The Counterjihad Caucuses

In last night’s post about the New Year’s Day conflagration in Minneapolis, a commenter named “ParahSalin” left the following comment urging Counterjihad-minded Minnesotans to get involved in tomorrow’s party caucuses:

Tuesday February 4th are caucuses in Minnesota.

If you are reading this and live in Minnesota (and especially if you are Republican), you must attend caucuses and you must go with the intent of becoming a delegate to your local BPOU (Basic Political Organizing Unit) convention and then be elected a delegate to the Congressional District (CD) and State Convention at the BPOU convention.

This is life or death. We need a robust contingent of aware and knowledgeable counter-Jihadists in both parties if we are going to have an impact.

It will cost money to attend the conventions. Visit Free Usage CaucusNight to get some basic info about caucuses. When you register on that site, put “GoV” in the “thoughts” section and I will contact you (I’m well connected). Visit Caucus Finder to find where to caucus.

I cannot stress enough the importance of doing this. I’ll also say the best chance you have of moving ahead through this process is by identifying yourself as a supporter of Jeff Johnson. But regardless, go to caucuses. If counter-Jihadists don’t show up, counter-Jihadists won’t have a say.