Little Green Men and the Jews

Below is another video from Aldo Sterone, the French auto-pundit who grew up in Algeria, “has known Islam”, and warns France about Islamization. This clip is a response to people who complain about Mr. Sterone’s failure to criticize Jews.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


01:17   So what’s happening… today
01:21   I went on Facebook and find a message from a chick who asks:
01:25   “Why do you never attack the Jews?”
01:29   So we start 2014 with a Jewish story.
01:33   Listen, I’ll tell you very simply: Everyone
01:38   you – I – everyone – we construct our sensitivity
01:42   on the elements that form the basis for our mental universe.
01:46   for example, I go out at 6 am and pass
01:50   a little green man who discharges 15,000 volts into me.
01:54   First time it’s ok, second time ok, but 15 days of that and
01:58   it becomes a little pavlovian. In time,
02:02   if I see a little green man, even if he is nice, I run.
02:06   We are like that; don’t tell me I’m racist against little green men.
02:10   In my mental universe,
02:14   when I look around, I have not seen any Jew for example
02:18   massacre villagers with knives.
02:23   I have not noticed that Judaism has become
02:27   THE religion of prisons in a country like France, where Judaism is very much in the minority.
02:31   I have not noticed any news telling us
02:35   that Jews have killed people for a cigarette.
02:39   You understand? I have not seen a Jew who cut up
02:43   the head of someone he considers his enemy with a knife
02:47   and then ate his organs and put a video of it online.
02:51   Okay, that’s all, you understand, that’s it,
02:55   like the little green men. Now people will tell me,
02:59   and they have already: “you know the guy who massacred
03:03   villagers with a knife, child, woman, baby, fetus, all that
03:07   there is a Jew behind him.” No, there is no Jew behind, you know what is behind him?
03:11   there is a type like him, exactly like him,
03:16   with the same concepts he has.
03:20   So, that’s why, because I have observed no
03:24   phenomena like this, I don’t criticise the Jews.
03:28   Now, the very day I see this from them, I assure you
03:32   they will not get half-price from me, okay, that’s clear then.

59 thoughts on “Little Green Men and the Jews

  1. Even on this website I am attacked for being openly Jewish, it is a state of mind for some people. I supposedly have a ‘victim’ culture (along with ‘afro-Americans’)

    I think the reverse is true, I think the western world has a ‘blame’ culture which is perpetually trying to pass ‘responsibility’ off to some other group, and in many cases that is ‘the joos’.

    We see this with Kerry’s so called ‘peace’ talks; it is not a dialogue when one side must, under dire threats, make ALL the concessions, and accede to ALL the terrorist’s demands. Remember Gaza….

    Israel is guilty until proven innocent, and that has been the name of the game for Jews for many centuries.

    The video acknowledges this fact.

    • I think you are confusing a few things. I’m not against the Israelis robustly protecting themselves in the Levant. My concern is the well placed Jews in academia, media, judiciary, politics perhaps even the police and military in the UK who support mass migration of Africans and Asians into the UK.

      I quite admire the Israelis, the diaspora? Not so much.

      • The Jewish community in UK numbers less than 300,000, they are insignificant. I know of no Jews in the police or military (apart from myself in the ’70s).

        Most of the decisions in UK are not made by Jews, they are made predominantly by ‘Christians’. Many more Christians support mass migration of Africans and Asians into the UK than do Jews. Be worried about the Christians on the left, they are the ones making the key decisions

        • Apart from people like Mandelson, Milliband, the Saatchis, Feldman, Rifkind…

          A lightbulb switched on for me watching the Levinson Enquiry. I watched it from the States, and I hard time distinguishing the faces from meetings in bits n bobs of the Congressional footage on CSpan.

          I can reel off all the pols with Jewish heritage if you like btw. There are quite a few.
          Btw the likely inheritor of Newscorp, if she can keep it is married to Matthew Freud. They are neighbors when I get back to the UK during summer. Their bodyguards are beefy looking Israeli spec ops.

          It’s quite funny to watch them occupy the village.

        • The Jewish community in UK numbers less than 300,000, they are insignificant.

          On Cameron’s government. One of the Tory chairs used to be a Pakistani Muslim, Lady Warsi. Is that significant? The other chair was Lord Feldman. But now Lady Warsi is gone. replaced by Grant Shaps. Both Lord Feldman and Grant Shaps are Iranian Muslims. Is that significant?

          Hold on, they’re not Iranian Muslims, they’re from an insignificant minority that has no power or influence. Whew.

          You know, MC, [personal assertions redacted].

          • So, these people hold positions in the Consevative Party not the Conservative Government, they are insignificant, they do not make decisions on behalf of the people of the UK

            You will have to do a bit better than that…

          • In politics, it is the people behind the scenes who control the people on the scene. Increasingly in the USA, there is a circle where the funders control the agenda of the politicians who then make laws that directly increase the ability of the funders to fund.

  2. You can understand why he does the video in his car – the house is probably full of bugs.

  3. when I look around, I have not seen any Jew for example
    02:18 massacre villagers with knives.
    02:23 I have not noticed that Judaism has become
    02:27 THE religion of prisons in a country like France, where Judaism is very much in the minority.

    All true. But what about the non-Muslims who support mass immigration by Muslims and other inhabitants of the Third World? There was never any democratic mandate for it and the white majority never wanted it to happen. Who did? When New Labour opened the floodgates in the UK, who was funding them? Who is now allied with Muslims in the fight against the scourge of Islamophobia?

    Islamophobia is a threat to democracy

    The Guardian, Thursday 25 March 2010

    We are concerned by the rise of Islamophobia, the negative coverage of Muslims in the media, the violent street mobilisations of extreme rightwing organisations like the English Defence League, and the rising electoral support for the British National party (The battle for Barking, Weekend, 13 March). Following Channel 4’s recent inflammatory documentary, Britain’s Islamic Republic, which saw concentrated attacks on the East London Mosque, the English Defence League marched through central London with placards including the demand “Close the East London Mosque now”.


    This is signed by, among others:

    Ken Livingstone
    Dr Abdul Bari Secretary general, Muslim Council of Britain
    Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC
    Dr. Edie Friedman Executive director, Jewish Council for Racial Equality
    Professor Eric Hobsbawm
    Rabbi Lee Wax
    Anas Altikriti Spokesperson, British Muslim Initiative
    Professor Avi Shlaim
    Lord Nazir Ahmed

  4. I hope we see more of the great auto-didact Aldo Sterone: short and to the point with brilliant set design.

  5. “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

    Ah the innocence: You see the problem, but do you see the root of the problem?

    Namely, where did the little green men come from, why did the little green men come, and who is allowing them to stay past any sane utility – unless, of course, the utility of the little green men is far different than the reasons stated and used to inflict them on unsuspecting native Western Christian populations?

    Might there be identifiable highly organized groups that orchestrated the completely destructive wholesale importation and continued excessive public welfare funding of little green men – and to what observable purpose?

    At the least, are the little green men simply a foil to ‘convince’ native populations that other little men are NOT as ‘evil’ as little green men?

    Perhaps the answer differs in France than in the USA?

    Who benefits if Christianity is eradicated from the West?

    Read both of these essays together (with the second essay being the more powerful).

    • Using “Lame Cherry” as a source for anything is questionable at best. I visited that site at your suggestion and the person/people there don’t write intelligible English.

      Please, please stop with the long, long cut-and-paste on the JOOOOs. I’ve been quite sick today and to have to endure this is making me even more ill.

      • Lame Cherry is a treasure trove, but you have to be willing to mine for the treasure. Ignore the dross. Grab the treasure with both hands and run for your life. 🙂

        Lame Cherry (LC) is very concerned that super computers NOT be able to analyze LC’s thoughts, so LC writes in a deliberately obtuse form of English with many purposeful misspellings and near words. LC will use words that humans are able to mentally fix to understand meaning – but computers might not. For the essays that interest you, it helps to read the passages out loud.

        LC uses shock value to make points. Ignore the shock and appreciate the main points.

        LC writes a lot of historical comparatives to give people a historical context for current situations.

  6. He’s good at attacking straw men, but if you look at Sarkozy he did say that Frenchmen and mostly French women would have to Mettisage as he put it.

    That’s Miscagination. Sarkozy encoraged the French to interbreed with Muslims. He’s a super-Jew. There are others in France and America and the rest of Europe openly encouraging Whites to assimilate with Muslims, welcoming them into our hearth and home. Nancy Spector made quite a stir recently by claiming that Jews were right at the heart of the Multicult experiment.

    The legal mechanisms are occupied by hostiles alright.

    • Yes, and the English grooming gangs seem to indicate that interbreeding is merely a euphemism for gang rape of infidel women by Muslim men as exhorted and modeled by the ‘model’ Muslim man Mohammed.

  7. I might add that Alan Shatter in Ireland is in charge of migration policy, the judiciary and he’s a Zionist Jew. His hypocrisy on Aliyah and Irish multiculturalism is there for all to see.

  8. I have to say something here, as someone who totally respects Israel and their struggle for security and who believes that never again should mean just that, I can forgive the Jewish people as a whole for anything.

    It is not the fact that some Jews are left leaning insane liberals that means you should be negative about Jews, the problem is that thsoe people are left leaning insane liberals and that is what they are part of, nothing to do with being a Jew.

    This man has it spot on, he defined why any resonable person whould have no issues with Jews, they are utterly inoffensive and are decent people, they don’t follow some sort of ideology that glorifies in hate and killing and slavery.

    Many people start on the lie that Jews control the finances and all that rubbish, however as far as I am concerned while some Jews were very powerful in terms of financial markets they hardly controlled them, and in any case the people who control the financial markets at this point are the Gulf Arabs, who started the crisis by the take down of Lehman brothers by fruadulent short selling that caused a share price collapse, of course the financial meltdown of the West was always going to happen, but they gave it a bloody big kick. So any of you people who start on that sort of rubbish are doing the work of the Islamics for them in their destruction of the Jewish people which is based on their refusal to accept Mohammed as a prophet, which is why he called them the worst of people and the sons of apes and pigs. They saw him as the phony that he was and refused to accept him.

    • You providing sources for ANY of your personal opinions would be helpful. I notice that most people who reference the religious, political, and financial behavior of racial and/or religious Jews are as ignorant of Judaism as they are of Islam – with the stated intention of both religions to become supreme rulers over all humanity.

      At the least, according to the Washington Post, racial and/or religious Jews are in the quite extraordinary financial position to dominate the finances and ideology of the modern Democrat Party whose political operatives are happily imposing Communism on the USA.

      “The Washington Post has estimated that Jews provide 60 percent of the party’s major individual contributions. The actual stat, according to a Democratic insider privy to unreleased research, puts the figure closer to 80 percent.”

      NOTE: Observing, commenting about, and criticizing Jewish behavioral patterns that are DESTROYING Western Christian civilization from the inside out is NOT “doing the work of the Islamics for them in their destruction of the Jewish people.” Quite the opposite. Racial or religious Jews are FAIR GAME to be analyzed in the quest to save the entire world (as opposed to just Jews – BUT also including Jews!).

      • First of all I am likely to know a lot more about Islam than you, I have also like many read the bible, I have seen no reason for me to look in detail at the differences if any between the Torah and the old Testement. I certainly find that your comment about Judaism wanting to become supreme rulers of all humanity as total pap. And your link indicates no directive by the religious for people to vote against Obama, you can be sure that Muslims are very directed in their voting.

        The people who control the Democrats are communists and other assorted looney extreme left and Ecologists who for me are the most extreme of the lot. The people who are doing this are extreme left, who have a one world international socialist type agenda, that some Jews are part of this movement means nothing. And taking your logic to its conclusion, many so called Christian people are members of the looney left, so using your logic we should say that Christians are part of this.

        When I was blogging I pointed out that the most extreme left wing fanatics seemed to be Jewish, but that does not mean anything in terms of blaming Jews as a whole, the only thing you can perhaps take from that is that these people want to create a one worled touchy feely type system so Jews do not get persecuted.

        Come on see some sense and get away from this irrational Jew hatred based on the activities of people who atre likely not to be observent Jews.

        • Actually, there is an ancient, international conspiracy to put the whole world under the rule of a Jewish king, and I am part of it.

          It’s called Christianity.

          • In giving humans the gift of free will, the triune God neither ‘rules’ over man nor provides a ‘Jewish king’ as Jesus referred to himself as the Son of man generally – and witness unto the truth when directly questioned by Pilate prior to the crucifixion.

            King James Bible – John 10:9
            I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

            King James Bible – John 18:37
            Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

            King James Bible – Galatians 3:28
            There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one IN JESUS CHRIST.

      • Egghead said wrt judaism: “the stated intention of both religions to become supreme rulers over all humanity.”

        This is something you honestly believe? This is crazy.

        • Make an ad hominem insult against me if you want, BUT….

          1. For good or ill, wealthy Jews provide the majority of the funds to the Democrat Party – and thus control the agenda of the Democrat Party – which is a CHANGEABLE agenda IF enough people acknowledge and address real problems.

          2. The Democrat Party has forced Obamacare on the USA.

          3. True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht explained on Christian Talk Radio that the main purpose of Obamacare is to illegally control the VOTING in the USA – in express violation of USA law which explicitly requires an in-person appearance to register to vote. Depending on the state, voter registration currently requires a picture ID (in contrast to the actual act of voting).

          The left happily confirms: “…Covered California will be incorporating voter registration into every transaction – online, in-person and by phone – it has with consumers.”

          True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht explained on Christian Talk Radio the following problems:

          a. Online and phone transactions lend themselves to extensive fraud where fictional people are registered for ‘free’ health care simply to be registered as new voters.

          b. Obamacare registers illegal immigrants for health care which means that illegal immigrants will quite likely be registered to vote.

          c. A truly amazing amount (maybe 40% or more – I forget) of absentee ballots are now cast in ADVANCE of elections which is a problem because 1) people can vote for other people, and 2) political parties know EXACTLY how many votes they need to ‘manufacture’ to cheat to win elections.

          Here is the only source on absentee voting that I can find quickly right now:

          “In 1972, less than 5 percent of American voters used absentee ballots, according to census data. By 2010, almost 16 percent of votes cast in the 2010 general election were absentee ballots, and nearly 5 percent more were mail ballots, according to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s Election Administration and Voting Survey. If in-person early voters are counted, nearly 30 percent of the voters in 2010 did not go to the polls on Election Day.”

          4. The USA is the most powerful country in the world via many measures including advanced weaponry, immense wealth, vast natural resources, reliable human resources, etc.

          5. Those who control the USA are the supreme rulers of humanity – which is WHY almost everyone in the world wants to immigrate or live or rule in the USA.

          • There was no ad hominem there. I called the idea crazy. And it is.

            True the Vote, sounds very interesting and needed.

            I wonder what to make of anyone who believes such a thing. With Islam, it is scriptural. “…til all religion is for Allah.” With Judaism there’s no such nonesuch. Not even an evangelism mandate. Where do you come to think such a thing? Is this Protocols type junk? Just trying to understand you.

          • So, I spent a couple of hours looking up sources for you. However, it becomes a situation where 1) the webmasters prefer to focus on other topics, and 2) my quoted sources (which might very well offend on the face of it) would require long explanatory passages. Even for me, it becomes wearisome to explain the obvious to an often hostile audience.

            If you are interested, the internet is out there. 🙂

            Or, you can simply pay close attention to politics in the West and make up your own mind.

      • The second paragraph of your February 19 posting I was referring to. Mind you I agree almost as strongly with the second paragraph of your Feb 20 posting.

  9. The problem of WW2 was not Germans it was Nazis.

    Hitler was an Austrian. But the problem was not Austrians, it was Nazis and their ideology.

    The problem of communism was not Russians. It was communists. Mao killed something like 20 million farmers to try and force communism to work till he gave up and realized it wouldn’t. The problem was not Chinese it was communism.

    The problem with the Jews who have eaten the leftist/communist pudding (And if I had a nickel for every person who had sent me that video of the Scandinavian Jewish woman talking about how Europe needed to become multicultural or something like that I would have at least a fifty cent piece by now) is not that they are Jews it is that they are communists or otherwise sucked into the Frankfurt school narrative like pretty much every kid in every Western university today.

    I do find it interesting that when your average universty student says all that crap that no one says the problem is with white Christian people but with the universities and ideology that produced that mindset. But when a Jewish kid says that same stuff….

    In any case, there should be little doubt that those professional Jews, the ones who somehow get to the top of organizations that claim to speak for Jewish people and also manage to make a living at it, do indeed carry water for the Frankfurt narrative. Nothing else would be tolerated from them if they said anything else I expect.

    Mark Steyn speaks on it here:

    • Could you explain the behaviour of Alan Shatter in Ireland?

      He must be one of only a couple thousand. Yet there he is controlling Irish immigration policy. The Mac who did his job Before was a hardliner. Strange innit?

  10. Looney insane liberal leftie, who things that all men can live on a kibbuttz and sing Kum by yah while holding hands, and the world will be a happy place, the sort of person that most probaly thinks that the song Imagine by John Lennon is a blueprint for peace lover and rights for everyone, well not for white middle aged middle class men…

  11. “Despite speculation every four years that American Jews are on the verge of dropping their allegiance to the Democratic Party, the Jewish population has grown more Democratic and liberal than it was throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, according to a new, long-term study of voting behavior.”

    “Exit polls don’t offer any hint why Jews shifted toward more-Democratic voting in the early ‘90s. But the timing strongly suggests a reason, the study notes: the GOP’s greater reliance on a Southern, evangelical Protestant base that many Jews find discomforting. Further evidence for that theory comes from the fact that the Democrats’ only Southern, evangelical nominee in the last 40 years, Jimmy Carter, is also the one who did worst among Jewish voters in both of his campaigns.

    “The study points to one bright spot for Republicans hoping to boost their Jewish vote totals: As with Christians, Jews who attend religious services every week are considerably more likely than others to vote Republican. Demographers project that high birth rates among Orthodox Jews will increase their share of the Jewish population. Over time, that could lead to greater Republican and conservative numbers.

    “If that change comes to pass, however, it will take awhile. For now, Jews have become slightly more likely to identify themselves as liberal. The exit poll data showed about 40% of Jews calling themselves liberal in the early 1970s, a number that has slowly climbed in recent elections. In the last three presidential elections, the percentage of Jews calling themselves liberal was 46%, 46% and 45%. Only 13% of Jews identified themselves as conservative in 2008. Among voters as a whole, 22% called themselves liberal in 2008 and 34% identified themselves as conservative.”

  12. “US Jews are very liberal: 49% of Jewish adults identify as liberal, compared with just 19% who say they are conservative. That’s nearly a mirror-opposite of the general public, of whom 38% say they are conservative and 21% say they are liberal. That finding holds for age groups, albeit that Jews become less liberal as you look at the spectrum from Reform towards Orthodox.

    “The reason American Jews are liberal is because they tend to sympathize with the less fortunate and with minorities: like many black and Hispanic Americans, 54% of Jews believe government should be bigger, with more services, compared to just 40% of the public at large who believe the same. And 82% of Jews think that homosexuality should be accepted by society, while just 57% of the general public believes so.

    “Tellingly, Jews sound a lot more like a minority when it comes to discrimination than one might expect from a group of people who are mostly white. Despite problems between Israel and its Arab (and Persian) neighbors, 72% of Jews say Muslims in America are discriminated against, versus just 47% of the public at large who say that. While 64% of Jews say there is discrimination against African Americans, only 47% of all Americans do. This gap extends to attitudes towards Latino Americans, as well.

    “The roots of these liberal values probably lie in Jews’ own understanding of what they went through in their history, with 73% of Jews holding the belieef (sic) that remembering the Holocaust is an essential part of being Jewish. Indeed, Jews say it is the most essential part of what it means to be Jewish. Third on the list, though, at 56%, is working for justice and equality.

    “It’s unlikely that outreach by religious Christians, who tend to be very conservative, on the issue of Israel is going to break this pattern. Jews simply don’t feel any real affinity towards Evangelical Christians. Jews, for instance, don’t buy into the idea that there is a (secularist) war against Christianity, as Rand Paul has argued. Only 16% of Jews agree there is discrimination against Evangelical Christians in the United States (a much larger 30% of all Americans think there is).”

    NOTE: The entire article is worth a read….

  13. “Those of us who grew up as (and still are) Reform Jews know just how much contemporary American liberalism has become intertwined with our particular branch of the faith. Although I can mostly speak to my own experience, I think most Reform Jews can attest to the accuracy of those who describe it as “the Democratic Party at prayer.” Well, in recognition of Passover, a holiday whose standard observance practically begs for a left-wing interpretation, the Public Religion Research Institue conducted a survey on the values and political beliefs of American Jews of all denominations. And, spoiler alert, they’re consistently left wing.”

  14. “Jews are less than 2 percent of the American population, but they are major players in the Democratic Party. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the chairwoman of the national committee. Steve Israel heads the House reelection committee. The party’s intelligentsia and pundit class have a higher bar mitzvah quotient than the average B’nai Brith bowling team. Three of the four Supreme Court justices appointed by Democratic presidents are Jews. So are a quarter of the members of the Democratic Senate Caucus and 45 congressmen (all but one, Eric Cantor, are Democrats).

    “The Washington Post has estimated that Jews provide 60 percent of the party’s major individual contributions. The actual stat, according to a Democratic insider privy to unreleased research, puts the figure closer to 80 percent. In 2004, when so-called 527 organizations provided the biggest contributions, four Democratic donors—George Soros, Peter Lewis, Steven Bing, and the Sandler family—coughed up $73 million, more than the next 20 contributors, Republican and Democratic, combined. Jews are not simply supporters of the Democratic Party. They are stakeholders.

    “Like all stakeholders, Jews—and their interests—are taken seriously. Some are professional: academia, the entertainment industry (which depends on a good U.S. image abroad for much of its income), the high-tech sector, the legal establishment, financial institutions, teachers’ unions, and liberal NGOs are all disproportionately run and staffed by Jews.

    “So is the party’s activist base. Perhaps the most salient Jewish voting issue is the protection of abortion rights, which is supported by close to 90 percent of all Jewish women. In other words, American Jewish support for the Democratic Party is not a decision made by a Sanhedrin in some imaginary bunker in Boca Raton. The Democratic Party is the emotional home of most Jews. The Reform Movement, America’s largest Jewish denomination, has been called ‘the Democratic Party with holidays.’ Many of the secular Jewish national organizations are simply cogs in the party machine.”

  15. “Even as the Jews have assimilated over the last 100 years and have become the most American of Americans, they have never in large numbers joined “white” Americans in voting for conservative candidates for public office. Despite all this integration and assimilation into American culture, the overwhelming number of Jews still can’t take “yes” for an answer and remain skeptical of mainstream American values. In the 1960s, many Jews joined the counterculture movements and have remained Hard Left in orientation when it came to labor, civil rights, and sexual orientation issues. These Jewish Democrats still see a country not of opportunity, but of oppression, and they identify with the Democrats who they perceive are more concerned for the poor, which is a Biblical Jewish value. Conservatives believe that social welfare programs hurt people’s initiative and make them dependent on government rather than upon themselves, or their families or their communities. Conservatives further see this dependency as contrary to the American value of self-reliance and believe it leads to a sense of entitlement. However, Jewish Democrats don’t see anything wrong with this dependency and don’t even if care if it hurts poor people or not; in fact, they believe in activist government.

    “From a deeper perspective, Jewish Democrats are demonstrating “Exile” behavior. Exile behavior is identifying with your oppressor and looking to your oppressor for solutions. In Biblical times, it was said that 80 percent of the Jews that were slaves in Egypt remained in Egypt rather than make the difficult journey to freedom and liberty to the Holy Land with Moses. After the Jews established their own country in the Land of Israel, they had two Holy Temples destroyed, and subsequently they have been in exile for the last 2000 years. Part of that exile has included relying on governments to protect them from Christian anti-Semitism, protection that often never materialized. As they say in the State of Israel today, a Jewish country with Jewish leadership, “You can take the Jew out of the Exile, but you can’t take the Exile out of the Jew.” So in the United States, with the exception of the Orthodox Jews, who identify with conservative family values, Jews that vote Democrat are essentially expressing more faith in government than in Divine Providence.”

    “So at the end of the day, for the Jews who vote Democrat, they live out their religion by being a liberal and voting Democrat.”

    NOTE: The entire article is worth a read….

    • Egghead- What’s a nice Jewish girl like you doing on a site like this?

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist; seriously, in another context here I’ve quoted an old joke about the Chinese Communist leader in Mao’s day, who was asked what he thought were the consequences of the French Revolution, and said “It’s too early to tell”. If you’re waiting for American Jewry to move to the right (the merits of which we likely disagree about), you may have to wait a while longer.

      • Hey Mark,

        Did you know that I am indeed a lady? I just omit to correct most people who assume that I am a man. I do have a sense of humor, and I did laugh at your joke. I even have a dear longtime Jewish lady friend. 🙂

        • One of the most anti-Semitic of my friends has “his jew” – as did any number of Nazis.

          And one of the most intensely anti-black of my acquaintances has “his boy”…

          my mother, rabidly anti-English, had to come to terms with a sister-in-law from Maidstone. ‘Bout killed her but she did it because family trumps irrationality.

          Sadly, though, one swallow doesn’t presage summer; its appearance, sans “kith or kin” (as they around here) just means there’s a lonesome bird who’ll require a lot of attention to survive.

          Some of our most generous donors are Jews. Others are Norwegians and Danes, and whitebread fellows from Oz.Not to mention Texans. IOW, just average folks who enjoy our blog in its various manifestations.

          Unless the murderous ones bomb Tel Aviv tomorrow, this post is the last opportunity anyone will have for JOOOO-bashing on our pages for a long time to come 😉

          • Due to highly-propagandized and manipulated ‘guilt’ over the evil Holocaust (which existed BUT murdered many more people than only Jews), it is MORE easy to label someone as anti-Semitic than it is to label someone Islamophobic.

            Labeling someone as anti-Semitic is intended to cease and desist all analysis of the highly organized ACTIONS of Jews – actions that substantially affect the welfare of everyone else in the world – rather than only Jews.

            If MY Christian son and daughter are to be sent to fight in and die in ceaseless world wars, then I will continue to question ALL of those in power and authority – including Jews in power and authority.

            The observable fact that there are ‘nice’ individual Jews and Muslims in a personal context is unrelated and irrelevant to the highly organized ACTIONS of Jews and Muslims operating in a group dynamic for the ‘good’ of Jews and Muslims.

            It appears that, in the high level politics of Western countries, Jews and Muslims have finally arrived at that magical state of Pan-Arabism which is yet to be achieved at the personal level in the West – and which has been rejected altogether in the Middle East.

            The Western version of Pan-Arabism contains the strict rules that neither Jews nor Muslims – and especially NOT their highly organized groups – are to be analyzed or criticized by others. Of course, Jews and Muslims may talk about themselves, but others must NOT talk about them except in the most glowing and positive terms (i.e., Jews sure have won a lot of Nobel prizes! Let’s implement Sharia Law in the West – we’ll call it hate speech – so that no one says anything ‘counterproductive’ about Jews or Muslims!).

            Anyone who dares to analyze or criticize Jews and Muslims is instantly – and reflexively – labeled as a moral and intellectual pariah with the most violent imagery that can be summoned:

            I copy and paste statistics that indicate that 1) Jews themselves do identify that Jews vote as a religious block about controversial issues in the West, and 2) Jews do indeed control the agenda of the Democrat Party based on their overwhelming financial power.

            You reply, “I’ve been quite sick today and to have to endure this is making me even more ill.” AND “Some of our most generous donors are Jews.”

            I believe that is PRECISELY the point that I am making: For good or ill, Jewish people use their financial clout to place clearly defined parameters around ALL societal dialog about the actions of highly organized Jewish groups.

            I say, in order to save the entire world – including Jews – that highly organized Jewish groups need to STOP funding and supporting Communist goals and methods meant to destroy Western Christian civilization.

            MC replies (about me, I presume), “…there are still many who would be very happy to turn on the gas taps.”

            It beggars belief that everyone who notices the self-destructive tendencies of highly organized Jewish groups (which expand to be destructive of everyone else including Christians and Muslims) will be accused of inciting Jewish genocide.

            To casually label me as an anti-Semite ignores the Jewish elephant (wait, that should be a donkey) in the room in the SAME way that to casually label anti-jihadis as Islamophobes ignores the Muslim elephant in the room.

            There is more than one way to murder Western Christian civilization. The Muslim method is simply the more crude and obvious method….

            P.S. I am STILL waiting for MC to acknowledge to me that many MORE Christians were murdered in World War II than Jews – and that those Christians deserve AS MUCH mourning as the Jews….


        • I did indeed, Egghead.

          You seem to be an intelligent and well-read one too, but I think that if I found people who are different from me as threatening as you appear to, I’d never leave the house.

  16. “you know the guy who massacred
    03:03 villagers with a knife, child, woman, baby, fetus, all that
    03:07 there is a Jew behind him.”

    As I can see from the thread, there is still a rampant JOO boogie woogie around, and that there are still many who would be very happy to turn on the gas taps.

    Jews are a tiny section of the population, and except here in Israel are not responsible for the decisions made by governments. The powerful people in the Obama administration strike me as hostile to Jews….

    No, there is no Jew behind, you know what is behind him?
    03:11 there is a type like him, exactly like him,
    03:16 with the same concepts he has.

  17. Thank you Dymphna. I was about to jump in and it would not have been any Jew bashing as you might have guessed. I think it is best to not say anything more except this. to others here I am one of those average white bread people who has contributed in the past to this site and have learned much here and enjoy this place.

  18. Dymphna,

    There was a Canadian character called Richard Warman who worked for some government department charged with stamping out “racism” etc. His modus operandi was to post on neo-nazi and anti-jihadi websites with lurid opinions about his own Jew hatred encourage other posters to join in then personally prosecute them for hate crimes in some kangaroo human rights court.

    I can’t help but suspect that something of the same nature is going on with [examples redacted]. There were a couple of others of the same ilk a while ago but they have faded away.

    The obsession of these [people] with the JOOOS is just too crass and frankly nutty to be genuine. Who could for example with a straight face describe Nicholas Sarkozy as a “Super-Jew”? His father’s side is all Hungarian catholic nobility, his maternal grandfather was raised Jewish then converted to Catholicism when he married his French Catholic wife before World War One. Sarkozy would have been permitted to join the Wehrmacht.

    My concern is that a respectable anti-jihadi site will be tainted by association.

    • Julius,

      With all due respect… I wish I had a nickel for every time someone has warned me that allowing our commenters to say what they want would taint our blog by association.

      I’d be a rich man.

      I spit on the grave of my reputation!

      Every since December 2007, I have laughed at the idea of worrying about such things. Between the two of them, Charles Johnson and Pajamas Media did all the besmirching and marginalizing that can possibly be done to us. The LGF Wars burned out any fear in me of losing my “reputation”.

      My reputation, such as it was, died under the jackboot heel of Charles Johnson six years ago.

      Any shreds that remained were gathered together and deep-sixed by Roger Simon, helped along later by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, and even later than that by all the media outlets (especially in Norway) that labeled Gates of Vienna as “a xenophobic hate site that acted as one of Breivik’s mentors”, or a variant thereof.

      I truly don’t give a damn about my reputation. In fact, I would be ashamed of myself if I deleted people’s comments just because of the opinions they hold, even if those opinions are different from mine, and even if those people are obsessive in their preoccupations.

      If guilt by association is the result of my position, so be it. I won’t be a lickspittle toady to the mandarins of political correctness.

      Let a thousand flowers bloom! I don’t maintain this blog in order to curry favor with people I despise.

      • Fair enough. My primary response is that GoV is not a “xenophobic hate site”: it’s a highly valuable information portal on Islamification that wisely redacts profanity and thus maintains a tone sadly lacking elsewhere.

        Disappointed to learn thatRobert Spencer and yourself aren’t allies.

        BTW I still delve back deep into the “Cultural Enrichment Archives” to brighten my day when it hasn’t been a great one. Seems to have been drying up of late.

        • The Cultural Enrichment series depends on my having the time to do the little bit of extra work necessary to add a piece to the archives & format it as a CE post.

          There’s been enrichment enough lately, but not so much spare time. Between the Breivik letter and the events in Minneapolis, my spare time has dropped to a bare minimum. So some of the items that might otherwise have joined the archives had to be left to fend for themselves as ordinary posts.

    • Ah, Mr. O’Malley…the idea that an anti-jihadi site could ever be anything but ‘tainted’ is wishful thinking, sir. We are inherently tainted simply by existing at all.

      As for that old leftist canard itself – to taint by association – I am mightily tired of watching otherwise fine work degraded by the breathless jumping through hoops of political correctness if anyone dares to suggest that one is less than pure because of work shared with some other tainted soul.

      The template, of course, is Peter’s increasingly fervent denial of his friend and mentor the night before Christ died. “I do not know the man!”

      It’s creepy to watch good people put beyond the pale, shunned and shamed for some obscure, off-hand opinion about a subject not at all germane to the person’s character or their body of work. The Belgians are particularly good at that.

      You don’t see the back story, the many comments that don’t make it through. Frankly, the Baron is more lenient than I. I’d rather cut it off clean so as to prevent another thread going up in flames. The Baron would rather let commenters fence in the problem – which they often do quite effectively.

      But as for ‘taint by association’ – that’s an old trick and I give it little purchase here. All my life I heard that from my fearful Irish mother: “what will the neighbors think?” The answer is, “they’ll think what they darn well please so why bother trying to assuage them?”

      Still, I hear your concern and am grateful for the cautions of a friend.

        • Yes, when Peter is nice, he’s a Christian, when he is naughty he’s a Jew….

          “when I was a child, I thought as a child, I acted as a child”

      • Dymphna,

        True indeed: I don’t get to see the back story and the many comments that don’t make it through.

        I’m sure you understand the sincerity of my concern: this site and Jihad Watch are places which, on the whole, respectable and civilised people frequent to keep abreast of the pernicious world trend of Islamification and stealth Jihad. Whenever somebody tentatively and meekly ventures forth a verboten opinion about Islam in a group situation I say to them “Gates of Vienna – take a look at it “. I get a lot of later appreciation for the tip.

        The vast majority of people deeply uneasy about Islam and it’s impact on my country are unaware of Fjordman, Vlad Tepes, Takuan Seiyo, Oz Rita, Soeren Kern (who has recently become a major contributor to the Gatestone Institute) and but for GoV I wouldn’t have known of their existence either.

        Prior to GoV Mark Steyn had been a welcome voice in the wilderness for me back in the 90’s and then LGF. I enjoyed the latter site enormously until about 5 years ago when Charles Johnson seemed to go completely off the rails with a spate of disturbingly virulent personal vendettas against a variety of people and I stopped visiting LGF, permanently. Perhaps my memory fails me but oddly enough it was CJ’s demonisation of Belgium’s Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang which seemed to be the catalyst for this derailment. CJ deemed them “fascists” – as a supporter of the Flemish nationalist cause for decades – the very creation of Belgium was a foolish geopolitical error – I was stunned by this hugely erroneous characterisation/demonisation.

        I’m all in favour for letting a thousand flowers bloom, but multiple sequential pastings of news articles about the Jewish predilection for voting Democratic Party don’t seem to be edifying posts. Anybody who isn’t aware that about 80% of American Jews vote Democrat and have done so since Woodrow Wilson’s time is akin, in terms of familiarity with world affairs, to somebody who regards French anti-Americanism as a revelation and hence newsworthy.

        • Yeah, Chas Johnson did a ot of damage to Vlaams Belang. Since he knows next to nothing about Europe, he relied on Belgian black ops, as James Lewis pointed out back in the day. His ignorant braying caused hard times for the proprietor of Brussels Journal back then. That Belgian mayor plays dirty; somewhere on GoV are the pictures to show it.

          He also had the help of EXPO to persecute the Sweden Democrats. Full court press. Didn’t do any good in the long term since SD continues to flourish.

          Now all Chazzer has is Bruce Bawer as his resident expert. BB is mainly an expert about homosexuality. Keeps looking for a safe home bec of that; we hope Norway is it – unless the immigrants get ‘im. His characterizations of Fjordman have been off the mark. He’s one of the folks who made Fj realize it’s futile to talk to public figures. They’ll say what they think they heard rather than what the person said.

          Charles remains a useful idiot to those who use him…he’s no longer able to create swaths of destruction. He hung onto Robert Spencer like a rabid bat caught in someone’s hair…ugly stuff. Now he’s simply something to step over on your way somewhere else. A Samson who brought down his own temple. Oh wait, he hates religion. Oh well.

        • “Anybody who isn’t aware that about 80% of American Jews vote Democrat….”

          Julius, because Jews are a tiny minority in the USA, it TRULY is irrelevant how many Jews VOTE Democrat.

          What IS relevant is that the tiny minority of Jews in the USA provides up to 80% of major individual contributions to the Democrat Party and thus sets its agenda – an agenda that often promotes values in direct opposition to those of the majority in the USA.

    • I am sort of flattered by the anaphalaxis that is caused by Joojooboogie. It seems that one group of people are able to induce paroxysms of fear in the strangest of places just by merely existing.

      For the tiny Jewish race to achieve one tenth of the things that we are accused of, we would all be working 24×7…

      What was that? Arbeit Macht Frei did I hear?

  19. “I spit on the grave of my reputation!” You should get an award for that one. It has a whiff of Yogi Berra in there.

    I appreciate reading extreme views for a number a reasons, one of which is, in order to find the middle, it is helpful to note the extremities. I find the repetition of extreme views, and not the views themselves, to be the off-putting content.

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