Down With the Janissaries!

We reported last Saturday on a demonstration by angry townspeople that converged on a mosque in Plovdiv, the second-largest city in Bulgaria. The crowd was upset because another mosque in Karlovo had recently been returned to Muslim control, more than a century after it was taken over by the state when Bulgaria gained its independence from the Ottomans.

Bulgaria is only a little more than two decades out from under the corrupt despotism of communism. Before the commissars took over, it had only enjoyed a brief respite after being occupied for centuries by the corrupt despotism of the Ottoman Empire.

Bulgarians have not forgotten what living under the Turkish boot was like, and are determined not to let Islam regain its former dominance. With a Muslim population of about 13%, the country faces a daunting task.

Our Bulgarian correspondent RR has translated one of the videos from last Friday’s demonstration. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The translator includes this note, the relevance of which will become clear when you watch the video:

In Bulgaria the story about the janissaries is universally known — boys taken by force from the Christian dhimmis, converted by force and trained into the elite Sultan’s guard and forces.

On Monday the Plovdiv regional court sentenced eight people for “hooliganism” due to their behavior in front of the mosque on Friday.

Video transcript:

0:47   Man with loudspeaker, to police: “Are you guarding the Turks?”
0:50   Crowd sings “Courage, fellows in battle, loyal, united, we are no longer obedient ‘raya’ (synonym for dhimmi)” (these are verses from a song from the anti-Turkish rebellions in the 19th century)
0:54   Crowd: “Free Bulgaria!”
0:56   Man with loudspeaker: “Police join the people! You are also Bulgarians! We are … for Bulgaria and for our children…”
1:00   Lady on loudspeaker: “…Women of Bulgaria! We are here to say: in Bulgaria the howling of the “muezzin” will never drown out the toll of the (church) bells!”
1:18   Crowd: “Bulgarians — Champions”
1:26   Voices in the crowd: “Turkey out of Bulgaria! Down with Turkey, this is Bulgaria!”
1:35   Voices in the crowd: “Traitors!”
1:39   “Police, don’t guard the Turks!”
1:43   (Single words, the only clear ones: “Traitors…long live Bulgaria!”)
2:00   (Crowd singing the same verses again)
2:40   “You go against your own children! Janissaries!”
2:48   Voice from the crowd to the police: “Don’t touch the man!” (police are handling an elderly man)
2:53   “Janissaries! Janissaries!”
3:00   Voice: “Bulgarians! Down with the Janissaries!”
3:05   To police: “Let this senior citizen go! Are you Bulgarians!?!”
3:20   Man with loudspeaker: “Have you no conscience! Have you become Janissaries!?!”
3:30   Single words — “Not against the people! Janissaries!”

16 thoughts on “Down With the Janissaries!

  1. Way to go, Bulgaria! You are my new favorite country!

    The same needs to happen in the U.S., the U.K., France, everywhere in the civilized world, so that our political rulers/betters will finally listen. After all, they cannot put the whole population in jail – can’t they?

    • English politicians will do anything FOR Muslims. Indulging Islam and Muslims is the Europe’s politicians ‘ gauge of “democracy” For them you can’t be anti-Muslim terrorists, and anti-sharia and call yourself democrats. You can be as brutal as you want towards your own people but invariably meeting all the unreasonable whims of Muslims and then call yourself democratic. And throw sand in your own people by going to Syria to “stop Assad from killing his own people.” Oh Satan you have fled Europe because politicians have taken your role. You are ashamed Satan because you yourself could not sink to the level of European politicians.

  2. The last time I was in Istanbul, most of the busses leaving the coach station were heading for Burgas on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The busses were full of Turkish men and they didn’t look as though they were planning to return any time soon. I can understand why the Bulgarians are so angry. Last time I was in Bulgaria most of the mosques were either closed or had been converted to shops or other more sensible activities.

    • Let every Bulgarian recite the following poem once after the Lord’s Prayer every day. Post it on walls of all cities and write it on blackboard of schools every day. Send it to our “very democratic” traitorous politicians.

      Poetry of Oscar Wilde
      Charmides and Other Poems
      Christ, dost Thou live indeed? or are Thy bones
      Still straitened in their rock-hewn sepulchre?
      And was Thy Rising only dreamed by her
      Whose love of Thee for all her sin atones?
      For here the air is horrid with men’s groans,
      The priests who call upon Thy name are slain,
      Dost Thou not hear the bitter wail of pain
      From those whose children lie upon the stones?
      Come down, O Son of God! incestuous gloom
      Curtains the land, and through the starless night
      Over Thy Cross a Crescent moon I see!
      If Thou in very truth didst burst the tomb
      Come down, O Son of Man! and show Thy might
      Lest Mahomet be crowned instead of Thee!

  3. About time.
    This should have happened in Germany and Austria at least 15 years ago.
    It should have happened in Britain in the 1990s.
    It should have happened in France.
    Wake up, Europe.
    You are conquered.
    You must resist or cease to be Western.

  4. The pressure has got to be reaching way past aaaaaaaargh!! Will anyone be surprised at anything that happens anywhere next? The spring is being pushed by the muslims. Surely it can only be pushed so far? Our governments are organizing, training and arming Christian hunters and their allies. Gay guys and feminists support muslims. Jesus are things a bit messed up. 🙁

    • A majority of Gays and Feminists are generally on the far Left of the political spectrum. This means they despise Western civ and the society that allowed them flourish in, while embracing 3rd worlders and their culture irregardless of the long term threat to themselves.

      Mind you these people are not the cause of Muslim immigration or their growing power in the West. In a sense they’re bystanders merely commenting on the train wreck that is Western modernity. The blame lays solely with the political and corporate elites of the West who opened the flood gates to this modern plague of locusts despite their peoples wishes to the contrary. Their motivations outside of the desire for cheap labor are still a mystery to a degree but the end result is not – which is the demise of Western civilization within the lifetimes of many who are now alive.

      The odd thing is, is that the elites don’t even bother to hide their intentions anymore. They’re openly supporting policies that are destroying the family structure in the West – especially among the natives. We have the assault on Christianity via the destruction of the family(which was the cultural and religious transmitter of Western civ) and morality, etc.

      It won’t end well.

  5. God’s story had a great beginning,
    But man went and spoilt it by sinning,
    I hope that this story,
    Will end in God’s Glory,
    But at the moment the other side’s winning.

  6. “Janissary” music (or an imitation of it) was popular in Austro-Hungary in the late 1700s: there are examples in Mozart and Beethoven. I wonder how aware people were of the history?

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