Bill Whittle on Boiling Frogs

Will that be our fate: slow death in a cauldron of boiling water?

Well, Mr. Whittle thinks that’s only the beginning. He says we gotta whole lot of ‘splaining to do even after our spirit has fled our mortal and very boiled remains:

We’re not stupid. Of course we’ll jump out of that pot once things get too hot to stay there. But once out, guess what? We’ll have endless hoops to jump through and tunes to which we must dance to prove we’re not…oh, racists, or haters, or extremists, or whatever designation they use to shun and shame us with their ever-narrowing path of righteousness from which none may deviate…

And everyone is so well-trained by now that even those who thought they were playing by the rules, telling the truth (or exposing it), and living a life of principled integrity – even those folks – will find themselves silenced and alone.

Ask Diana West. Or Tommy Robinson. Or Fjordman.

5 thoughts on “Bill Whittle on Boiling Frogs

  1. Wow! I found so much here I passionately believed in, even as a leftist non-American, yet also so much that seemed glib and alien , that I’ll restrain myself from commenting, except to ponder this: the jet engine was invented by a Brit, Frank Whittle. Is there a connection between this fact and the title “Afterburner”?

  2. Too bad everything I wrote got wiped out, but that’s OK, strengthens the mind. Tommy Robinson is a hero and the UK gov will not be happy until he is dead. They put up with him being in a holding room with 3 Muslims didn’t they? Badly beaten, no broken bones, screw the British prison system. Let me carry on. He’s there on mortgage fraud? There #re millions but isn’t curious it’s Tommy Robinson? Hey Amnesty International, you ridiculous people, I was one of the founding Canadian members, could you put all of the monies that people contribute to saving Tommy Robinson, a

  3. Well, I can safely assume that Bill’s analogy will have absolutely no effect on those who have got us to this point in history where the words ‘freedom’ and ‘individual liberty’ have become almost devoid of their true meaning.

    The Collectivists have been very successful in slowly boiling Western civilization into what they envisage as their goal. But they now know that an ‘awakening’ to their agenda is occurring, and in response, they have pulled out all stops in an endeavour to curtail and then contain the inevitable fight back.

    Interesting times ahead!

  4. Lost multicultural societies

    “You have to imagine how Tangiers was at the time. A census in 1919 registered a population of 40,000, including 26,000 Muslims, 5,000 Jews and 6-7,000 Spaniards,” says Bernabe Lopez Garcia .

    The scene in Tangiers is very different today, predominantly Muslim and just a handful of other faiths. The situation is similar in Lebanon, but this time, a dwindling Christian population. The 1932 census stated that Christians made up 54% of the population, yet by 2012 it stood at 40.5%, not helped by a brutal and bloody civil war from 1975 to 1990. Fast forward to Iraq, post Saddam period and once more there is a disturbing trend. The rapid decline of both the Jewish and Christian has been significant. In 1948, there were approximately 150,000 Jews in Iraq. This figure changes to approximately 5 in 2012. The Christians did not fare any better, given that in 1987, they accounted for about 8% of the total population, and this had dropped to less than 450,000 by 2013.

    The once-large Jewish communities in North Africa have gone down to a handful in the last 50 years. To give you an insight, at the start of WW2, Tunisia alone was home to 68,000 Tunisian Jews, 3,200 Italian Jews, and 16,500 French Jews, as well as 1,660 Jews of other nationalities. Nowadays the population is estimated to be around 2000 in total. Following WW2, there were waves of emigration to the newly founded country of Israel. This was often set against intense anti-Semitism from the Muslim population, with progroms taking place across North Africa and beyond.
    The disappearance of the North African Jewish community arose due to the contribution of initially European colonialism, followed by fascism and then the rise of Arab nationalism. All set against the backdrop of the creation of Israel, the war of independence and the 1967 war as well. The Jewish community did not go of its own volition.

    2013, another region, more persecution, this time it is Bangladesh. Bangladesh had a sizeable Hindu minority in 1970, (before the bloody and genocidal civil war with Pakistan), of 18.5%. By 2011, this figure dropped to 8.2%. This has worsened as a result of a series of atrocities, notable in 1990. A frightening scene is being played out in Bangladesh, similar to that experienced by Jews in North Africa. Lately, the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has carried out widespread violence, against Hindus, this supposedly in retaliation for the conviction of several Jamaat members for war crimes against Hindus, during the 1971 Bangladesh civil war. Once upon a time, we would have called these pogroms. Now it has been labelled by the worldwide mainstream press, as inter-ethnic clashes. People killed, homes burnt down, women raped, people feeling for their lives.

    To me it seems to be deja-vu from previous situations in the Middle-East and in North Africa. It has to be noted that Bangladesh has little in common culturally with North Africa or Arabs. Yet, once more the scene shows how volatile the situation is with regards to non-Muslim minorities. What is the underlying motivation of these groups of Muslims to cause carnage? These atrocities against Hindus underline the violent nature of Islam, both for the extremists and those who are in denial of this extreme danger on their doorstep. Retaliation seems to be the watchword for certain Muslims, who do so too easily.

    Rising Islamic aspirations in North Africa and the Middle-East were carried along by a rise in Arab Nationalism. The Arabs believed that they were experiencing a shameful period and wanted the glorious period back. It has to be remembered that the glorious period of Arabs is intrinsically linked to Islam, reflecting the greatest expansion of Islam. Indeed, nothing could have been worse for the Arabs nations, to suffer defeat at the hands of Israelis not only in 1948 but in 1967 too . So what was the glorious period of Islam about? At its zenith, Islam reached France, overwhelmed Spain for centuries, extended deep into North Africa, up towards the Caucasus, Persia and beyond. The initial Muslim military conquests were from 634 to 1060 approximately. A very long time period indeed and it did not stop there. India was conquered as well as the Byzantine Empire, with the Muslims armies battling the Christians all of the way up to Vienna in 1683.

    “What is striking about the Islamic world is that, of all the major cultural domains, it seems to have been the least penetrated by irreligion; and in the last few decades, it has been the fundamentalists who have increasingly represented the cutting edge of the culture.” The irony is not lost on the use of ‘cutting’ edge to describe the fanatical Islamic groups that foment terror and commit atrocities. Rooted in violence and destruction, Islam bears these hallmarks to this day. We are in a desperate cycle, intensified by the so called “Arab Spring”, which has turned very sour. Christian communities in Syria are being subjected to violence and atrocities, in the same manner and intent as the Jewish community suffered in North Africa. The echoes of this “cutting edge” of Islam has triggered more hostility, more acts of retaliation across the globe, in Africa and in Asia as well.

    Intolerance of the blindly tolerant is growing steadily. Islamic power & influence is encroaching into new territories, often in areas with no ready means of countering potential and real violent outbreaks. Non-Muslims communities are continuing to be pushed away further from Islamic heartlands; such is the case happening in Northern Nigeria. We are witnessing a new era and the tragedy of Islamic multiculturalism will be regularly repeated, thanks to a combination of complicity, duplicity and ignorance.

    • “We are witnessing a new era and the tragedy of Islamic multiculturalism will be regularly repeated, thanks to a combination of complicity, duplicity and ignorance.”

      Thanks to a combination of complicity, duplicity and PERFIDY.

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