Why Can’t You Be More Like Israel?

…and the French?

That’s what the Al-Jazeera announcer asked his Muslim listeners, directing his questions towards the Syrian government and Hezbollah in particular. And in Arabic, even!

Many thanks to Russkiy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this video:


00:10   Greetings to our dear viewers,
00:15   Why doesn’t the Syrian army learn from
00:20   the French occupation army of the Mandate? Didn’t the French refrain
00:25   from bombing the rebels if they hid in civilian areas and mosques
00:30   out of respect for civilians? Why don’t they learn from the Israeli army
00:35   which tries, through great efforts, to avoid shelling areas populated by civilians
00:40   in Lebanon and Palestine?
00:45   Didn’t Hezbollah take shelter in areas populated by civilians because it knows that Israeli air force
00:50   doesn’t bomb those areas? Why doesn’t Syrian army respect premises of universities, schools or inhabited neighbourhoods?
00:55   Why does it shell even the areas of its supporters
01:00   when some rebels enter it? Didn’t ever hear about principles
01:05   and morals of urban warfare? Didn’t the Syrian army target
01:10   many civilian areas despite the fact that no fighters were present there?
05:10   As you said in the introduction the French when they entered… when fighters were to enter a Mosque, the French stopped respectfully,
05:15   didn’t want to generate additional enmity. When they wanted to arrest someone, what did they do?
05:20   They would come with an elder of the community or a sheikh of a mosque
05:25   and then enter to search for the person they wanted to arrest. So the rebel would escape to mountains, etc.,
05:30   knowing that his family was in safety.
20:35   I will give you the example of France.
20:40   By the way France, France… All Syrians remember that the French forces, when they occupied Syria.
20:45   tried to avoid, when rebels entered mosques or schools,
20:50   they stopped.
21:00   The people would prefer that France come back!! For god’s sake, if a referendum were to be held…
21:15   if people were to be asked, who would you prefer the current regime or the French, I swear by God they would have preferred the French.
21:45   The Israeli army, if it wanted to break up a demonstration, would have used water cannons
21:50   or rubber bullets, not rockets or explosive barrels as happens in Aleppo today.
22:45   I want to ask you Mr Muhammad, I want to ask you on one important point.
22:50   Mr Joseph said that there is no organised destruction
22:55   carried out by the Syrian army, and it’s a shame to compare the National Syrian army with the French
23:00   during the French occupation, or the Israeli army!! Shame!!
23:05   How do you respond to him. When the slaughter in Hule happened was there any ISIS?
23:10   Was there Jabhat al-Nusra? Was there Free Syrian Army? Here’s a UN report that says that
23:15   when this happened, and General Robert Mood the head of the observer mission confirmed this, the killing of
23:20   92 people amongst them thirty children. Tanks were used in the slaughter,
23:25   and government people from the neighbouring village came and carried out the killings of more than 110 people in Hule.
23:30   Kofi Annan has put the blame on the Syrian Government led by Bashar al-Assad and accused him of perpetrating monstrous crimes.
23:35   This report … the slaughter of Benyas
23:40   carried out by Turki Ali Kayali… This is the children of Benyas
23:45   This is the children… They were killed because of the religious hatred.
23:50   Please answer the question, he said you must not compare…
23:55   Just a minute…
24:05   Please answer the question. You mustn’t,
24:10   You mustn’t compare the Syrian army with
24:15   French or Israeli.
24:25   Yes, we cannot compare the Syrian army with the French; the French or Israeli army
24:30   didn’t shell Aleppo University and students there. They didn’t shell the university with rockets killing dozens of students.
24:35   The French or Israeli armies didn’t drop explosive charges
24:40   on neighbourhoods of Aleppo for three days’ killing, more than hundred have been killed,
24:45   all of them civilians.
24:50   The Israelis or the French didn’t kill their people. Please tell me how many of their people did the French army kill?
24:55   Or the Israeli army has faced huge demonstrations with…
25:00   The Israeli army has faced Palestinian demonstrations with rubber bullets.
25:05   Also, why were Hezbollah, Hezbollah forces, my dear,
25:10   present amongst civilian populations?
25:15   Where are the Hezbollah hiding spots and command centres? They are all present in the areas populated by civilians
25:20   Why during the 2006 war (between Israel and Hezbollah) didn’t Hezbollah come out from Dahiya or the South
25:25   to spare the civilian casualties? There were 1200 casualties,
25:30   Dahiya was destroyed.
25:35   Why didn’t Hezbollah leave those areas? Why didn’t Hezbollah leave Dahiya?
25:40   Why didn’t Hezbollah leave Dahiya?
25:45   Why didn’t Hezbollah leave Dahiya and South Lebanon to avoid civilian casualties?

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  1. “For god’s sake, if a referendum were to be held…if people were to be asked, who would you prefer the current regime or the French, I swear by God they would have preferred the French.”

    So… the ‘peace-loving’ Syrian Muslims would have preferred being ruled by the ‘evil infidel Christian’ indigenous French (who are being demographically, culturally, and politically replaced by hordes of third world ‘peace-loving’ Muslims)?

  2. On a tangent, I am trying to compile some figures on the overall numbers of foreign fighters from the West, who are or have gone to Syria. If you can help me with amending or adding up to date info, that would be helpful. See the graphs at: http://theutteredword.blogspot.fr/

    many thanks

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