Brown-Eyed Jamal

And it started so well… Buttstock held against the shoulder properly, supporting the PKM with the other hand, controlled bursts, and actually aiming using both sights – impressive for FSA rebels!

But then the inner snackbar took over control…

Well. Everyone’s ’bout whelmed with Whittle.

The fB sent this short clip for my amusement whilst his Dad is gone, so here’s another attempt to entertain and inform y’all in this interim…

14 thoughts on “Brown-Eyed Jamal

  1. Very amusing, particularly if you have Coldplay’s Paradise playing in the background. Hope he finds his virgins.

  2. Gosh, I’m in danger of developing a taste for Country!

    Ps -How many Country & Western singers does it take to change a lightbulb? -Two: one to change it, and another to sing about how much better the old one was.

    (Hope you have lightbulb jokes in the States, or this will fall even flatter than I suspect it will anyway!)

    • My lightbulb jokes mostly involve Anglicans, and there has to be at least one to call the electrician and another to find the sherry.

    • Actually, this is very true, even if you don’t hire a country and western singer to change your bulb : the blown one was an incandescent, and the new one has to be a CFL.

      So yes, the old one would be definitely better.

      • No kidding. We have a few of those non-functioning CFL bulbs out in the shed. The county administrator doesn’t know what to do with them – heck they don’t even sort for recycling around here (they know what a scam it is and won’t spend the money). Thus we will accumulate as few as possible. The B has a few shelves of the old kind and when those are done – if he’s still extant by then. Has a LOT of those – we’ll move on to LED.

          • Exactly. I have already given that link. That’s what I would be buying by the crateload if I lived in America. Incredible value, and proof that the short life of incandescent bulbs was deliberately engineered.

            Another alternative are the halogen bulbs in the shape of incandescents, which are currently THE alternative to CFLs. Their light is slightly better and more pleasant than traditional incandescents. They are also more expensive, but not as much as CFLs.

            It’s a little-known fact that they, too, will be banned in Europe in 2016, so one needs to stock up as well.

            I know the Baron believes that LCDs have therapeutic qualities. However, I would research this if I were him, because I’ve read things to the contrary.

            Also, LCDs are incredibly expensive, they give very little light of a blueish hue, and of course they don’t last as much as advertised — just as CFLs.

  3. Coming to a street corner near you! The jihad dance troupe rehearsals before setting off on their European tour courtesy of Cameron & Hague for Caliphate Productions UK .

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