“We Are on Our Knees, Condemned to Inaction”

The young Frenchman in the video below videotaped his message while he was in England. He wants legal action to be taken against a Guardian columnist who urged people to torture Bashar al-Assad and rape his very young children.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The translator includes this background information on the man who recorded the message:

Aldo Sterone, the man in the video, grew up in Algeria, “has known Islam”, and is warning France of the Islamisation. He also seems to have a blog and seems to be an anti-Jihadist.

He posts sometimes from Quebec — don’t know what he does there. But he seems one of the good guys.

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello everyone. This morning I saw a tweet,
00:04   this one, I’ll show it to you.
00:08   This message, on Twitter since
00:12   last year, invites
00:16   people “to torture
00:20   Bashar al-Assad, Syrian President, to rape his wife
00:24   and to rape his children in front of him”. He has
00:28   three children under the age of five. We are in England,
00:32   a country that supplies an enormous number of jihadists
00:36   who go to Syria to REALLY commit crimes.
00:40   Perhaps they cannot get to the children of Bashar al-Assad,
00:44   but they can get to children of people they perceive
00:48   to be on the side of Assad. So this kind
00:53   of call can, on the ground, translate into real rapes
00:57   of real children. It’s not a joke; it’s deadly
01:01   serious. This is not just violent rhetoric.
01:05   This is reality, this kind of crime happens (daily?)
01:09   we know. Unfortunately, this message would be
01:13   almost banal had it not been posted
01:17   by a journalist of “The Guardian”.
01:22   Here is the hard copy;
01:26   it’s her official twitter account. She has 8000 +
01:30   followers, and so she posts this kind
01:34   of (?). So what happened
01:38   is that I could not
01:42   close my eyes to this, so in addition
01:46   to denouncing it, it is important
01:50   to denounce sinister plans.
01:54   Some of you will understand, but in addition
01:58   as a honest citizen who pays
02:02   his taxes, and remembering the love of Jesus,
02:06   I could not let this pass. So I have
02:10   lodged an official complaint against this person,
02:15   an investigation has been opened, I will soon be called
02:19   to testify.
02:23   I will testify and explain where I found this.
02:27   I will explain the impact of these messages,
02:31   especially when they come from institutions that
02:35   create opinions.
02:39   Had it been posted by a Taliban in a cave,
02:43   I would nearly have understood, not appreciated but understood,
02:47   but this one, I could not let it pass.
02:51   Usually these people
02:55   who have this kind of compulsion for death and paedophilia,
02:59   a compulsion towards crime, usually they are masked,
03:03   usually they hide their compulsion.
03:08   But if you see their actions, you understand. When you see for example
03:12   the contempt with which
03:16   victims are treated by absolute monsters who kill, torture
03:20   and rape victims here on our streets,
03:24   and you see the complacency
03:28   and the contempt with which they treat the victims,
03:32   this gives you a clear idea of their mental universe.
03:36   So these people,
03:40   seeing that the hunt on children is open,
03:44   and there are lobbies for paedophiles
03:48   who claim the right to go into schools
03:52   speaking to children to explain what they do to children,
03:57   this has a “liberating effect” on them.
04:01   So she has encouraged rape of children under five.
04:05   Of course I don’t know who will rape them; people of her profession
04:09   will rape them? I don’t know.
04:13   Al Qaeda theorists such as England or France
04:17   will provide? I don’t know who will rape five-year-old kids.
04:21   But anyway, this is something
04:25   one cannot let pass. So there.
04:29   Sometimes I
04:33   tell myself
04:38   these ultra-minority lobbies of perverts
04:42   of violent people, paedophiles,
04:46   people who 200 or 300 years ago
04:50   would have been birds for the gallows, these people
04:54   today give us the impression – we the masses,
04:58   we the super-majority – that we are on our knees, that we are condemned to inaction,
05:02   when, in fact, in addition to
05:06   using the internet to speak and exchange
05:10   we must act. Bob Denard said that 100 people
05:14   can bring down a State. I think if we are 1000
05:18   and without violence we can
05:22   attain significant results instead of simply remaining
05:26   online, whinging and letting them progress.
05:43   You know these ultra-minoritarian lobbies,
05:47   it’s perverse, they have every defect, but you must recognise
05:51   they act, they move. How many among you,
05:55   sincerely,
05:59   how many people have created associations and done a little lobbying
06:03   of their mayor or at their schools, or else
06:07   to go into schools, speak to children
06:11   of family values,
06:15   of their traditions, their countries…
06:19   the basic values that are the foundation of our society,
06:23   how many have done this? No one. OK, yet we have perverts
06:27   who refer to “theories of gender”
06:31   created in a context of incest, paedophilia and human experimentation.
06:35   They don’t hesitate to do it.
06:40   You know,
06:44   I ask myself who is worse, is it the one
06:48   who is (ignorant and will teach? not clear),
06:52   or the one with ugly and horrid ideas
06:56   who will teach, or
07:00   the one who has
07:04   good on his side but who will not teach.
07:08   I don’t know who is worse. It’s an interesting question
07:12   I don’t know which is the greater crime,
07:16   I don’t know if our crime of not acting
07:20   would not be more serious than the crime of those we criticise,
07:24   who will go into schools, promote paedophilia.
07:28   That’s why we must act.
07:32   Today… I don’t know what this thing will give
07:37   but at least it’s a strong signal that this kind of thing will not pass, at least not here.
07:41   Good night my friends.

20 thoughts on ““We Are on Our Knees, Condemned to Inaction”

  1. People like Aldo make me feel glad to be alive in the here and now.
    Goodness never goes out of fashion, it is always appropriate and especially necessary now.

  2. What do you expect from the Guardian? It is a lying, uprincipled, pyschopathic organ of the Marxist-Islamic war being waged against Christianity. The “Left’s” ultimate goal is to get “child-adult” sex accepted as “normal”. I have fought these creatures for years and nothing they do surprises me. The old Labour Party was founded on Christianity, then the Communists and Fellow Travellers came along and corrupted it as they have every other institution they have contaminated, including the modern “Tory” party.

    I know folk who recognise several leading “Tories” from my University days who know the truth of this and that Cameron is himself a “Trotskyite” even if he doesn’t know what that means. Many if today’s Tories are “ex-members” of Far Left bodies, believe me… Cameron’s hardly “intellectual” but supports that all time “funhouse” for asylum cases called the Unite Against Fascism- an organsation that is 80 years out of date and full of dopey “liberals” from Gaza on Thames, currently baling out their nice twee “Hises” from floods…..

    The “Left” and inhuman, anti-human, mad and frankly downright evil.

    • There are no circumstances where abuse of prepubescent children is in any way acceptable. FULL STOP.

      How can a young child ‘consent’ to something of which they can have no comprehension because their bodies and minds are too immature?

      Are Assad’s children guilty of something? Are they not innocent until proven guilty?

      I suppose, to the guardianista, they are guilty of being born to parents of unacceptable political beliefs and are therefore political kuffar. Hate rules OK!

      What is good for Mohammed is good for the comrades…..

  3. ‘Come on and crrrryyy mee a river, crrrrry meee a rivvver…………………………

  4. This British lefty would like to complain to the Guardian, but does anyone know the journalist’s name, or date & details of the tweet?

    • Mark, I don’t remember the name, but freeze-frame the video when he holds the hard copy up — you can easily read it.

      • Thanks Baron. I see from a comment below that Ms Kabbani seems no longer to be with the Guardian, so that horse has likely bolted.

        Found her Twitter feed, but no email address, and I won’t use Twitter or Facebook as I don’t consider them secure (assuming anything is online!)

    • According to a recent tweet, she was speaking metaphorically:

      Kabbani ‏@RanaKabbani54 · Feb 11
      Of course no 2 wrongs make a right, but I was speaking metaphorically 2 shock ppl so they understand this regime’s methods of child rape.


      Her most recent piece at the Guardian is dated 21 Nov 2011. Perhaps she was too much even for this disreputable rag.

  5. I do understand why everyone has gone berserk over calling for raping his children, but in this whole uproar one could assume that raping someone else (like his wife) is – all in all – okay … Another stark example how NOT to weave a metaphor.

    • The use of rape as a political weapon is unfortunately very common, especially here in the ME. In fact it is encouraged and promoted in the Quran.

      The rape of children as a political weapon exposes the psychotic tenancies of the left and Islam. This is animal behaviour at its worst.

      When the ends justify the means then nobody is safe, on the whole the Judeo-Christian society which catalysed ‘Western Civilisation’ abhors rape of any kind, but a look around the world shows that this is basically unique.

      Rape of an adult is vile, rape of a child is murderously vile as the risk of fatality or mutilation is greatly increased. let alone the post trauma stress consequences.

      To me your criticism is not valid.

      • MC, I understand both your points, and I think that you are being a little hard on Dalegor. I think that Dalegor’s comment is valid.

        All rape is evil and has terrible consequences whether child rape, teen rape, adult rape, heterosexual rape, homosexual rape, animal rape, date rape, or gang rape.

        Evil is evil.

      • My criticism would be invalid, only if rape was moral. Of course, I am well aware of the woeful reality of it being a commonplace practice during a wartime, yet I can hardly find such exhortations appropriate in any imaginable situation. As far as I know, Assad’s wife is as guilty of what her husband may be hated by Rabbani for as their children (well, theoretically she could divorce him or at least whack him with a rolling-pin once or twice), so raping her bears the very same justification. None, that is. If this Guardian [aged woman of careworn appearance] had proposed some individual type of torture to inflict maximum of pain on him – after all, raping his beloved ones would be all about it – like impaling or boiling alive I would not have uttered a word of complaint … Although, shooting in most cases seems to be absolutely sufficient.

      • MC, I thought about your comment all day. To me, your comment indicates a mindset that I see in many blacks and Jews and in many people who actively ‘live’ their victimhood. Namely, the contention is that some victims are worse than others (even those victims who were NEVER victims because they were NOT born and did NOT get victimized by the defining victim event like slavery or the holocaust). It is a strange inversion of Orwell’s, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

        One example is that many black people act as if only blacks have been slaves and only whites have been slave owners. The reality is that many diverse peoples have been slaves and slave owners throughout history.

        Another example is that many Jews act if Jews were the main – or most important – victims of World War II (e.g. The concept of the Holocaust and the slogan ‘Never Again!’ were promoted to only or mainly apply to Jewish victims instead of all victims). The reality is that MANY people were heinously tortured and murdered in World War II. Do the Jews care about the other people who died in World War II – or are those people merely lesser victims than Jews because they are goy?

        “For hundreds of years, the word ‘holocaust’ was used in English to denote great massacres. Since the 1960s, the term has come to be used by scholars and popular writers to refer to the Nazi genocide of Jews.”


        “NAAF Project is an on-line memorial to the Holocaust and the millions of Jews who died. NAAF stands for Never Again, Always, and Forever.”



        The problem with presenting and accepting the idea that blacks and Jews are victim races is that modern non-victim blacks and Jews define themselves as victims and then ACT in ways that may ultimately be detrimental to their own interests and lead to their own real victimization of themselves (and others).

        Modern black people enslave themselves with welfare and drug use in urban areas.

        Modern Jews (racial or religious) advocate the importation of Muslims into the Christian West when it is Muslims who will murder modern Jews.

    • If you don’t understand why calling for the rape of children under five years of age is at the very extreme edge of human evil, there are no words that sufficiently describe you. Not all evil acts are equal in the depth of their awfulness and depravity: setting fire to a cat is evil, setting fire to a person who had once physically assaulted you or robbed you more so, raping a four year old because of her or his father’s political record more so again.

      • Well, Julius, I have not questioned it – I just pointed out that what Kabbani wrote was wrong as a whole, not partly.

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