“A Prolonged Desire” to Wish Away Israel’s Existence

The venerable Pat Robertson performs a deft interview with Caroline Glick in the video below.

As you can see, it’s obvious he has read her book and can speak knowledgeably about some of the players who have strolled through this evil farce during his own time on the public stage. At one point he talks about Yasser Arafat, whom he met on several occasions, as a “stone cold killer” who knew how to be “kissy” to your face.

Ah the things the world will do for oil.

Here’s the book:

The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East

During the course of this interview Pat Robertson runs footage of the various presidents who have played their relentlessly unvarying roles in “The Two State Game”; he then asks Caroline Glick why American administrations persist in performing this ritual. She says (this is a paraphrase) there is a “prolonged desire to wish away” the reality of Israel. Indeed. Even now you can catch glimpses of our current Secretary of State perfervidly salivating over the idea that it might be he, John Kerry himself who will finally catch the golden ring on this merry-go-‘round. Malvolio’s excitement comes to mind.

Like Pat Robertson, I had no idea that the United States military actually uses our tax dollars to train Palestinians! Train them to do what, precisely? To umm…make peace?…build hospitals?…maybe reconstruct those greenhouses the world bought for them and presented to the Palestinians as a gift in order that they might increase their productivity and provide a source of income. Cynics that they are, PoorPalis™ are always ready to assume the characteristic pose of professionally aggrieved victims the world over: snarl on face, hand outstretched waiting for someone else’s goods and money to magically appear. The fact that our government fosters this behavior means our peace talk is only that: talk. We don’t walk the walk and we don’t really want peace.

As for the PoorPalis™ delusional demands? With their unceasing internecine warfare and their leaders’ inclinations toward corruption and kleptocracy, they have proved repeatedly their congenital disinclination to do the heavy lifting required for self rule. The American government ought to be ashamed of itself for persisting in this squalid farce. At the very least it’s insulting.

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  1. Training Palestinian ‘security forces’ actually started under Clinton, with U.S. weapons and equipment supplied to Arafat’s thugs and OK’d by Israel Labor government as part of Oslo. Those weapons were later responsible for thr murder of many Israeli’s including 10-month-old Shalhevat Pas, who was deliberately targeted by a Tanzim (Fatah) sniper while she was in her stroller in a children’s park.

    The killer, Mahmoud Amro was captured by the Shin Bet, confessed to his ‘successful operation’ and was tried and sentenced to life. Like the Awads, who murdered the Fogel family, Amro is one of those ‘holy martyrs’ and ‘heroes of freedom’ Mahmoud Abbas insists be freed as part of any ‘peace process.’ They also receive salaries from the Palestinian Authority, courtesy of the US and EU taxpayers. The U.S. also paid for the M-16 and the rounds that took Shalhevet Pas’ life.

    Ariel Sharon attached a reservation to th eRoad Map insisting on the termination of this program, but the Bush Administration ignored him.

    Under Obama, training the Palestinians has increased a great deal, Run by General Keith Dayton, an Obama favorite, we have basically set up the equivalent of two combat brigades for Abbas, armed with U.S. equipment including APC carriers. Dayton, of course, is outspokenly pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel, the modern equivalent of the UK’s anti-Semitic Colonel John Glubb, who led the British officers who commanded Jordan’ Arab Legion and oversaw the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea and Samaria in 1948.

    Your tax dollars at work.

  2. Laughable that the Pally Army pose a threat to the IDF, Israel call your two faced friend out – American foreign policy is the biggest threat to Israel.

    • @ Jolie Rouge
      The morality of America financing a terrorist army aside, it’s not a matter of the Tzahal not being able to take out the ‘Palestinian army.’

      Those U.S. trained troops and their weapons will be trained on Israeli civilians, and used in the context of a larger war against Israel, most likely with Hamas and perhaps Hezbollah . There’s the potential for much more Jewish blood being shed in that scenario than there was in the second intifadah. Even General Dayton admitted to congress last year that there was a good chance of the PLO army’s weapons being turned on Israelis, just like the M-16s were that the U.S. gave to Arafat.

      • Our government and military have a lot to answer for, and not just in this case. It is telling that Congress is aware and lets it continue.

  3. As much as I do admire Glick, her view of absorbing the rest of the west bank into Israel proper with it’s Islamic population is wishful thinking at its best. One does not bring the enemy camp into your own and expect peace, it does not happen and never will. One way or another the islamics will get their intifada and I say this time Israel should take advantage of the situation and [intemperate suggestions redacted].

    • [You know better than to voice such things on our website. That kind of thing just causes us work. I will have to stick more pins in my D voodoo doll.]

      I think Caroline Glick is simply magnifying a growing Israeli viewpoint. They’re tired of trying for a Utopian solution that the other side doesn’t really want. She’s a megaphone, letting the larger world in on this conversation. It’s not wishful thinking so much as it is a pushback against a failed idea. And a “two-state solution” is the epitome of 20th century bifurcated thinking. It’s past time to move on to a better plan.

      • The ‘Israeli Arabs’ those with full Israeli citizenship, know when they are well off. The ‘Palestinians’ on the other hand are ceaselessly exploited.

        What does one do with a population who, from cradle to grave. are taught to hate? taught to be worse than animals; animals kill for need, Pallies are taught gratuitous killing at the behest of ‘Allah’.

        If one trains a pitbull to attack children, one goes to prison, but it is permissible to train human animals?

        The only safe and realistic way to deal with wild dogs is to remove them…..

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