From Rochdale to Sioux Falls

The following news story from South Dakota — which has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100% — will be depressingly familiar to regular Gates of Vienna readers and anyone else who’s been following the “grooming and pimping trials” in Rochdale, Bradford, Oxford, and elsewhere in the UK.

The pattern is almost identical: vulnerable young girls — in this case, as young as 14 — are lured with drugs and gifts into a life of sexual slavery. This particular form of vile criminal behavior is very, very rare except among Muslim males who live in non-Muslim cultures. Yet there the mainstream media have lowered a cone of silence over the JIM aspects of these sex-slavery gangs.

The good news is that this despicable creature will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Below are excerpts from the report in The Argus Leader. Some of the more lurid and disturbing details have been redacted:

Iraqi refugee called monster gets life for sex trafficking

An Iraqi refugee who sold several women and girls for sex at his Sioux Falls apartment will spend the rest of his life in prison after U.S. District Court Judge Karen Schreier agreed with victims who called him a “monster.”

A jury convicted Mohammed Alaboudi in December on four counts of sex trafficking. His lawyer asked for the same 30-year sentence given last April to a co-conspirator, Emannuel Nyoun. But the judge noted that Nyoun had victimized just one young woman, while Alaboudi had hurt many, many more.

“I don’t think the two of you are comparable,” Schreier said. “You have been described by the victims as someone who is a monster. I do not think that is an unjustified characterization, based on how you treated the young women who came through your home.”

Four victims, identified only by their initials, recounted during Monday’s hearing the physical and sexual abuse against them at the hands of the 45-year-old Alaboudi. Earlier at trial, many of them had testified how he had given them drugs and shelter to lure them into dependency and prostitution, using his one-bedroom apartment in central Sioux Falls as headquarters for what U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson has called “a house of horrors.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Koliner noted Alaboudi’s status as a refugee who was welcomed into the country and community, only to take advantage of that hospitality.

Alaboudi preyed on the vulnerability of his victims, many of them homeless with drug addictions and, in some case, mental health issues, Koliner said. The women, two of them underage, were kept high on drugs and alcohol while forced to engage in sex acts with strangers.


“The defendant, who purposely drugged the girls and raped them repeatedly, then allowed his cohorts to come in” and do the exact same thing, Koliner said.


Kooistra argued that his client had substantial health problems, including diabetes, and that he would be in his early 70s upon release, if granted a 30-year sentence and lived that long.

But in handing down the sentence — four concurrent life terms — Schreier said Alaboudi’s health issues didn’t deter him from committing his crimes.

“A lot of the victims said you treated them more like dogs,” the judge said. “I know that most people treat their dogs better than you treated these women.”

Notice that the defendant required an Arabic translator. How did he communicate with his victims when he plied them with drugs and lured them to his apartment? Hand signals?

When asked through his Arabic translator whether he understood that he could appeal his sentence, Alaboudi launched into a tirade, blaming the FBI for bringing him to this moment.

“I’m an innocent man. I am not a liar,” he shouted in English. “Do whatever, one life (sentence) … life, life, life. I don’t (care).”

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14 thoughts on “From Rochdale to Sioux Falls

    • Yes, I did! Another senior moment on my part — I’ve corrected it. Thank you.

  1. The wound turns increasingly gangrenous; the victim’s doctor and nurses (aka the USA gov’t and MSM) says:

    ‘you’ll be alright, take this multiculti pill and go see the bishop at the ‘cathedral’ for absolution for your racial sins and you’ll be fine’.

    in the meantime several dozen more mosques and ‘cultural centers’ (aka barracks for islamic soldiers) will be built across the fruited plains.

  2. First, why did those underage girls be so loose as to go with any stranger and enter any house? What did their mothers tell them, “don’t take things from strangers.”
    Our Iraqi neighbor, Hamid, is disgusted at the west for being so lenient with sexual criminals. He says that in Iraq he would have been executed within 6 months. In the west they are pampered. He says western countries’ mass importation of third worlders, bringing here everyone, the oppressed and oppressors, we are suffering here from the same people we suffered there. He says that the rapist will live like a king in the prison costing us $300,000 a year when he is not worth a $1 bullet. He says dispatching of rapists is the best solution for future rapists. If you are kind to criminals. That’s a real crime.

    • Very true, if he made the mistake of targetting a Muslim girl. As regards slutty behavior, Muslims would not tolerate non-Muslim nonces taking advantage of Muslim sluts.

    • In civilised countries, Murad, we don’t treat young women as children, or possessions. This usually works because decent men understand that it is for them to behave like responsible adults and restrain their baser urges- especially where the young women are particularly vulnerable, such as when they come from dysfunctional families (and don’t tell me there are none such in Muslim countries).

      If you leave your car parked with the keys in the ignition, does this excuse anyone who steals it?

    • Murad, your first two sentences are a bit contradictory, I guess you meant to say “Didn’t”, not “What did” in the second sentence (I am dense). But either way, you first imply some fault lies with the girls behavior. The girls behavior did not create the monster, it just makes it easier for the monster to find the most easily exploitable victims.

      And yes, the west, with its steadily declining mores, sinks deeper into the cesspool of moral relativity, consequently decreasing punishment for horrible crimes.

  3. “The defendant, who purposely drugged the girls and raped them repeatedly, then allowed his cohorts to come in” and do the exact same thing…

    What are the chances that his “cohorts” were non-Muslims? Probably close to what Islam did not invent but does embody, al-zifr — zero, zilch, zots.

  4. As has been said previously on this site: “In every nation which allows Muslim migration, the rape and molestation rates rise in parallel accordingly.”

  5. I remember a film title from the sixties ‘The Ship That Died of Shame’
    Christendom seems to be the civilisation that died of shame – no culture, no values, no pride, no shame – no us before long.

    Incidentally, that thought ran through my head as I was reading the above article. As I was writing this comment I looked up the synopsis of the film on wicki :

    The 1087 is a British Royal Navy motor gun boat that faithfully sees its crew through the worst that World War II can throw at them. After the end of the war, George Hoskins (Richard Attenborough) convinces former skipper Bill Randall (George Baker) and Birdie (Bill Owen) to buy their beloved boat and use it for some harmless, minor smuggling of black market items like wine. But they find themselves transporting ever more sinister cargoes; counterfeit currency and weapons. Though their craft had been utterly reliable and never let them down in wartime, it begins to break down frequently, as if ashamed of its current use. The crew revolt when they are used in the escape of a child murderer and (probable) paedophile

    Rather ironic !, that this article made me think of this film title.

  6. I’m not familiar with the US concept of “4 life sentences”. Does that mean he gets out in 4 years?

    In Canada, the judicial system is notorious for letting people out well before their “sentence” expires.

  7. Sad to see this now taking hold on the other side of the Pond…

    I know of 2 such cases in London – although with somewhat older girls/women than the ones here.

    The time is NOW to EDUCATE – especially anyone with teenage (or even older) daughters, sisters or friends – about the dangers of “culturally enriched” strangers, and how their ‘friendships’ start – be it with complements, free kebabs, presents, rides in fast cars or any of their other methods.

    And educate – not just in “very enriched” places such as Britain or Sweden, or even semi-enriched places like the US, but in those places which currently have very low levels of “enrichment”. In Poland, I know of cases where a woman going to a kebab shop gets offered not just a kebab – but a necklace as a present… an attempt at reaching the first stage of the “grooming” process?

    One Polish family I know, having 5 teenage daughters, was quite alarmed – they did not have a clue this type of stuff existed, and suggested I speak to a journalist about it – but now made sure that their offspring knew about the need to be careful.

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