Another Day, Another Blizzard

Here we go again.

We’re in the midst of our third major winter storm so far this March. About four inches (ten cm.) of snow is on the ground, and it’s still coming down. It’s supposed to continue for several more hours.

Snowstorms in March (or even April) are not all that unusual at this latitude, but usually they’re light, wet, and very temporary. This, on the other hand, looks like a January storm. It’s much drier than I would have expected.

Below are two views from our kitchen window:

There’s no forecast of freezing rain this time, so I doubt we have to worry about losing our electricity.

The photo at right is a view from up here in the Eyrie overlooking the grounds at Schloss Bodissey. Unfortunately, you can’t see the orangery or the topiary gardens from that window. The, ahem, groundskeeper’s cottage is in the background.

Spring is still just a distant dream. The only things blooming are the (snow-covered) daffodils — no forsythia, no tulips, no grape hyacinths, no violets.

I say: Bring on global warming!

10 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Blizzard

  1. just remember, snow’s well that ends well, ‘snow what I mean?
    greetings and hallucinations from Southern California. Never mind the snow, I am about to lose my fruit trees due to a lack of rain and the extortion by the water company. we could do with a bit of glow-ball warming

    • The situation in California is dire indeed. Is it at all due to so many people wanting to live in such a climate all at once?

      I try to picture it when Father Juniper Sierra living in Monterey in the 18th century, surrounded by beauty…

      And now people are losing their fruit trees, their crops…

      If ever the trite “it’s complicated” was appropriate it definitely applies to the issue of water in California…

      • Much of the problem stems from the indifference or outright hostility of the ruling powers (bowing to environmentalists) to the storage of river water so that it can be sent to farms and towns. Large amounts of fresh water that could be irrigating cropland are instead running out to the ocean for the sake, primarily, of the Delta smelt, which is claimed to be 1) in existential peril, and 2) crucial to the survival of everything else that swims. Salmon are a big part of the equation too.

        Some people suspect the Delta smelt is really an instrument for the enviros to wield against the building of dams and reservoirs, which they really just don’t like. The science of the matter is not important — just as it’s not important in the effort to chase an oyster farm away from Point Reyes Peninsula (a case in which Interior has relied on phony “science”) and clear human activity away from more and more stretches of land, especially the pleasant ones.

        The odd thing is, many of those pushing this agenda probably once voted for a president whose campaign slogan was “Putting People First.”

      • See, Steven has water, it’s just too expensive.

        Dymphna, all is okay in California. It has been raining regularly since Feb 1. The major reservoirs are approaching 70 per cent of normal. We only drink from winter rains.

        This is a partial answer to your question. In full, all we need to do is get rid of the leftists and we would be fine:
        This this the drought extortion:

        It is raining and snowing even in Southern California at this moment.,0112,0113

        Same thing happened back in 2011, huge drought….Remember? Just three years ago. Nobody does.

        • Where I am, it certainly hasn’t been “raining regularly since February 1.” There was no rain until late in the month, or may be it wasn’t until March. There have been a couple of spells of significant rain since then, but it really was a very dry winter.

    • Extortion is not a lack of water. The drought is over in California. The hype goes on. We went through the same game in 2011. I guess nobody remembers how this works.

  2. Sorry to hear of the snow Baron we have had no snow and what frosts we have had have been so light that they have left only a thin rime on the ground and for the last month we have had a lot of sun in fact it has been more like early summer. Checked the German stats for Photo voltaic output and they were running at 22gwatts for quiet a few days last week which is twice as much as America has got installed, unbelievable.

  3. For someone who only gets at glimpse of what a real winter can be like, when I drive down off the mountain I live and onto the flat where the winter frosts sometimes blanket the meadow like landscape with its hint of wintery chill, those photo’s are lovely!

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