Special Benefits for Tyrants in the UN

This arrived in a direct message from a Twitter follower account…

“UNWatch” I think. Learn something new every day. The account doesn’t have to “follow” you to send a direct message. Found out when I tried to send a thank you. Useful information, that.

[If they stop by perhaps they’ll leave their information in the comments. Or maybe not. Oh, who knows?? Maybe they can send seekrit messages but don’t actually want our racist, islamophobic cooties or sumpn. Yawn…zzzzz]

Ain’t it grand? Four Biggies – gang leaders when it comes to sitting on the chest of Individual Liberty and bashing her brains in with her very own torch – are now proud members of the corrupt UN’s Council on Human Rights.

I thought you’d want to know that these strong men are acting courageously so you can sleep more soundly at night.

10 thoughts on “Special Benefits for Tyrants in the UN

  1. Sorry, Baron, not with you on this one. By helping raise living standards and giving dignity to one billion Chinese, the Chinese government has done more for “human rights” than virtually any other on the planet. Spend a week in Delhi or Manila, and then a week in Beijing, and ask yourself, honestly, where would you rather live if you were forced to live on average local wages? Virtually all China bashers, when confronted with the reality of poverty and crime in poor, broke democracies, would choose China.

      • Ok Baron and Dymphne:
        When we accuse Russia or China with dictatorship, what do the do worse than Paris, London, Washington, Oslo, Denmark, Australia, .. . etc.
        Which countries bring Muslims to rape their girls, beat their men and create no-go zone and people can’t complain? Is it China or Sweden, Oslo and Denmark?
        Which countries criminals are worshiped and pampered?
        Which countries have no idea what’s wrong and right?
        Which counties prefer Muslims to their own citizens?
        Which countries are run by Saudis and Turks?
        Which countries have the huge shameful amount of debts? That says something about immorality.
        You said for goodness sake “listen to this man, Putin.” But you never asked us to listen to Clowns such as Cameron, Blair, Hussein, Hollande, and those of the post-Christian extremely modern, know-all Scandinavians. What Putin said was wise and logical. The others have not said anything wise for the last 60 years. But working to destroy their own culture and nations diligently under our own eyes and we cannot stop them. When you can’t stop them who is the dictator?
        You go to the blessed London you can’t find Churches and whites. You find megamosques and bears. What a democracy? Magna Carta ( = a step towards democracy) was meant to force kings to return to their senses not surrender to beard colonizers.
        Toynbee, Hume, books, stiff upper lip …. all are rubbish if people don’t know how to connect education to real life situations.
        I wonder what did Britain sacrifice its youth for in two great wars? Britain has lost its compass (faith). Why are democracies proud of unlimited drinking, doing drugs, committing all vices and sins oops that smacks of Christianity, the terrible religion. Entertain yourself literary to death … the utmost goal. But beard wearers are limiting those individual freedoms (vices).
        Apart from choosing idiot A or B, there is no democracies afterwards. Only lies, deception and mass distraction by gossiping about human rights around the world.

        • And all brought to us by United Nations policies that have been adopted by the political class without so much as a beg pardon to the citizenry, and that have been used to undermine every Western nation’s Bill of Rights or Constitution!

          That video if you notice is not directed at what is really occurring around the Globe, which is the undermining of our liberties, but is aimed at protecting the minorities which are sacrosanct within the Collectivist thought bubble while exposing nothing that even begins to explain the corrupt UN for what it is – a power grab of global proportions that will eventually enslave us all!

          It is the UN that needs to be checked and then countered by those countries that wish to remain sovereign nations, not the five dictator nations that have become what they are now due to Western stupidity in financially supporting them.

          I don’t know about you, but at least the country I was born in still holds its head up every Australia Day and Anzac Day, which goes to remind of us of who we are and what we have to do to regain the freedoms that have so far been stripped from us!

          Every Western nation still has time to get back what has been taken from it, but time is slowly slipping away.

          So get moving!

          • How about the neighborhoods surrounding those churches? And what is the average number of people worshiping at those many churches on a Sunday morning?

  2. Not buying into this KONY propaganda genre, Western neoliberalism is as much of a “human rights” hypocrisy as the usual suspects.

    The Four Biggies – gang leaders that are sitting on the chest of Individual Liberty and bashing her brains in with her very own torch could also be applied to Brussels, London, Paris and Washington.

  3. One of my beautiful dreams when I finally wake up from the dreadful reality of the ugliness and horror of this world: that we Free People STOP all monies to the UN, kick all the dictators out and form a Real United Nations of only Free Peoples. Free Peoples have been supporting and enabling tyrants for too long. Enough. No more hardworking taxpayer monies to the UN. UN, crony place of all tyrants. I call on Canada, since Canada seems to be pretty good on human rights, more than any other so called modern country to call Tyrants: Tyrants.Readers of this blog, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, Free Northern Europeans, Israel. Dump the UN.

  4. Dymphna- You make a good point. I’ve been to Christmas services at St Paul’s, St Martin-in-the-Fields, and once at the Lutheran church in the City (if this makes me inconsistent, I can live with that). And of course London has many fine historic churches, but I can’t speak for their attendances.

    OTOH, the evangelical churches, mainly attended by Africans and Afro-Caribbeans, often in office buildings, enjoy strong support. The scary side is that some preach hate against gay people, and a few accuse people, including children, of witchcraft.

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