikes Again

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  2. No one will mention attacks on Israel until Israel retaliates, then the western media and politicians will find their crappy tongue.

  3. I believe Israel should also engage in “soft retaliation”, like cutting off electricity supply for a few hours each time a rocket strikes. That’s not lethal, yet felt by everyone in Gaza.

    Related, it is Islamic doctrine that if Jihad activities causes too much trouble for the non-warring part of the population, Allah is not giving his blessing to the war, which should therefore be terminated. Thus bothering (not outright harming) civilians works.

  4. Its a Braw night, right after the 17:00 missile cluster we had a thunderstorm, but some of the thunder may have been the tanks, its difficult to tel the difference.

    About 30 mins ago we had another Code Red and a detonation further away. Then about 20 mins ago three bursts of .50 cal MG fire.

    Now (21:40) we have heavy rain….

    A 55 year old lady was hit by fragments whilst running for the shelter in the earlier attack.

    Lots of air activity and talk of re-occupation of Gaza.

  5. My goodness! That sounds awful! How many were killed and wounded? Any children? I hear they target schools and hospitals with their precision rockets.

    • The missiles that are fired at us from Gaza are low precision indiscriminatly targetted, they have hit schools and playgrounds (they are often timed to land when the children are on the way to school) The warheads contain nails and other shrapnel and are coated with rat poison to make any wounds bleed out.

      The IAF retaliates with high precision bombing of terrorist targets, The defense force will endanger their own troops rather than harm civilians in Gaza, however since the terrorist organizations shoot at us from civilian enclaves, it is not always possible to avoid collateral damage.

      Fault for this collateral damage needs to alway be laid to the blame of those terrorist organisations using civilians as shields.

      This is not, and never has been a clean war, Hamas anf Islamic Jihad do not care who they wound and kill, to them the only good Jew is a dead Jew, and there are too many throughout the West who agree with them. Both organisations are funded through the EU and other western agencies.

      • Since the “civilians” in Gaza support Islamic Jihad & all the other terrorists 100%, please tell me why I should give a [hoot] whether they live or die.
        The cesspool called Gaza is entirely of their own making. (with a little help from the international dole agencies). You can see the smallest children screaming on youtube how they can’t wait to murder Jews.
        Let Alice Walker sort it out…maybe she’ll have better luck than Vittorio Arrigoni but I hope not.

        • Obama is a cultural Marxist, does that make all Americans cultural Marxists?

          Last night the missiles came over, we waited for the detonations, one hit the end of our road about 500 yards away.

          However, I need to keep my humanity, I do not think returning Hate with Hate is the way I personally want to live my life, Yes the terrorists must meet their retribution, but not fellow victims of that terrorism, and believe me, there are many terror victims in Gaza victims of the same thugs that try to terrorize me, but with no way to express their anger and remain alive.

        • Since the “civilians” in Gaza support Islamic Jihad & all the other terrorists 100%

          I do not believe that to be the case – many would be simple people trying to manage a hard life, leaving matters of war and peace to the Islamic authorities. That’s not “100% support”, that is passivity and ignorance.

          If the common man in Gaza got hit by some direct trouble (minor is fine) each time his warring Islamist leaders attaced innocents in Israel, protest – and possibly change – would ensue.

  6. Palestinians value jewish lives more than their own. If it takes 50 dead muslims to kill one jew then they think that’s agood outcome

  7. Continuing to allow Hamas, islamical Jihad, Mullah Barry Sotero and their allies to dictate the “responses” (Rules of Non-engagement?) of the IDF is suicidal. Axis was defeated with “disproportinate” attacks — this is the only sensible solution for this misplaced Jordanian question. Until that is done, this constant game of “let me attack you but don’t fire back” will continue. Islamic Jihad must need a break to regroup, they seem to have called for a truce already!

    • The real answer is the tactical assassination; if the Old men who send the young men out to kill and to die know that they are next on the assassination menu, then maybe they will not be so keen.

      But, of course, the Daves, the Barrys and the Angelas don’t like that, firstly because it works, secondly, because it makes them feel very vulnerable too.


        “Whack” one of the guys at the top of the chain of command EVERY TIME an Islamic terrorist fires a missle at civilians in Israel.

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