The PVV in the Ascendancy

According to the latest De Telegraaf poll, Geert Wilders’ party the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid, Party for Freedom) is even more popular than it was a month ago. It is not just the most popular party in the country, it is about to overtake the combined total of its two nearest rivals. Since those two parties head the current coalition government, this is auspicious news indeed.

Our Dutch correspondent SimonXML sends the following report on this auspicious occasion:

Encouraging news from The Netherlands this morning. At the last two general elections, the mainstream political parties shut out the PVV by forming a coalition with some (fringe, crackpot) minority parties. According to the latest ‘de Hond’ poll, if elections were to be held today, Wilders’ PVV would have almost as many seats (30) as the VVD (liberal) and PvdA (labour party) combined (31).

The trend towards the PVV and away from the main parties is continuing. The next elections (2017, unless the cabinet falls before then) are going to be quite interesting.

It’s curious that most of the bleeding is coming from the “lower classes” (Dutch society is just as class ridden as British society, although the Dutch make a big fuss about not being class conscious, and look down their noses at the Brits as a result). So they use the education level as the benchmark (HAVO being sort of US high school graduate level).

The point is though that even if the poll results are inaccurate, we are rapidly approaching the point where it would be impossible for the parties to form a majority coalition that did not include the PVV — something they have all steadfastly refused to do in the past.

Last time they had to resort to bringing in the Animal Rights Party and the 50+ party, not to mention the SGP — an orthodox Protestant party who at the time even refused to have female members.

26 thoughts on “The PVV in the Ascendancy

  1. Great great great news!!!

    Now the rest of europe wake up!

    Islam = death

    Eu = totalitarian nazi police state!

    Vote to leave the eu and ban islam now!!!


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  3. That common sense and rationality is attributed to one person prophet Geert Wilders, who has put his life on the line. I would never have thought that Europe would mindset would grow so irrational and pervert after two world wars. Don’t wars, Photos, galleries, music, theatres, history books, TV documentaries. . . etc. provide some wisdom and lessons to the poor, old miserable Europeans? The goal of the EU was to avoid wars. Now by creating EU, EU is bringing wars to the heart of Europe in an unimaginable stupid way. The enemy is subtle, witty, masterful, accomplished, skillful, brilliant. Europe is stupid, selfish, naive, infantile, simple, gullible, artless, guileless. They don’t even know how to eat healthy, so they invited The Turks, Arabs, Moroccans, Thai, Chinese, Pakistanis, to feed them.
    In the whole of Europe only one person or two in each country emerges to think about the future of their grandchildren and their country? Pathetic. If a country or continent is advanced, progressed, first world… what does that mean? Does it mean you become so stupid you don’t discern between what is dangerous and what is beneficial? And invite invaders as wonderful to enrich your nonexistent culture.
    If Europe had values, culture and principles there would be no room for a barbaric culture and barbaric sharia to fill the vacuum. No faith. No principles. No morals. Everything goes. Room is made for the aggressive ones who have faith and value their principles to the point of dying for them. That’s why those who die for the causes of their country and people are called martyrs. And cowardly, selfish, politicians are called traitors.
    Now if rationality prevails in the Netherlands, I hope it will become contagious to the rest of the old miserable sick Continent, the sick man whose riches the Soldiers of Terrible Allah الله (not G-d) , Allah that hates the 6 billion people of the the miserable Planet of Tears.
    1914 Ottoman Empire was the Sick Man of that Century. 2014 The Very Sick Man is The Western Miserable directionless Failed countries of the West.

    • You appear to be enjoying the spectacle of the immivasion far too much. Are you white or European yourself?

      • stop playing the race card. islam is a threat to countries all around the world. hindus are being slaughtered right now in bangladesh. islam is an ideology, not a race. website: religionofpeace

        • Did you actually read what he said? He was cackling about it.

          Btw I’ve got some Anglo Indian ancestry. A bit like Skinner or Lord Coe.

          [ad-hominem judgment redacted]

    • Quote:
      If Europe had values, culture and principles there would be no room for a barbaric culture and barbaric sharia to fill the vacuum. No faith. No principles. No morals. Everything goes.

      This is only an attitude, Murad.
      Human thought and culture can, in their directions, change.
      The EU was a shield only against Inter-European conflict.
      Against these larger, more ancient conflicts that are global in scope, it has no power.
      And this is the reality the Europeans can’t stomach. Sophistication is not survival.
      But survival is necessary, absolutely necessary for sophistication.

    • Let me be clear
      To you my dear
      That I am neither black nor white
      But a little bright
      I intend to fight
      Whoever spoils our western delight
      But the problem is with our so-called “leaders”
      who are not our leaders
      but leaders, who try to do everything in their power to establish the Caliphate in our midst while the zombies are at parties, on drugs, drunk, with alcohol and sex. And watching which “celebrity” is wearing what today.

  4. It’s curious that most of the bleeding is coming from the “lower classes”

    Exaggerated class differentials and artificially enforced socioeconomic disparities held a mass of indigenous Europeans hostage and locked them out of the political process.

    In the UK the movement is also from left to right – watch out for the rebound should they be spurned.

    • In truth the masses are nothing more than tax slaves. It’s just that communism isn’t going to do anything other than enfranchise hostile minority elites.


      I don’t pretend to have a long term answer, perhaps an ethnocentric version of Chritianity?

      • @Napier,

        “I don’t pretend to have a long term answer, perhaps an ethnocentric version of Chritianity?”


        • Well. I’m only a humble unbeliever, but I can’t believe Christ would have approved of any group which excluded some people in His name; it sounds ominously like “Christians” justifying slavery or apartheid.

          • @Mark H,

            ” … sounds ominously like “Christians” justifying slavery or apartheid.”

            You just can’t help yourself from hitting those demonising shortcut keys, can you?

          • Sorry Jolie Rouge (below) and Napier (above), but by advocating an “ethnocentric version of Christianity” you demonize yourselves very nicely without my help.

  5. With this news I hope he doubles his security..It’s a long(too long) time till 2017. It’s like a child waiting for Santa Claus.

    • Did you know that Santa’s helpers are not called “elves”? The correct term is “subordinate Clauses”.

  6. I wonder if they’ll have the intestinal fortitude to turf the muselmaniacs from their country?

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  9. How marvellous it would be if Wilders’ party increased its share by another mere 3%. Then it could enter a ruling coalition with the Liberal Party as the dominant partner. And transform the Netherlands. Bring it on in 2014.

    And with a Wilders’ government this will inspire other European countries to follow suit: Denmark and Britain would be nice for starters. Germany and Italy would follow shortly thereafter. Flanders would demand to secede from Belgium and also follow suit. Makes one feel all warm inside.

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