Brutal, Bloodthirsty, and Merciless: The Jihad in Syria

After almost ten years of blogging the jihad, I’ve grown accustomed to the violence and sadism displayed by the followers of Mohammed as they carry out the commands of their prophet. Not inured — you never get inured — but used to it. It’s a day-to-day reality.

The following report about “French” mujahideen in Syria broke new ground, however. It managed to appall me, when I thought I was long past appallable where matters Islamic are concerned.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita translating this French news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

WARNING: Although this video blurs out the worst of the grotesque and bloody shots, it is still disturbing to watch. Readers who are sensitive to images of brutality and degradation may want to skip this one:


00:04   It’s a rare document which BFMTV will show you tonight.
00:08   Two French journalists obtained videos
00:12   of French and Belgian fighters who went to wage Jihad in Syria.
00:16   Images were furnished by sympathisers of the Free Syrian army to denounce the violence of
00:20   this radical group. They show that they are direct, active stakeholders
00:24   in the atrocities committed in Syria. Warning: some images are
00:28   disturbing. “The hordes of French Jihadists” is a documentary signed by: (names?)
00:32   (names …? of journalists)
00:36   For him it’s a video souvenir of their “holy war” in Syria.
00:40   Before we towed jet skis, quads, motocross,
00:44   but in fact it’s a chronicle of horror.
00:48   Now, on the way to god
00:52   we tow apostates, non-believers, those who fight
00:56   Islam. You can film my trailer.
01:00   Seven to eight bodies are attached to
01:04   this basic trailer: civilians and rebels.
01:08   Syrians who have just been killed in violent fights.
01:12   The corpses are towed without any respect under
01:16   a rain of insults. “How they stink…”
01:20   to a mass grave in the middle of a field.
01:24   These images were taken in
01:28   mid-February in Syria by francophone jihadists.
01:32   They all belong to the same
01:36   brigade, which counts about 20 French and 20 Belgians.
01:40   They are part of the Movement for the Islamic State in Iraq and the Orient,
01:45   the most radical group in Syria, a dissident of Al Qaeda.
01:49   Over several days they filmed themselves
01:53   like a bunch of mates, happy to change the world
01:57   around a camp fire. What life do you prefer? Europe or here?
02:01   Life in Europe is zero.
02:05   May god preserve the lands of Sham,
02:09   Land of the Blessed. Smiles, joy.
02:13   The Jihad, as if it were a game.
02:17   blablaallah allah etc blah yak
02:21   accelerate!
02:25   These crazies for allah dream of installing a caliphate,
02:29   an Islamic state on the holy ground of Syria. They fight
02:33   everyone who opposes this, including Syrian rebels judged too moderate.
02:37   (guttural version of blablabla?) A merciless combat.
02:41   In this video, the Franco-Belgian horde
02:45   film themselves arriving at a place where about 10 corpses lie.
02:49   The apostates. These are the people to kill.
02:53   They fought for democracy, for laïcité.
02:57   They fought for money.
03:01   they fought because we want to apply sharia of allah. On some bodies
03:05   one can see the logos of soldiers of the Free Syrian Army.
03:09   But inside a building there are without doubt
03:13   civilians who seemed to have died unarmed.
03:18   Here an adolescent
03:22   who was carrying plates
03:26   in the kitchen, seven men
03:30   who seemed to have been peeling onions. The jihadists
03:34   have been recruited for several types of jobs.
03:38   Fighter, attendant, or gravedigger.
03:42   Here they are charged to rummage through corpses. Go through all pockets.
03:46   Go through the back pockets to see if you can find anything.
03:50   They must recover anything at all.
03:54   This car, is it a booty.
03:58   And then they must bury the corpses.
04:02   This French jihadist
04:06   is known as Abush Aide (?). He was there on the day
04:10   with those who filmed the scene. It’s not a massacre;
04:14   these are war corpses which we
04:19   put underground, like all things.
04:23   These are corpses of fighters…
04:27   He confirms the presence of many French jihadists.
04:31   The French are in all (Kadibas?)
04:35   Five, ten, fifteen French are everywhere. You go with
04:39   Belgians, there are French, with the Arabs… the Libyans,
04:43   the Arabian Peninsula. There are French, they are with Egyptians
04:47   We followed the steps of this radical group.
04:51   They resided for several weeks in Azas, eight kilometres
04:55   from the Turkish border. A town retaken a month ago
04:59   by the Free Syrian Army. Before that it was
05:03   in the hands of the Islamists. We spent some hours there.
05:07   Anwar, an inhabitant of the town, agreed to guide us.
05:11   To ensure our security, he is armed and an escort
05:15   comes with us. Before I could not go past this checkpoint;
05:19   it was controlled by the Islamists.
05:23   There were French jihadists here, and now we return with French journalists.
05:27   According to Anwar, in the town of Azas,
05:31   everyone knew the French. It was well-known
05:35   that there were several groups from France.
05:39   We called them the “French Jihadists” or the “French Brigade”.
05:43   They were all French. These Europeans were unable to talk with the people
05:47   they didn’t speak Arabic well. At the entrance of Azas the
05:52   black Islamic flag still flies. Obviously,
05:56   the people still live in terror. Most shops are closed;
06:00   the streets are semi-deserted.
06:04   At the outskirts of the town, a large Avenue. Anwar
06:08   wants to show us the place where the terrorists
06:12   stayed. The houses are here.
06:16   One tried to cut off the route with a wall,
06:20   for protection. Since their return to town, the Free Syrian army
06:24   have destroyed the wall.
06:28   This villa was especially for the French.
06:32   This villa.
06:36   A beautiful house. They took the best house.
06:40   The HQ of the Islamists was
06:44   200 metres away in the sinister police station.
06:48   Omar is 23 years old. He is a soldier of the Free Syrian Army.
06:52   With fifty other people he was imprisoned for several days
06:56   in this cell, before he escaped.
07:00   Here were the toilets
07:04   The situation was very hard.
07:08   Worse than what you could ever imagine. Omar
07:12   also wants to show us the court where the Islamists tortured him.
07:16   They brought us here, bent our hands and feet
07:20   here on the ground. They were four, always foreigners.
07:24   There were Egyptians, Tunisians, French and Bosnians.
07:28   They brought us here four at a time and beat us
07:32   with clubs. Acts of torture but also
07:37   summary executions. Behind a wall,
07:40   Soldiers of the Free Syrian Army discovered a well filled with corpses.
07:44   They killed people (inaudible).
07:48   It was the Islamists in power; they cut the throats of people and threw
07:52   them into this well.
07:56   On this roundabout, to set an example for the population
08:00   the Islamists publicly decapitated their opponents.
08:04   This old man, a shopkeeper, was arrested when he asked for an explanation
08:08   after having witnessed terrible scenes:
08:12   Once there was a group there
08:16   they brought a child and cut its throat.
08:21   They said the child was an apostate,
08:25   but he was not bigger than this kid here.
08:29   After having cut off their heads, they exposed them there.
08:33   They exhibited them on top of the monument. It was regular; every two,
08:37   four, six days there were such massacres.
08:41   On 14 February the French and Belgian jihadists
08:45   filmed themselves in front of this (monument?), drenched in blood.
08:49   Some of them did not hesitate to subsequently post the picture of the severed heads
08:53   on their Facebook page like a trophy.

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  1. Churchill and Servier quotes. how dare we ignore those words of warning and bequeath the children of Europe such savagery.

  2. WARNING: Western politicians and media sorts may want to avoid informing their sensitive constituents of the savagery they invite into Europe.

    • That is almost certain.
      It’s amazing that these type of brutal videos are readily available on the web and they are only shown on web sites that are against Jihad, against mass migration of third-worlders into the West, against interference by US, EU, Turkey & Sunni Emirates in the Syrian civil war.

      Most of these videos are “selfies” – they are taken by jihadists themselves.

  3. Yes – otherwise it will be such a shock..for sensitive souls.
    They will set these monsters loose among us, but they do not want to know what kind of people they really are, and where they get their ‘inspiration’.. That’s for innocent, unsuspecting civilians to find out.

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