EU Dependence Day

The following video is a UKIP election campaign spot produced by the local Bradford branch of the party. It isn’t new, but I had never seen it before yesterday, when a UKIP supporter in Bradford sent the link to me.

I don’t agree with the party’s entire platform (but then again, I’m neither British nor a proponent of the welfare state). However, this is professional production featuring a delightfully-executed sci-fi conceit that everyone should be able to enjoy.

The producer and lead speaker in this clip is Jason Smith of Bradford Branch UKIP:

6 thoughts on “EU Dependence Day

  1. Is it too late to reverse the destructive process that has done so much to destroy what was once instantly recognized as being British while trying to mould it into something it isn’t – a third world country?

    Let us pray that it is not too late to reverse what has occurred through the normal political process rather than through the only other available alternative that the citizenry who have their backs to the wall must initiate.

  2. Interesting and factual video.

    Bradford’s version of Indepedence day.

    The invaders are the Eurocrats, Europeans and the 3rd world Africans and Muslims, they were correct in including several spaceships invading their city as like elsewhere in the UK this is no small invasion of our country and affront to our culture and way of life.

  3. Breaking away from the EU sounds like a good first step.

    More local control sounds good.

    Still far to much control in the hands of politicians.

    Way to much borrowed from Doctor Who. If not for Roger Waters antisemitism Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine would have been good background music.

    • I find it concerning that this website conveys any points on any group apart from that of the Jewish, or the so called false Jews, Zionisim etc.

      Now I am not a Nazi who wants to kill six million jews, I just look at the facts and they are there for all to see and I question them.

      I get the terrible feeling that GOV is entirely biased on the Jewish question, even when the truth is staring them in the face.

      Perhaps GOV is another mouthpiece of the international Jewish controlled media, seems like a good retirement plan.

  4. Oh absolutely. Obviously you weren’t paying attention during the many times I discussed the huge payments into our “retirement plan” by Mossad. Gotta keep those shekels comin’…

    And just how do we know for sure you’re not a Nazi who wants to kill six million Jews? Just because you call yourself an “infidel”…? Bah. What proof is that?

    Terrible feelings about our bias on the JQ, have you? Take two aspirin and call your Jewish doctor in the morning.

    NOTE TO THIS COMMENTER: THIS IS YOUR LAST JQ COMMENT ON GoV ANYWHERE…There are other websites where you’ll never get these “terrible feelings”. We stand with Israel. Deal with it.

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