End the Dictatorship!

Yesterday an Italian MEP named Mario Borghezio from the separatist party Lega Nord (Northern League) interrupted proceedings in the European Parliament to vociferously demonstrate his support for the recent Swiss referendum in favor of immigration quotas.

Many thanks to Bear and Simon XML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:07   Europe must respect the will of the Swiss people.
00:11   Long live the freedom of the Swiss people.
00:15   Enough of European dictatorship of our people!
00:19   Long live liberty! Down with the European dictatorship…
00:23   over the people. Long live liberty! Freedom for the people!
00:27   End the dictatorship!
00:31   Colleague Borghezio, leave the chamber. Please leave the chamber.

One thought on “End the Dictatorship!

  1. Besides The Netherlands, I am frequently in northern Italy and I know for a fact that Mario Borghezio speaks for many Italians. Unfortunately, there are other political forces as well as collaborators in Italy’s government working against this. A major force being the United States which unfortunately has a direct influence in northern Italy’s politics and the lives of Italians who live there. The EU project works well to America’s advantage, as do its annoying and natural resource-sucking military garrisons in the Veneto region and its underground storage of biochemical weapons in the Berici hills. As long as there is the assistance of big brother in Washington, the Brussels EU dictatorship will not go away soon.

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