On Not Having to Live Among Zombies

Citizen testimony before a national assembly commission in Quebec City on the proposed Charter of Secular Values in Quebec has taken an interesting turn. The woman in the video below used an unusual — and politically incorrect term — to describe the sort of cultural enrichment that Québécoises are forced to live in the midst of.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   For you the wearing of
00:04   a veil or a kippa for example…
00:08   I would say the right to demonstrate
00:12   does not necessarily include
00:16   the right to do it in any kind of form.
00:20   I was very frightened
00:24   during a demonstration by zombies in Paris.
00:28   I found myself in a demonstration of zombies
00:32   …it was horrendous to see these people
00:36   circulate freely in the city
00:40   I have seen Barbares (?)
00:44   howl (inaudible)
00:48   blablallahblablallahbla
00:52   allahu-akhbar bla bla
00:56   blablallahblabla
01:00   allah…something…
01:04   unclear (to say the least)
01:08   we have nothing to lose now
01:12   in our districts: allahu-akhbar
01:16   allah-bla-allahu-akhbar
01:20   allahu-akhbar-bis
01:24   I asked myself, how can we find ourselves
01:28   in such situations? And now it has started in Montreal also.
01:32   (sign) “No to the discriminatory Charter”
01:36   allahu-akhbar
01:41   allahu-akhbar etc.
01:45   allahu-akhbar
01:49   allahu-akhbar…unclear
01:53   bla-allah-bla-bla
01:57   allahu-something
02:01   caption: It’s her choice
02:05   These are groups
02:09   who, to demonstrate their membership in certain groups
02:13   and certain ideologies will find themselves in the population
02:17   and one is confronted with something one has not chosen,
02:21   to find oneself in front of zombies. (unclear)
02:25   one should not have the right to be masked to demonstrate,
02:29   nor disguised, nor to wear signs
02:33   that don’t respect human dignity.
02:37   She has worn the veil since the age of 8.

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3 thoughts on “On Not Having to Live Among Zombies

  1. Jean Zombi was a real Haitian. He was a spree killer when the Haiatians massacred the French planters and set up the first black republic in 1805 or there abouts. Great Success.

  2. The zombie is defined, in psychology, as a person having no will of his or her own.
    If you have submitted, then certainly, the term is appropriately used.

  3. The men with blood on their bodies who are patting their heads have deliberately cut themselves on the scalp and are patting those cuts to spread the blood on themselves. They are Shiites (a.k.a. Shias), the Islamic sect that is an often-discriminated against minority in the Muslim world as a whole but are in the majority in Iran. What you see is them observing a ritual called the Day of Ashura, commemorating the day when the last direct descendent of Mohammed – whom they think was the last legitmate leader of Islam – was (in historical fact) slaughtered by the leader of what is now known as the Sunni sect of Islam. They do this every year on that day.

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