Another Day, Another Riot in the Banlieues

Yvelines is a western suburb of Paris, part of a ring of culturally enriched “New Towns” that surround the French capital. Yesterday some boisterous “French” “youths” in Yvelines got a little rambunctious and — undeterred by teargas — engaged in some traditional high-spirited rioting and burning and window-breaking after suffering unbearable humiliation at the hands of the police.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling it:


02:22   And after Forbach last week it’s the police of (?) in the Yvelines
02:26   who were the target of the city’s delinquents. The scenario is sadly banal
02:30   Sunday afternoon, having picked up an individual on the wanted list
02:34   a police patrol had tried to arrest him
02:38   This attempt immediately attracted a mob of about 60 people
02:42   who violently attacked the police. Teargas
02:46   used by the police did not stop the aggressors who then attacked an
02:50   employment agency, breaking its windows and setting fire to it.
02:55   They also targetted the police station
02:59   one car completely destroyed by the flames
03:03   their anger apparently increased by the fact that during the clashes the police
03:07   had targetted young Muslims coming out of the mosque.
03:11   While calm had been restored towards 1 am, 15 riot police cars
03:15   were still stationed around “Employ & Enterprise” while Riot- and Mobile Police
03:19   guarded public buildings and intersections.
03:23   The message addressed to the authorities is clear:
03:27   ”The city is ours, we do as we please, and if you don’t agree we burn it”.

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9 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Riot in the Banlieues

  1. The recent violence near to forbach was under reported by the Msm as usual, but here is a link in French.

    They called it urban violence, devoid of any real information or explanation as to why and who caused this. This has given plenty of “ammo” to the FN and the RBM in the run up to the municipal elections next weekend. Instead it is referred as

    échauffourées” entre jeunes du quartier et forces de l’ordre,

    Skirmishes between the neighborhood youth and the police.

    Really? It was more like pitched battles, rioting and total vandalism, with well over 20 cars burnt, all over “honor”. But what do you expect from modern journalism? They are trying to pull the wool over our eyes, fortunately the likes of le salon beige are able to convey the reall sense of what is happening in France. Even the Council of Europe has criticized French authorities for their heavy handedness against peaceful demonstrators in the last year or so. The same authorities turn a blind eye to the goings on of the youth of the “quartier”.

    Judging by the majority of comments in the article, no one is impressed.

    Des manifestants cagoulés et munis de battes de baseball!
    Et pas d’arrestations dans cette ZSP, zone super protégée?

    Hooded demonstrators armed with baseball bats, and no one arrest in this ZSP, an area under high protection?

    Yet not many moons ago, well over a hundred arrests where made in Paris, at the end of an LMPT, march, no violence, no vandalism. Compare the two and you can see the dysfunctional aspect of Holland’s government.

  2. I forgot to mention that Forbach itself is being hotly contested in the municipal elections, with the FN coming in as favorites.

  3. BBC Radio 4’s “Start the Week” on 10th March was on “The Legacy of France’s Empire”, with particular reference to France’s goal of making all citizens French, and the alienation felt by the inhabitants of the Banlieues. It apparently did not occur to the speakers (Gabrielle Rifkind, Andrew Hussey, Ziauddin Sardar), nor the host, Tom Sutcliffe, that it is for immigrants to adapt to the host culture, not vice versa.

    Should anyone feel like shouting at their computer, it’s on iPlayer for a year!

  4. Now what did that guy Napoleon once say that is true then as it is now? Oh yes of course, “Give them a whiff of grapeshot and be done with it” . How much longer will this continue until the proverbial straw breaks the camels back ?

  5. When is it going to explode? The countries of Europe are rotting from within. But the rot will not go away it needs to be ripped out forcefully.

  6. When is it going to explode?

    Well, France has now 7.5% muslim population, the U.K. 4.6% and Sweden 4.9. The European average is 6%. (

    If you consider how much it takes before muslim riots become widespread and christians start converting en masse (only 200,000 French natives converted to islam in the past 25 years), this point will probably not be reached before muslims account for at least 15-20% of the population. So we are not there yet, maybe 20-30 years down the road. Barring any change in present tendencies, France will have the dubious honor to be the first European country to become muslim.

    However, the breaking point may be reached sooner because the French populace keeps electing inept politicians hell-bent on bankrupting the country – just like the Americans.

    Muslims reproduce at a much higher rate than non-muslims. 2.2 children per women against 1.5 for European women, and represent a big proportion of welfare rolls. ( So France is bankrupting itself, in part to finance its own replacement by the invaders.

    Makes you wonder if democracy is not overrated. Everywhere in the civilized world, the populace elects profligate politicians, which are destroying their own country in the long run by running unsustainable debt.

    Le seul choix qui restera aux Français sera de rester et de se convertir, ou bien d’émigrer pour rester libre.

  7. The name of the town (commune) is Chanteloup-les-Vignes. Yvelines is the department. Just thought I’d fill in the blank!

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