Europe Has a Short Memory

“The land of Botev and Levski [the two most prominent revolutionaries against the Turkish rule] is a land of slaves again, Bulgarians get to struggle with the corrupt politicians.”

As we reported on Saturday and earlier today, last Friday an anti-Islamic protest broke out in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest city. The protesters were angry that a mosque in Karlovo had been returned to Muslim control, and marched to a mosque in Plovdiv, where they fired bottle rockets, threw stones, and grappled with police.

Several videos of the events in Plovdiv have been posted on YouTube, and one of them was subtitled and posted here this morning. Vlad is in the process of subtitling a second one.

In the meantime, we forwarded the Plovdiv videos to a Bulgarian man of our acquaintance, an engineer whom we shall call Georgi. He lives and works in western EU territory, and is hence subject to persecution by the Star Chamber.

This was Georgi’s reaction:

Thanks for the emails you sent. We watched the videos in great tension. They are shattering/rousing!

They show demonstrations against the Turks in Muslim Plovdiv. The signs and banners read:

  • Slavery Returns
  • The Land of Levski and Botev is in a New Captivity
  • Bulgarians, Fight for Your Independence
  • Bulgarian Politicians Are Purchaseable Fools
  • Bulgarians, Fight for Free Bulgaria, Independence, and Freedom From Politicians-for-Purchase

Hristo Botev and Vasil Levski were Bulgarian patriots who fought for the freedom of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke. They were tortured to death by the Turks.

Description of the situation:

The Bulgarian Parliament voted for a measure to restore the ownership of religious properties to Muslims (Turks) and to allow them to carry out demonstrations in their native language.

In connection with this in Plovdiv, in the city centre on the main street, a mosque is to be restored, which five times a day will be howling and reminding everyone who hears that it’s important (currently it’s a museum). In close vicinity of the mosque is a Roman Gladiator Stadium (50 m) and a Greek Theatre (100 m).

It’s difficult for us to understand this, much less to imagine it. We have been to Plovdiv many times. This is a very beautiful city at the foot of the Rodopow. It has more than 4,000 years of history and is a cradle of European civilization. The city was founded by Thracians, and built up successively by the Greeks, Romans, Macedonians and Slavs. There is a huge world cultural heritage of different eras. The city is under the auspices of UNESCO.

A pity that Europe has such a short memory and cannot draw conclusions from history. It’s scary to think where it is all going.

As a matter of interest, Bulgaria’s president has taken great pains to disassociate himself from those nasty WAYCISTS in Plovdiv:

Ethnic, Religious Peace of Utmost Importance, Says Bulgarian President

Bulgaria’s President Rosen Plevneliev stressed that it is crucial to ensure the civil, ethnic and religious peace in the country. “We have been witnessing an escalation of ethnic tension over the past days. I cannot remain calm while religious temples are being desecrated”, the head of state noted.

Hat tip for the article: JP.

9 thoughts on “Europe Has a Short Memory

  1. ” Bulgarian Politicians Are Purchasable Fools ”
    Purchasable = can be bought and sold for a penny
    That’s the problem in every so called democracy. Democracies have an inherent weakness: That the amount of democracy depends on how much politicians know about history lessons, how much convictions they have and whether they have any faith to put those convictions to practice, how much sense of right or wrong they have, how much fascination they have and romance with Muslims, and if they have any iota of courage and little balls. Why on earth so-called democratic countries indulge Muslims and create untold number of problems for their own people without punishment. Like the witches of the Arabian Thousand Nights they fabricate problems in other countries, which cannot retaliate and magnify them in order to distract their poor old citizens from noticing the politicians’ horrible acts.

    • In a democracy it is the prime role of the media to keep the politicians ‘straight’. But what happens when the media becomes part of the problem?

      I think we all know the answer to this, this; the politicians become corrupt and unaccountable, democracy ceases to function.

      Gulf money has ‘bought’ politicians all over the world, either by direct bribery or by all pervasive propaganda. The ‘mosk’ is the arsenal and the caravanserai of jihad, It is important to the restoration of our democracies that the mosks are silenced and remain as museum pieces.

      Muslims do not tolerate churches where they are in control.

      • “It is important to the restoration of our democracies that the mosks are silenced and remain as museum pieces.”

        Why? Why would we keep mosques as museum pieces when Muslims believe that ALL mosques are simply an eternal part of the ummah waiting to be re-claimed in the future by Muslims? Keeping mosques as museums gives Islam a false legitimacy and gives Muslims something to organize around, hang around for, strive for, and to fight for.

        As Muslim military bases, mosques are often built to be the tallest structures in a town. Why would the West subconsciously accept that a FAILED military organization should maintain permanent landscape dominance over a Western town?

        As symbols of Muslim military oppression, all mosques must be razed – just as we would destroy the military base of an opposing army that had conquered and then been driven out of a country.

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  3. I am currently writing a book which contains a chapter on Bulgarian history. The conditions under which Europeans lived as part of the Ottoman Empire were nothing short of horrendous. During the First Balkan War 1912/13 the Ottoman army was driven back to the Tchatalja Lines some 40k to the west of Constantinople where they sued for peace. As things turned out, it would have been a good move for the Bulgarians. Unfortunately, the army was betrayed by its politicians who had visions of a triumphal entry into the city. If they had consulted the army, they would have been informed of the outbreak of cholera in the ranks. Instead, they opted to push ahead and was the Bulgarians rather than the Turks that subsequently sued for peace. In view of Bulgarian experience of muslim rule, I am horrified that their corrupt political classes have allowed islam to gain a foothold in that country.

  4. That is the second use of ‘mosk’ by commentators within the last two days. Not to be confused, of course, with the muskrat – Ondatra zibethicus.


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