Mohammed in Legoland

Our British correspondent JP reports on an upcoming festive occasion in Windsor: the leasing of the Legoland theme park for an entire day by a questionable culturally enriched charity.

Legoland Windsor Resort Muslim Fun Day
by JP

The decision by Legoland to hire out its entire children’s park in Windsor to the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) for its second Family Fun Day on 9 March 2014 is causing some consternation: not merely because the concept of a private, Muslim-themed family event at one of Britain’s top family attractions is somehow distasteful and has more than a hint of emergent religious apartheid about it, but more significantly perhaps because the organisation responsible for the booking is led by Haitham al-Haddad, one of many hate clerics in the UK radicalising young Muslims at mosques and universities up and down the country.

Haitham al-Haddad’s might be considered one of the worst of Britain’s hate preachers: that homosexuality is worse than murder, that Jews are descended from apes and pigs, and that the death penalty for apostasy makes perfect sense count among some of his opinions as mandated by his religion.

It should be noted that the event is taking place on a day when the resort would normally be closed as its 2014 season does not start until 14 March 2014. Secondly, the MRDF issued a press statement on 14 February 2014 to announce that the ‘Family Funday 2014 at Legoland is an opportunity for the UK public to gather with British Muslims in a relaxed family environment. It is open to people from all faiths and cultures in an open and welcoming environment without the promotion of any particular ideology.’ This is at odds with an earlier statement promoting the event as an opportunity for Muslim families in the West to enjoy a halal environment conducive to their faith. It is doubtful many British citizens would find the ideology promoted by Haitham al-Haddad or MRDF either open or welcoming.

As reported in today’s Express, Legoland have called the police after a number of abusive messages were left on the company’s Facebook page. Thames Valley Police have confirmed that they are investigating to establish whether criminal offences have been committed and to identify those responsible. In addition, the English Defence League and Casuals United have called for a demonstration on the 9th of March 2014 to coincide with the event while a UKIP councillor, Tom Bursnall, has said that “a great deal of resentment [is] building up against Legoland” in the town, and that “there should be a peaceful demonstration. Residents are up in arms about this. They’re astonished Legoland is hiring itself out to man who promotes such sinister views.”

A Legoland spokesman said: “This is a commercial arrangement and something we do very regularly out of season — welcoming special interest, social and business groups of all sorts. We certainly do not discriminate in any way.” MRDF have reputedly paid Legoland £100,000 for the privilege of hiring its venue.

It would be quite correct to view this upcoming event with misgiving as part of a broader Muslim ‘normalization’ process whereby at first events are held when the venue is closed, then outside normal hours, and finally demands are made for regular Muslim-only events during opening times hitherto available to the general public. It is regrettable that Legoland have opened its doors to a Muslim charity*; even more so to an extreme charity headed by a cleric supposedly under Government scrutiny. Given the nature of Mr al-Haddad’s opinions, a demonstration on 9 March at Legoland would appear eminently sensible, but readers are urged to take note of the advice of the Thames Valley Police to keep any protest lawful.

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*   The MRDF is a registered charity allowing it to cloak its activities with a veneer of respectability and newspapers such as The Express to designate it as such thereby rendering seemingly benign what is highly dangerous.

14 thoughts on “Mohammed in Legoland

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  2. This is a slippery one, it is not so much about Legoland as about the double standard that allows Muslims to practise real and open ‘hate’ whilst the rest of us get in quod for telling the truth about Islam.

    Legoland would have opened themselves to accusations of ‘discrimination’ if they had refused this deal.

  3. No, they wouldn’t, because the Nazis never quite went all the way to declare themselves an official religion. Just imagine: Odinu Akbar!

  4. The Legoland theme parks was sold off by LEGO some years back to Merlin Entertainments Group. The family who owns LEGO are said to be worth about 6 billion dollars and allthough The LEGO Company no longer owns shares in Legoland, the familys private investments include a considerable share in Merlin Entertainments Group.

    Merlin Entertainments Group is one of the biggest in the business and can be compared with the Disney theme parks in size and sales.

    They own some of the most famous and visited theme parks and other tourist attractions in Europe, such as Heide Park in Germany near Hannover, Gardaland in norther Italy by the Garda Lake, Thorpe Park in England. Also they own the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, and many other London tourist attractions.

    Finally they own the Legoland theme parks, which are placed in Denmark, Windsor England, germany, Malaysia and in the US they have Legolands in California and Florida.

    • Well there is Jabba the Hutt’s palace, but Lego agreed to cease production after Turkish Muslims complained it looked like the Hagia Sophia.

      • I wonder if they’ve seen Pat Condell’s website? (to save you looking, he has a photo of the Dome of the Rock which, with the aid of a felt tip, has been turned into Humpty Dumpty!)

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