Speed Bumps

I was out for a good part of the day today (well, yesterday, really). Then, after I got home, a new round of technical difficulties set in at the Gates of Vienna website. If you were looking for us earlier this evening, you may have received one of several types of message saying the site was unavailable.

We don’t yet know what caused the outage. It might have been another DoS attack, or it might have been something else. But service is back to normal now.

So Murphy’s Law kicked in big-time today. If all goes well, normal posting will resume in the morning. Later in the morning, that is…

6 thoughts on “Speed Bumps

  1. Does not the pictures show a Volvo car, once battleship in Swedish technology, in its modern state. In the background one can discern the Swedish parliament building’s eastern facade. The image is highly symbolic.

    • I’m not disputing your expertise, Da Capo, but that’s a left hand drive car; Swedes drove on the left until 1967. Maybe it was intended to be an export model?

      • Mark. All cars in Sweden were left hand driven even if they drove on the left side. I got my drivers licence in march 1967, and they changed side September 3rd.

        • Mark H. The licence plates are not Swedish. So I doubt that the building is the Swedish parliament. The old Swedish plates began with A to Z referring to different counties of the country. Many of us kids use to sit at the side of the road noting plate numbers. No 1 was the county governor. Whaou, if you saw such a one! The number of my fathers car was G 5050. Reasonably high status among the kids.

          • Gosh Martin – I took my license in 1955 – after 5 lessons driving around Södermalm – I was good at maneuvering, as I during two summers before had driven a Volvo tractor + two trailers with loads of sheaves from the fields to the stationary combine. That kids about 1945-46 recorded the registration numbers in a notebook was not that silly, because motoring had restarted after the war, but that you were doing the same weak-minded hobby 10 years later surprises me – however, intelligence has never been held in high esteem in Sweden – and certainly not nowdays, when the country also shall be afroisated, islamisation was not enough.

            I did write that the picture was very symbolic of the current Swedish situation, did’nt I? Try to imagine seeing the building’s Srömperterren-Lejontrappan-side!

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