Was Judge Napolitano Fired?

That title isn’t rhetorical. We don’t have a TV so the “news” dribbles in months late, as it has done in this case.

I ran across the video somewhere or other and then hunted for the back story. Could he have been canned for merely shaking the trees of a few icons on the Right?

Here’s the refreshing five minutes or so that led to the speculation:

High dudgeon, but fire-worthy?

So I went trawling through the intertubes to find something resembling reality. I found an entertaining explanation from a fellow who appears to be a delightful libertarian troublemaker.

In his explanation of what went down, he says (among other things):

When Fox Business decided to lay off most of the staff of FreedomWatch and cancel Judge Napolitano’s show, people speculated that it was because of how radical we were. They might be right, but the only evidence we have of there being a problem with our “True North” libertarian reporting is anecdotal. None other than President George H.W. Bush reportedly called Fox News HQ to complain about the Judge because Napolitano said that he believed George W. Bush should be indicted.

We weren’t fired.

Once we landed an interview with presidential candidate Rick Santorum. My libertarian hackles raised at the opportunity to put hard questions to the former Pennsylvania senator, who is staunchly anti-gay rights. I may not be gay myself, but I did not appreciate a man campaigning on a platform to deny rights of others. So I did what any mischief-loving radical might do in my situation. When I wrote his bio notes for that day, I invited viewers to “Google Santorum”. The next morning after word began to spread about the prank, I received a screaming summons to my Executive Producer’s office. “Austin! Get in here!”

I still wasn’t fired…


That is a newsy site. If it doesn’t make it to our sidebar, blame it on the rush of work on the one hand or inertia on the other.

Since Donald whats-is, the libertarian economist, has closed his website this fellow would be a good replacement.

As to the Judge, I would guess he still appears somewhere in some new incarnation and that y’all know where he is.

5 thoughts on “Was Judge Napolitano Fired?

  1. It has been said “that the truth will set you free”, hence we don’t see the Judge on Fox Business Network. Myself I always liked the judge who IMHO is a rare breed these days a real stand up guy, unafraid to boldly state his opinion, no matter what the cost or personal loss.

  2. I do not see anything wrong with the points the Judge was putting forth to us.
    This video is something to ponder, study, analyze and compare to what is actually going on the the political arena.
    I liked this very much, it should set you thinking about what is going on around you in the voting supporters.

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