A Million Dragon’s Teeth

In an email exchange about American military and foreign policy, Takuan Seiyo gave the following answer to a sardonic remark about the possibility that Barack Hussein Obama is actually a KGB agent:

There is some possibility that BHO is a Manchurian candidate, but I rather think that it’s like Islam’s work.

The Soviets no longer need to go to the trouble of elaborate plots. They poisoned the minds of Obama’s teachers’ teachers. When you grow up on Saul Alinsky, what else is needed as preparation for serious sabotage?

It’s the same thing with Islam. They always look to root out Al Qaeda, while importing millions of Muslims. But if you’ve got Islam you don’t need Al Qaeda anymore; the root of the terrorism is in the religion itself.

You may slay the dragon as the US did the USSR and Bin Laden, but a million dragon’s teeth will grow spontaneously anyway.

4 thoughts on “A Million Dragon’s Teeth

  1. I am reminded of my mother claims that she saw an interview with B. Hussein where he made a reference to his Muslim faith.

    • You can find the video on YouTube by searching for “My Muslim Faith”. He was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulis(sp?)who quickly jumped in and helped him explain that it was merely slip of the tongue which meant absolutely NOTHING! Not that it made any difference to me, because by the summer of 2008 I had already realized that BHO was intent upon destroying America, no matter what his motivation. And that reality carried absolutely no weight with anyone who was thinking about voting for him.

    • The West is not a dragon or any other kind of mythical beast — though for our desdendants’ sake we ought to hope that it’ll prove to be a Phoenix. My metaphor works the opposite way: it’s the Muz and the commies who are the dragons, and the West slew the USSR dragon and also pierced the heart of Islam’s dragon, i.e. Bin Laden, but it’s to no avail. The dragons had shed millions of their teeth across the West, years and decades before the West slew them, and each such tooth is able to regenerate as a dragon… It’s those teeth that the West ought to be worried about, rather than doing all those stupid things in the original dragons’ lairs.

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