Who Pays for the Mosques?

In the latest of a series of videos about the proposed Charter of Secular Values in Quebec, citizens offer testimony and speculation about the possible sources of funding for mosques in Quebec before a national assembly commission in Quebec City. The number of mosques in the province has mushroomed over the past few decades.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   You say in your memorandum
00:04   the rumor is that many families view their women
00:08   forgive me…the rumor is…
00:12   VEIL their women because of monetary rewards.
00:16   If that were correct, it would be important to verify the source
00:20   of this financing and the non-admitted aim to propagate
00:24   a religion, with the hidden aim to ghettoise
00:28   a group of citizens, intending to use them later
00:32   for political ends. This is very serious.
00:36   Please specify, because there…
00:40   you understand you lead us somewhere else.
00:44   Financing – of whom are you speaking? I said there is a rumor.
00:48   These are rumors, but they are consistent.
00:52   Specify the nature of these rumors, please,
00:56   so that we know what you are talking about.
01:00   The phenomenon of the veil makes certain people wonder
01:04   why, soon after their arrival in Canada, more want to wear it
01:08   than do so in their countries of origin. Could there be a
01:12   financial advantage to it? How come
01:16   that communities who were not here 30 years ago have now
01:20   dozens of schools and temples
01:24   everywhere across the province?
01:28   If there is a financing which is official
01:32   or covert, I would like to know it.
01:36   You speak of what financing?
01:40   Our community has been in Quebec for 130 years.
01:44   We had difficulties in building two churches in 130 years.
01:48   We have been in Quebec
01:53   since 1880 and …
01:57   and I tell you it was hard to construct them.
02:01   we had 30-40 year mortgages. How
02:05   come people who come from the outside are able to have a church,
02:09   a school, etc.? There is something
02:13   that is not normal.
02:17   One has to ask the question. It’s not up to us to investigate.
02:21   it’s up to the government to research it.
02:25   If there is covert financing from Saudi Arabia
02:29   or from Iran or other countries
02:33   or other organisations from outside,
02:37   if it is covert, then we must ask ourselves some questions
02:41   But if it’s official and legitimate,
02:45   then we will accept it. I think what Dr. (name?) says
02:49   is that it is important
02:53   to see it on a political level,
02:57   the fact that it is paying people
03:01   for proselytising.
03:05   You seem to believe
03:09   this hypothesis?
03:13   There is evidence.
03:17   there is one piece of evidence and other evidence, but
03:21   it is clear. When I arrived here 49 years ago
03:25   there was just one little mosque,
03:29   and now there are
03:33   140 in the environs of Montreal… so
03:38   this doesn’t fall from heaven, nor from people
03:42   who migrate here to find a better life.
03:46   We told you about the rumors, but it’s up to the Government
03:50   to do its work.

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6 thoughts on “Who Pays for the Mosques?

  1. I understand that at one point, La Belle Province was actively recruiting immigration from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia because they thought they would increase the “Francophone” presence. No thought to the Arabophone and Berberphone presence, perhaps?

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  3. Who paid for the Nazi Holocaust?
    They hoped past hope that dead men told no tales!
    The Jihad and the conquest are being paid for by Westerners.
    The infidel is compelled to buy the sword that beheads him.
    Feel yourself to be SUBDUED yet?

    • “The infidel is compelled to buy the sword that beheads him.”

      Our political “leaders” and assorted snouts at the through compel us to buy the sword that will behead us all in the end. Unfortunately we can only behead these opportunists metaphorically – and the majority of the infidel herd doesn’t even do that.

  4. Those mosques in Canada are being funded by Saudi Arabia and the purpose is to dominate Canada, reduce the population to dhimmi (slave) status and have Islam control the country. In fact, Canada’s land, infrastructure, cities and properties belong to Islam and you citizens do not realize this yet but when Islam conquers Canada, you will soon understand. For example, if you own a 1,000 acre farm, you will be required to continue to work it but the profits and the land and buildings will be owned by Islam when they attain power. You folks enjoy your dhimmi status all the while allowing Islam to continue to invade your country via immigration.

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