We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Numbers

Perhaps you will, as I did, shake your head in disbelief at this brief glimpse into bureaucratic Washington D.C.’s yawning hole of ignorance. Congressman Dana Rohrbacher, Republican from California, asks two simple questions of members of the current administration- the first is about the costs to American taxypayers for the mess war in Afghanistan, and the second query concerns the numbers of the United States’ military who died or were wounded in Afghanistan in the previous year (the hearing took place in early December 2013).

Watch and weep and wonder what in tarnation these bureaucrats thought they were showing up on Capitol Hill to discuss if not these very basic questions:

Don’t you wonder what those three stooges are paid in salary and benefits each year? I’ll bet they know the answer to that in its full and obscene detail. Whatever they are paid, it is obviously far too much.

Dearest Baron, please get my smelling salts. I feel the vapors descending. What we need around here is a chaise longue so I can faint decorously whenever Washington’s foul depredations appear on the horizon.

NOTE: Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this to his MRC account.

One thought on “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Numbers

  1. There’s a stretch of good feng shui heading SSE out of LA.
    Irvine, Murietta and Temecula are among the safest cities in the USA.

    This feller (dude in Californian) is from near that area and seems to have an observable pulse. Notice: conservatives don’t, can’t, wont do the third degree.

    Game Rules:
    Moderates (conservatives) must play for congenial outcomes, extremists may play to win.

    Moderates must use conservative rules; extremists, no need to bother with (steenkin’) rules, make up stuff or go mute as needed.

    Moderates play a little hard, but decently; extremists go for the throat and victory.

    Moderates must use decorum; extremists have may cheat seamlessly as long as off-field media are adjusting the scorboard.

    Moderates think their opponents are playing the same congenial ballgame; extremists pitch two outside, then go for the head.

    Now, Mr. Representative, be a good little conservative, fold your hands and go on your way. We are White House nagas: we do what we do, we do what we want. Nice try, buckaroo.

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