Hijra to Legoland: Cancelled

As mentioned here previously, the “British” firebrand Haitham al-Haddad and the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) had booked the Legoland theme park in Windsor for a day of culturally enriched halal family fun.

But now it looks like Mohammed will not go to Legoland after all. The Legoland corporate ownership took note of all the controversy, and decided that “community cohesion” was not worth the headache.

Below is a statement from the English Defence League. The EDL website is under attack at the moment, and unavailable, so their message is being spread by other means:

MRDF Family Fun Day – Sunday 9th March

The EDL prides itself on welcoming everyone to our wonderful country, therefore the decision by LEGOLAND Windsor Resort to arrange an exclusive event for a discriminatory group, led by a notorious hate-preacher who has made it quite clear that he is opposed to almost every standard of democracy, decency, morality and inclusiveness that we British see as the cornerstone of our culture was incredibly difficult to accept.

We are pleased to hear that LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has listened to the complaints of the EDL, its members and concerned members of the public and decided to cancel this event.

We join the staff of LEGOLAND Windsor Resort in wholeheartedly condemning any threats of violence. In a country with a long and honourable tradition of peaceful protest there is absolutely no excuse for this and the EDL affirms its commitment to non-violent action.

Sadly, we note with some regret that LEGOLAND Windsor Resort saw fit to excuse its actions by claiming that well-founded, substantiated facts are “misinformation” and referring to some un-named “vociferous group with a clear agenda”. If by this they mean to avoid giving the EDL credit where credit is due, then that is their right, but we accept the credit no matter how grudgingly given and are pleased that our position on repressive, fascist groups has struck enough of a chord to earn the title of being called a “clear agenda”.

The real losers are the followers of hate-preacher Haitham al Haddad and their many wives and children. The EDL sends them its sympathies and hopes that they will all be able to visit LEGOLAND Windsor Resort during the season and enjoy a fun day not as members of an exclusionist, supremacist cult but as free members of this great, secular democracy that we are proud to call our home — England.

7 thoughts on “Hijra to Legoland: Cancelled

  1. Congratulations to the EDL on this clear letter on behalf of many who it found it incomprehensible that Legoland Windsor Resort should proceed with the event as planned after it had been informed of the extremist nature of the group making the booking.

    • Whilst I applaud like the EDL victory, I hope this does not come back and bite us, it is not Legoland’s prerogative to make political judgements, and in future, this could be used against any group considered to be ‘extremist’, like us for example….

      • But would “we” (I’m not sure who in the context of this website “we” is, Gates of Vienna comment posters? counter-jihadists in general?), or any group associated with the counter-jihad, say the EDL, want to have a private Legoland event to the exclusion of the general public?

        • My son attended a private day several years back, one can hire the whole theme park in this way, it is not unusual.

          Political filtering of exactly who can hire the park is a two edged sword.

        • No, we’d just go to LegoLand along with everyone else; no need to reserve the whole place for ourselves.

          If we want to hold a counterjihad conference or meeting, we book a conference facility for that. Muslims and leftists already make trouble for us in that regard, every chance they get.

          If Muslims want to gather where no non-Muslims are around, they already have numerous mosques.

          Their whole point is to intimidate non-Muslims and to make US feel unwelcome at LegoLand.

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