Don’t Give Up Bulgarian Land!

A second video of last Friday’s confrontation in Plovdiv has been subtitled. This one begins earlier, as Bulgarian citizens march up the street to the sound of bagpipes and drums, with a crucifer leading the procession.

My favorite part is when the protesters shout “Gypsies! Gypsies!” at the police. What an insult!

Many thanks to our Bulgarian correspondent RR for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. RR includes this note:

Part of the scandal prompting the protest concerns the mosque in Karlovo that was recently returned to Muslim control: The building is almost facing the house where Vasil Levski, the hero of the Bulgarian rebellions against the Turks, was born.

The video below partially overlaps the video we posted yesterday. At about 6:20 you’ll see a woman with a loudspeaker walk past, facing the camera. Yesterday’s video shows her at about 1:00, as viewed from the opposite direction. The audio in this one is somewhat different, however, since the microphones were so far apart:

Take a look at what Vlad has to say about the Islamic historical practice of using mosques as symbols and centers of political domination. The citizens of Plovdiv are unusual in their determined resistance to this process. Most of Europe and North America is supine in the face of the mosque-building juggernaut.

Video transcript:

0:50   “For Bulgaria… Bulgarian Heroes…”
1:32   Slogan on banner: “We don’t desire what belongs to others, but we will not give to others what belongs to us.” (the words of Vasil Levski — part of the scandal is that the mosque in Karlovo is almost facing the house where Levski was born)
2:11   Crowd shouts at police: “Gypsies! Gypsies!”
3:12   “Down with DPS” (the Turkish ethnic party)
4:19   “Turks under the sword!” (quite bloodthirsty…)
4:37   “Turks out!”
5:20   “We are many, we are strong! Rebellion!”
5:50   Man with loudspeaker: “…Don’t give up Bulgarian land!… think of your children…
6:00   Man with loudspeaker: “…You are also descendants of Levski…down with DPS!… long live Bulgaria!”
06:22   Lady on loudspeaker: “…Women of Bulgaria! We are here to say: in Bulgaria the howling of the “muezzin” will never drown out the toll of the (church) bells!”
06:34   Crowd: “Bulgarians — Champions”
06:59   “Police, don’t guard the Turks!”
07:07   (Single words, the only clear ones: “Traitors…long live Bulgaria!”)
07:17   Crowd sings “Courage, fellows in battle, loyal, united, we are no longer obedient ‘raya’ (synonym for dhimmi)” (these are verses from a song from the anti-Turkish rebellions in the 19th century)
08:39   Man with loudspeaker: “Have you no conscience! Have you become Janissaries!?!”
08:51   “Janissaries!”
10:35   “Janissaries! Janissaries!”

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up Bulgarian Land!

  1. Perhaps the mosque should have been demolished when Levski succeeded in demolishing Islams hegemony on his homeland. This should be a lesson to all , remove the structures down to pure homeland soil so that there can never EVER be a Next time.

  2. G_D bless the Christian Bulgarians. More power to them. They must have the same kind of butt-hole politicians that the US has. (to hell with what the public wants, what the people want…..)

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